Here’s how to make sure Facebook shows you the content you want

You can beat the algorithm.

Update, Jan. 12, 2018: Facebook did it again. This week, the company announced a major News Feed algorithm update that will show you more posts from your friends and family and fewer posts from businesses or publishers.

It’s not exactly the same as a similar update from 18 months ago, though it’s close. Back then, Facebook was simply giving you more content from your friends. Now, it’s hoping to give you more content you’d actually like to comment on, which is more likely to be from your friends. At least that’s the thinking.

Still, what if you like seeing posts from publishers? Or hate seeing posts from your family? Here’s what you need to know.

What you see on Facebook is determined by a computer — a News Feed algorithm, to be precise, a piece of software that combines things it knows about your interests with stuff people post to give you a personalized stream of content.

On Wednesday, Facebook updated that algorithm, meaning it will start showing users more posts from their friends and family, and fewer posts from brands and publishers (like Recode).

But what if you like seeing posts from brands and publishers (like Recode)? Or you don’t like seeing posts from your distant cousin Alfred who has that obsession with sculptures made out of food?

Well thank goodness, there are simple tricks in News Feed to fix both of these problems. Come hither.

How to see every single post from a friend, brand or publisher on Facebook

Last summer, Facebook rolled out a product called See First, a way to flag Pages or profiles you want to see at the top of your News Feed every time they post something new.

  • Visit the page or profile you want to “see first” and be sure you are already a friend or follower of said page.
  • Click the blue “Following” button on mobile, or the “Liked” button on desktop, and a menu of options will appear. Click “See First.”
  • That’s it. Seriously, it’s that simple.
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How to make sure you never see a post from a friend, brand or publisher on Facebook

If you have a friend on Facebook you’re sick of hearing from, and it would be awkward to unfriend them altogether, just “unfollow” them. They won’t know that you’ve unfollowed them, and you won’t see their stuff in your News Feed.

  • Visit the page or profile of the friend you wish to see less from.
  • Click on the “Friends” or “Following” button right under the profile picture to reveal a menu of options. Click “unfollow.”
  • Boom. You’re done.

You can also see first / unfollow people as their stuff appears in your News Feed. Hover your cursor over the person’s name, then click on the “following” button and select “unfollow.”

You can always change your mind on either of these features by revisiting a profile or page. And it’s easy to find suggestions for who to see first or review who you’ve unfollowed by clicking “Settings,” then clicking “News Feed Preferences.”

Now go forth and take back control of your News Feed! And maybe go follow Recode or something. It’s your call, whatever works for you is cool.

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Attention ‘Skullgirls’ Mobile Players: New App Releasing Next Week, Make Sure You’re Ready to Migrate Your Progress Over

If you’re an active player of the mobile Skullgirls then this is likely old news for you, but if you’re like me and played the game a bunch when it came out in May but haven’t been playing recently then this might be useful information for you to know. To back up a bit, Hidden Variable Studios and Autumn Games partnered with LINE, the juggernaut messaging company, to publish Skullgirls on mobile. However, the fit just wasn’t right and so Hidden Variable/Autumn Games have mutually agreed to end their partnership with LINE and self-publish the game on the App Store. Unfortunately this means that the existing LINE version of Skullgirls is no longer available on the App Store, all IAP has been disabled as of January 9th, and on January 15th that version of the game will cease to function at all. It’s a sticky situation.

The good news is that the new self-published version of the game is coming on January 18th and the developers seem to have put a plan in place to ensure that all existing players can transfer their progress over to the new version seamlessly. If you’re an active player you should already know all this because as of the version 1.6 update to LINE Skullgirls which released in mid-November the game will automatically prompt you to create a Skullgirls Login which is how all your existing progress will be transferred to the new app. It’s very easy to do so with a simple pop-up in-game and all you’ll need is an email address and a created password. If you’ve previously linked Skullgirls to your LINE account or Facebook for save syncing, this will NOT allow you to transition your progress, the ONLY way you can do so is by creating a Skullgirls Login through the in-game prompt. Let me say it again a bit louder…


Sorry for shouting. I have to admit, this is kind of a sticky situation as it usually is when devs divorce themselves from publishers. Apple did implement a system for transferring products on the App Store in between companies to avoid this type of situation, but apparently that’s not possible here and it simply must be a brand new, separate app. Thankfully it appears the developers have prepared to make the transition as seamless as possible for players, but it’s all reliant on you making an Skullgirls Login account before January 15th.

Transition stuff aside, this change should be much better on the whole for Skullgirls mobile going forward. As Hidden Variable states in the FAQ on their forums about the transition, “As an independently operated game, we will not be restricted by corporate policies or other limiting factors that might impede our ability to rapidly implement new, exciting features. We’re extremely hyped about what this means for Skullgirls in 2018 – we can’t wait to share more information about what we have planned!​” Related to that, the new version of Skullgirls that launches January 18th will be version 2.0 which will include proper full screen support for the iPhone X and similar widescreen Android devices, in-game drop rates for the Relic loot boxes, lots of bug fixes and optimizations, and more. You can read a full rundown of version 2.0 right here.

As annoying as this whole transition thing is, I think it will be better in the long run, and as a self-proclaimed afficionado of these mobile swipe-fighters I think Skullgirls is perhaps the best of the bunch. If you’ve enjoyed the game previously and have progress you’d like to keep but haven’t opened the game since November 16th, be sure to open it before January 15th and create a Skullgirls login so your progress can transfer over to the new app. More information about the transition can be found on the official Skullgirls forums.


GM thinks we want to use our cars like credit cards, but I’m not so sure

In an ongoing effort to redesign the driving experience to include more smartphone-style features, General Motors unveiled a new service today called Marketplace in which owners can pre-purchase coffee and gas, or make restaurant reservations, all from the drivers seat. GM calls it “the automotive industry’s first commerce platform for on-demand reservations and purchases of goods and services.” But I call it a solution in search of a problem.

In a promotional video, GM shows a happy dude jumping into a Chevy Equinox and tapping the Marketplace app on the center console’s touchscreen, which then brings him to a screen that shows “featured brands and offers.” This includes Shell, TGI Fridays, Wingstop, and…

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Superior Hallway Intelligence Technology ICO is sure to change EVERYTHING

Have you ever wondered why hallways didn’t have a certified diverse ecosystem of dignified data sentries diversifying your walls and floors in a decentralized manner on the blockchain? You’re damn right you have. Now there’s a solution. Superior Hallway Intelligence Technology, founded before lunch today, is poised to disrupt more than just the distance between two rooms where you may choose to hang portraits (or motivational affirmations!). In fact, the co-founder and head custodian of Super Hallway Intelligence Technology, Sam Clemens, says: So, I realized that, like, hallways weren’t on the blockchain. I was like W-T-F right? How the hell…

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Yo Google, you sure the Nexus 5X has an AMOLED display?

File this under the quirky errors / wishful thinking category. The official site has a list of devices including the Nexus 5X with detailed specs, but with one mistake: it lists it as having an AMOLED display instead of an IPS display.

The error was just brought to our attention by Redditor dbailyn, but it turns out it was spotted by another Redditor sekanato more than a year ago.

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