Best iPhone 8 Plus Battery Cases: Power-Packed Suits for Your All New Phablet

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Best iPhone 8 Plus Battery Cases

Though iPhone 8 Plus is more powerful than its predecessor, it doesn’t offer more battery life. That means you need additional power to browse the web extensively or play high-octane action games with more freedom. A highly-efficient battery case can be a viable option to let you not just comfortably power up your iPhone but also allow you to continue to use your device without any obstruction. That’s why; we have picked up the best iPhone 8 Plus battery cases so that you can easily find out the beast for your brand new phablet!

Apart from letting you charge your smartphone fast, these power charging cases feature slim and compact design. Hence, they can also be used standalone covers; meaning you don’t need to spend extra bucks just to shield your device from drops. Want to glance through this premium list of the top 10 battery cases for iPhone 8 Plus? Let’s check it out!

Best iPhone 8 Plus Battery Cases

Note: As there is no size/dimensions difference, all the iPhone 7 Plus cases will fit iPhone 8 Plus.

Best Battery Cases for iPhone 8 Plus

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#1. Surgit

Surgit iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

Surgit battery case sports an ultra-slim design with the anti-slip rubber coating. It delivers 17 hours usage thanks to the highly efficient 4,000mAh battery. Hence, you can browse the web, listen to your favorite music and powerful games without being worried too much about the battery life of your device.

Made of high-quality material, it can resist impact and also defend your smartphone against scratch. The case also offers short-circuit, over-heating and over-charging protection to ensure your device charges with the essential safety.

The touchscreen remains protected with the raised bezel edge. Besides, this battery case comes in four fascinating color variants including black, gold, silver and rose gold.

USP: Anti-slip rubber coating
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#2. mophie Juice Pack

mophie juice pack iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

What defines mophie juice pack for iPhone 8 Plus is the ability to offer an efficient charging solution to your device. The rechargeable 2,420 mAh battery charges your device with lightning fast speed and offers 60% extra power to your smartphone.

Besides, this battery case also provides the required safeguard against the threats like over-charging and short-circuits. Rugged design is fully capable of fighting out the challenges of drops and scrape. Lastly, juice pack is available in five good-looking color options like black, blue, gold, red and rose gold.

USP: Charge Force Wireless Technology
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#3. UNU DX

UNU DX iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

UNU DX is known to produce top-notch battery cases for iPhone. And this one has all the ingredients to be the finest power charging case for your iPhone 8 Plus. Boasting of a solid 4,100mAh battery, the case delivers more than 100% power (14 hours talk time or 10 hours web browsing time) to your smartphone.

It juices up your device with rapid speed (output:5V/1A). The two-piece sliding-design sports a hard-shell backplate. With the strong built-up, it is capable of enduring regular wear and tear with ease.

USP: Two-piece sliding-design
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ZSTVIVA iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

If finding an ultra-slim battery case is your priority, you can’t get better than ZSTVIVA MAXNON. Sporting an adorable profile, the case makes a cool pair with your smartphone. Talking about its efficiency, the juice pack can offer more than 120% additional power with the 4,000mAh battery.

As for charging your device fast, I would say it does live up to the standard. The four LED lights let you know that your device is being securely charged and also show the remaining power. Courtesy of the smooth exterior, the case provides enhanced grip. Besides, it comes with micro USB cable to let you power up the case.

USP: Compact design
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SAVFY iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

The one quality that stands out in SAVFY is the sleek profile that makes an attractive match with the phablet. Featuring solid 4,800mAh battery, it juices up your smartphone with top speed. You get additional 15 hours talk time and a decent 10 hours of web browsing time.

For all being so slim, the case offers the essential protection from accidental falls; thanks to the solid bumper design. It also keeps over-heating/charging at bay. The included LED indicator shows the remaining power level. Furthermore, SAVFY comes in two colors: gold and rose gold.

USP: 15+ hours talk time
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ZTESY iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

ZTESY is beyond a simple battery case. Lashed with a gigantic 7,800mAh battery, it’s specifically designed to be your ideal travel companion. For all being so powerful, the case doesn’t have a bulky look.

Equipped with the 360-degree scratch guard, it can resist even nasty bumps. The rugged exterior also offers improved grip so that the case doesn’t slip out of your palm. On top of all, ZTESY is supported by a lifetime limited warranty.

USP: 360-degree scratch guard
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SUNWELL iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

SUNWELL battery case sports an incredibly thin design that looks appealing on the iPhone. The 4,000mAh is able to provide 17 hours of talk time. You can comfortably sync and charge your device without having to remove the case.

The power level indicator allows you to easily check out the remaining power level. The buttons have a better click. With the built-in magnet, it perfectly works with the magnetic car mount. This slim battery case is available in eight colors.

USP: Built-in magnet
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MaxBear iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

Here is yet another battery case that’s right on the money when it comes to offering tons of extra charge to your smartphone. The solid 7, 200mAh battery should prove to be more than enough on most occasions. With more than 200% extra juice, it won’t let (on most occasions) your fascinating for high-octane games stop mid-way due to lack of juice.

With the sync through design, you will be able to sync and charge your iPhone 8 Plus without any issue. Talking about protection, the case has a solid structure with fortified corners and impact-resistant bumper. Thus, it’s fully capable of fighting out nasty drops and ugly scrape.

USP: CE and RoHS certified
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#9. Alpatronix BX170plus

Alpatronix iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

I’m really impressed by the good-looking design of Alpatronix BX170plus. The best thing about this svelte battery case is that you can use it as a standalone case in style. Powered by 4,200mAh battery, it offers more than 150% extra power to your device.

Dual-layer of structure fortified by 360° scratch guard adds more strength into its armory. The pronounced buttons are easy to press, while the front edge ensures the screen doesn’t get harmed by scrape. Three color options include: black, gold and rose gold.

USP: Apple certified connector
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ICHECKEY iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

ICHECKEY ticks off all the boxes; delivering reliable performance. With 4200mAh battery on-board, this battery case excels in powering up your device with rapid speed and required efficiency. I like its compact built-up which offers full-body protection to your device.

Being slim, the case pairs up nicely with the iPhone; without adding any unnecessary bulk. The integrated four LED indicators show power level.  Even better, you can also use its magnetic top part as a kickstand to liven up your media viewing experience.

USP: 45-days money back guarantee
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Your Favorite?

Having explored these finest battery cases, I hope you have got the one that meets your needs better. It would be cool to know your pick and the qualities you have liked in it.

Just in case you find any of your favorite battery case missing in this list, do let me know that in the comments below.

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