Promising Action Survival Game ‘Headshot ZD: Survivors vs Zombie Doomsday’ Launching Tomorrow

Back in October of last year, developer NANOO Company announced their latest release following such titles as the popular hack ‘n slash Dark Sword [Free] and the idle clicker RPG Final Taptasy [Free]. Called Headshot ZD: Survivors vs Zombie Doomsday (that’s a mouthful!) you’ll try to survive the zombie apocalypse by blasting them with a variety of weapons and rescuing survivors and collecting resources along the way. This all happens via side-scrolling action somewhat similar to another classic mobile zombie shooter Zombieville USA 2 [$ 0.99], and Headshot ZD features some of the nicest pixel art I’ve seen in some time. Check out the official trailer.

After hoping to release Headshot ZD back in October, development ended up taking longer than expected and the date slipped to November, and then December, and then… well, that brings us to this month of January. Thankfully that January projection looks to hold true as NANOO has announced that Headshot ZD will be arriving tomorrow, January 30th. I know that zombie shooters have gotten pretty long in the tooth over the years, but I absolutely love side-scrolling action games such as these and given NANOO’s previous releases I’m confident we’re in for another quality release here. Until the game arrives sometime in the next day or so, you can read more about it and discuss this one in our forums, otherwise keep an eye out for Headshot ZD in the very immediate future.


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