Moto Tab review: Look elsewhere for your tablet needs

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The Android tablet market is a proverbial scarce wasteland these days. It has been quite some time since we saw something from Samsung or Asus, two of the last major stalwart players in this space (excluding Amazon, obviously). Tablets are not what they were in years past, though I personally still find having one useful for certain situations, despite Android leaving much to be desired in this aspect.

In either an attempt to capitalize on a dead horse, or to jumpstart one, AT&T teamed up with Lenovo to “create” the Moto Tab, a device exclusive to the giant carrier and aimed at its DirecTV customers.

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Hackers have turned the Nintendo Switch into a functional Linux tablet

There are two major reasons I can think of to hack a game console. The first one is obvious: so you can play cracked copies of games. That’s why modern consoles are so difficult to hack, because millions of dollars are on the line.

But some people just want to run any software they choose on the hardware they own. And for those people, Linux on the Switch is a huge achievement.

A couple of weeks ago, the fail0verflow hacking collective showed a still image on Twitter of a Nintendo Switch booting Linux. They’re one of a small handful of hacker teams who are teasing exploits of the Nvidia Tegra hardware inside the Switch.

But now fail0verflow has video of a full-on Linux distro running on the hacked Switch, complete with touchscreen…

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Alcatel POP4 10 4G tablet with 10.1-inch Full HD display and Alcatel A3 10 WiFi launched in India for Rs. 10999 and Rs. 6999

Alcatel today launched POP4 10″, the company’s latest tablet in India along with the WiFi version of the A3 10 that was launched last year. The POP4 10 packs a 10.1-inch Full HD display, is powered by an Octa-Core Snapdragon 430 SoC with 2GB of RAM, bit it runs on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), has a an 8-megapixel rear … Continue reading “Alcatel POP4 10 4G tablet with 10.1-inch Full HD display and Alcatel A3 10 WiFi launched in India for Rs. 10999 and Rs. 6999”
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The game-changing side effect a Chrome OS tablet could create

Google’s Chrome OS platform is on the brink of yet another potentially massive expansion. That much we’ve established.

What we didn’t discuss in Tuesday’s “Chrome OS takeover” column, though, was a significant secondary effect that could result from this coming evolution.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, what we’re talking about here is the ongoing alignment of Chrome OS and Android and the fascinating changes that are happening as a result. In short, the presence of Android apps on Chrome OS is redefining the platform’s possibilities and limitations. Those new parameters, combined with the accompanying advancements in hardware, are effectively turning the Chromebook into the next-gen “Android tablet.”

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Tech Deals: $8 Tablet Stand, $99 4TB Hard Drive, $15 Laptop Backpack With Anti-Theft Compartment, More

Once again, we have deals, deals, and yet more deals for you to check out. If you are in the mood to purchase some wonderful new technology and want that lovely feeling of watching as your new gadgets and accessories are delivered into your life, then make sure that you peruse these deals in their entirety and act quickly to purchase something that catches your interest. Enjoy, and remember to shop responsibly.

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