Baltic Sea marina uses LoRaWAN to benefit from smart street lighting

Baltic sea marina uses smart street lighting via NAS LoRaWAN

Haven Kakumäe, a yacht harbour located in the Western coast of Kopli Gulf in the Baltic Sea region, has used smart lighting through a LoRaWAN network in a bid to gain better control around energy usage and cost efficiency.

The project management team behind the Haven Kakumäe marina in the Estonian capital of Tallinn has been keen to use new technologies and to ensure the sustainable use of resources.

Their use of LoRa technology began in March 2017, and today, all of the port’s luminaires and over 500 metres of the harbour’s breakwater lighting can be controlled remotely through a LoRaWAN network. This uses Luminaire controllers manufactured by industrial automation development company Nordic Automation Systems (NAS), installed on 45 outdoor lamps.

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Reducing energy consumption

By using these controllers, NAS executives claim, the company can reduce energy consumption by turning the lights on and off at optimal times. The street lights can be set to go on at specific dates and times, for example, and the technology can monitor light intensity, so that unnecessary lighting is avoided and that lights can be dimmed where appropriate.

The controllers are connected to the LoRaWAN Gateway via radio frequency, and the network server transfers data to the gateway through ethernet, 3G or 4G. The IoT hub platform interprets encrypted data from the end nodes of the LoRAWAN back end. Haven Kakumäe then has the option to connect with external applications via APIs to use the data in third-party systems.

Haven Kakumäe has also installed more than 100 dock electrical and water distribution pedals, which are equipped with the NAS-developed LoRAWAN electricity meter which provides 24-hour access to electricity usage. The marina’s access control systems will also be controlled through the LoRAWAN network so that it can alert management of any possible unauthorized activity.

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Illuminating uses of connected tech

Smart lighting has been a huge growth area, but it has mainly been used in cities. Last year, Cardiff Council said it was nearing completion of its deployment of a connected lighting system using LED streetlights technology from Philips Lighting. The council claimed that the lighting system will save it over £750,000 a year and reduce energy use for public lighting by 60 percent.

The concept isn’t new; back in 2015, the UK county of Gloucestershire said it would deploy 55,000 LED streetlights to cover 1,000 square miles of the area. They would be wirelessly connected and managed via Telensa’s PLANet Central Management System.

According to Harshvardhan Chitale, vice chairman and managing director of Philips Lighting India, a division of Dutch consumer electronics company Philips, IoT-driven smart lights will “be the default” in the next five to 10 years.

“Today, when we think of buying a phone, we don’t think of a landline phone. By default, we think of a mobile or a smartphone. We anticipate that over the next five to 10 years – closer to five years – potentially, when people think of upgrading their existing lights or installing new ones, they would install lights or lighting systems which are smart,” Chitale recently told India’s largest independent news service IANS.

NAS claims that Haven Kakumäe’s use of street lights is the first for a marina in Northern Europe.

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Facebook shares are falling because Wall Street doesn’t know what to make of Mark Zuckerberg’s News Feed changes

The stock is down 5 percent

Facebook is re-thinking the way it works, and that will have repercussions for users, advertisers and publishers that use the network.

The overhaul, which will first show up in Facebook’s News Feed, will be a “major change,” says Mark Zuckerberg, who says users may end up spending less time on the site.

Wall Street believes him. And for now, Wall Street thinks this is not good news: Facebook shares dropped 5 percent overnight.

Why? Here’s one theory: “There is too much uncertainty relating to the economic impact of Facebook’s pending News Feed changes for us to be comfortable,” Stifel analyst Scott Devitt said in a note this morning, when he lowered his rating on the stock from “buy” to a “hold” — even though he thinks, “Facebook is doing the right thing for the long-term sustainability of the platform.”

Context: If you bought Facebook shares a week ago, that drop looks pretty scary.

 Screenshot via Yahoo Finance

If you bought them a year ago? No problem. You’re still up more than 40 percent.

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‘Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition’ Update Includes iPhone X Screen Support and Live Streaming to YouTube, On Sale for 99¢

Fans of touchscreen brawling are likely quite familiar with Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition [$ 0.99] which launched on iOS back in July, but if you’re an iPhone X owner you’ve probably been pretty bummed that the game didn’t support the full screen of the device. At least I know I was. It was kind of the same problem that the older Street Fighter games had when they weren’t updated to the 4-inch widescreen introduced with the iPhone 5. With black borders covering the parts of the screen that weren’t supported, it was easy to accidentally swipe or tap on that unsupported part of the screen, and it made the games harder to play. Well, that is a problem no more as today Street Fighter IV CE has been updated to fit the full iPhone X screen, and it’s beautiful.

Since the game includes the ability to resize and move the virtual controls where you like, it’s easy to set them up so they’re nice and comfortable on the iPhone X. In addition to the new screen size, this update also includes the ability to link your game to your YouTube account and stream matches directly from your device. The catch is that you’ll need to be running at least iOS 10 and your YouTube account will need a minimum of 100 subscribers before you can link up. I don’t personally care much about streaming live but this is nice functionality for those who want it and it could help the game’s burgeoning competitive scene.

In the email that was sent out by Capcom Mobile announcing this update they list amongst the game’s features “Fight as 31 Street Fighter characters (three more coming in a free update).” That’s interesting as Street Fighter IV CE has already received two previous updates that each added 3 new characters, and so far they haven’t announced plans to add any more. Hopefully this means that the game has been successful enough so far that they’ll keep on adding stuff to it. Finally, to celebrate this update Street Fighter IV CE is on sale for its lowest price ever, just 99¢, so if you’ve been waiting to take this one for a spin now is a good time to jump into the fight.


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Abbott launched Great Jones Street in 2016, laying out a simple mission: “we want to introduce you to great stories and great writers.” The publication used a slick app and impeccable design for its stories. Its focus was on stories that could be read in just a couple of minutes, while you waited in line at the grocery store or post…

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Street Kart is all about competitive racing, and it’s built to push that aspect. You will take part in all kinds of events with people across the world, and if you want to beat them, you’ll have to spend time setting up your kart to take advantage of weather conditions and track features. This isn’t an arcade kart game, and for most I think that’s a good thing. World Kart champions seem to be into it, praising its physics and competitive nature, so you should also give it a go, if you like racing games. Head over to our Upcoming Games forum thread to learn more about Street Kart.