Google System being tested to locate 911 callers more accurately

We live in a world where Uber and Facebook are able to get much more accurate location information than where it is realty needed, in the event of an emergency. Apple and Google have both faced pressure in the past few years to make Android and iOS’ comprehensive location information available to 911 dispatchers. Google is the first to address this by tackling a very pressing issue that faces emergency responders in the United States. When you call 911 during an emergency, the call center receives carrier information of the location of the caller. However, the problem is that the… – Latest articles

Lyft is teaming up with Baltimore’s bike-share system

Lyft announced today that it was teaming up with the city of Baltimore and Baltimore Bike Share to add bike-sharing to Lyft’s app, as well as transform a handful of bike-share stations into Lyft pickup and drop-off locations.

Under the agreement, Lyft gets to plaster its logo on five bike-share stations, transforming them into “co-located transportation hubs” that offer both bikes and ride-sharing pickups. The partnership, which also is supported by Baltimore’s department of transportation, entails a $ 270,000 investment from Lyft to sponsor these new hubs for three years.

“Whether someone is taking a Lyft ride from the suburbs to the city and hopping on a bike around downtown, or taking a…

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Facebook’s two-factor authentication system auto-posts replies on your profile

Facebook’s two-factor authentication (2FA) system has come under fire today for some bizarre design elements that seem to have gone largely unnoticed for quite some time. Bay Area software engineer Gabriel Lewis noticed earlier this week that Facebook was using the same phone number he used for 2FA, which offers a more secure way to log into an online account by asking for secondary confirmation of the user’s identity, to notify him about friends’ posts.

Even worse, it seems that replying to this message with any message, such as “Please stop,” auto-posts that message to your Facebook profile. (It doesn’t cause the messages to stop, either.) The Verge confirmed that this behavior occurs with any reply to a Facebook 2FA text message,…

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Skype bug could allow malicious attacker ‘system’ level access, Microsoft says fix is ‘too much work’

A nasty Skype bug could allow a malicious attacker to gain “system” level access, if exploited. The bug is applicable on both macOS and Windows desktop platforms.



‘Destiny 2’ Nightfall raids get an improved scoring system

Just a few days ago, Bungie released its Destiny 2 development road map, full of improvements to counter complaints about diminishing rewards. Now the company has announced a new scoring system for the game's weekly Nightfall raids aimed at rewarding…
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