Swing skilfully in new physics-based platformer OCMO

Sometimes it’s the most difficult of obstacles that can be the most rewarding. One game hoping to prove this is OCMO, the new tough but fair platformer from developers Team Ocmo. Primed to set every speedrunner’s pulse racing, as an otherworldly black octopus with a hunger for bunnies you’re tasked to swing your way to success.

Launching globally for iOS devices following a successful limited release in other territories, OCMO is aiming to redefine what the hardcore platformer on mobile can be by way of intuitive touch controls. With a setup that gives you great grasp of the titular creature’s tendons, you’ll touch, tap, and swipe your way through many a misty cavern and wobbly woodland in a bid to be the best and claim your prize.

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Fire Rides guide – how to swing to success

It’s another day, which means another Voodoo game has come to glue our hands to our mobile phones. Yes, it’s been an especially prolific month for this particular mobile publisher, but we’re certainly not complaining. Fire Rides is yet another arcade game in a line of fine Voodoo arcade games in which you swing a fireball through a jagged, geometric tunnel. Fling your ball through hoops for bonus points, but be sure you don’t touch either side of the tunnel, or risk extinguishing your fireball.

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Russian Facebook ads reportedly targeted crucial swing states

More details are emerging about the Russia-linked ads Facebook handed over to Congressional investigators just days ago. According to multiple sources who spoke to CNN, a number of the paid posts specifically targeted two states that were crucial to…
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Vivo X20 and Vivo X20A swing by TENAA, reveal FullView displays

The Vivo X20 series appeared in several teasers and live images, but now we can report official photos of the phone. The next Vivo flagships appeared at TENAA’s website, giving us a pretty detailed look at their design. The Vivo X20 was joined by the Vivo X20A, but at this point it’s hard to find many differences between them. Vivo X20 The Vivo X20 has a FullView display, taking up most of the front panel. There are some bezels on the four sides, but much slimmer than on the Vivo X9. The back houses the dual camera, with one of the lenses being telephoto. A square-ish…

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Check Out the ‘Swing King and the Temple of Bling’ Launch Trailer

The promising Swing King and the Temple of Bling is releasing June 29th, and today we got the game’s launch trailer, and it looks like fun. The trailer shows off many of the different worlds you’ll encounter as well as the different obstacles you’ll have to avoid on your way to conquering the game’s many levels. If you haven’t read our earlier stories on the game, Swing King and the Temple of Bling is a single-tap portrait game that has you swinging around poles to navigate the environments and solve puzzles as you hunt for treasure.

As you can read about in our Upcoming Games forum thread, the game has some fun mechanics like timed spikes that will force you to time your swings, one-way door systems, eels that cling on to the sides of the levels, and much more. The game is coming out June 29th, so get ready for some fun arcade action.