Netflix: ‘Stranger Things’ directors aren’t leaving the show

We haven't heard much about the next season of Stranger Things, but a rumor on indicated that its directors, Ross and Matt Duffer, will be less involved after season three wraps up. This evening, Netflix tweeted "Rumors that the Duffer…
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Best ‘Minecraft’ Skins On the Marketplace—’Star Wars’, ‘Stranger Things’, and More

In the beginning, there was only one. I’m talking about skins in Minecraft [$ 6.99] back in the day, where you could only be Steve and Steve alone (despite the rumors of the Herobrine skin that, of course, never materialized). No matter if you were old, young, male, female, you had but one look while traversing the immense expanse that is Minecraft. However, that started to change when modders took the lead in offering new skins to players, providing a fresh look to the game that became essential once huge servers became more popular. Mojang gradually joined the party as well and started offering “official skins,” and it’s been doing so ever since.

Once the Minecraft Marketplace became a thing, skins started coming at a much faster pace, and now we find ourselves with dozens and dozens of skins. Choosing the best ones is challenging. So, we’ve decided to put together a short list of the best skins currently on the Marketplace so you can shop wisely. Don’t expect to like all of our suggestions, because we’ll try and address different tastes. Still, this list will be helpful if you don’t have many coins but still want to dress your Steve in nice clothes.

If you’re a Disney fan, you can pick up the latest pack that consists of characters from the movie Moana. There’s a total of 25 skins that range from Moana and Maui to the cute piggy Pua and even the anthropomorphized Ocean. You could even do the half-shark Maui. This is a pretty cool pack because it’s a departure from most other character designs on the Marketplace. If your tastes veer towards the creepy instead of the cheerful, you can grab the Stranger Things Skin Pack, which comes with 52 skins that include all the kids and grownups, the Demogorgon, the kids in their Ghostbusters costumes, Barb in the Upside Down (Justice for Barb), and plenty more. Pretty cool pack that gives you a ton of options when it comes to turning your Realm into the 80s.

Continuing on the movie theme, the Star Wars Classic Pack is another great choice, and it comes with 55 skins from Episodes IV to VI. It includes a variety of Luke skins—from peasant to Jedi Knight and beyond—as well as Princess Leia, Darth Vader, C-3PO, R2-D2, and even Yoda. A pretty cool pack overall with, again, a ton of choices. If you’re more of a newer Star Wars fan, you can grab the Star Wars Prequel Skin Pack or even the Star Wars Rebels Skin Pack.

If you’re more into horror, you can grab the Campfire Tales Skin Pack, which comes with the kinds of skins you would expect to hear about around a campfire. There are only 16 skins in this one, so the selection is on the limited side compared to the ones I’ve mentioned earlier (although it’s also slightly cheaper). The Sci-Fi Horror pack is also fun—if a little bland—for those who like their horror in space rather than around the campfire. Expect Husks and infected individuals in this one. Finally, there’s the Spookfest, which comes with skins like Invisiboy and Eyesore the Experiment.

The Marketplace includes some other silly ones as well, like the Emoji Skin Pack—which turns all of you into emoji and even includes a skin called Pile of Poo—the Dapper Folk Skin Pack—for those who want to class it up—and the Meow! And Woof! ones, which—you guessed it—turn you all into either cats or dogs. I hope this list helps you on your next shopping trip to the Marketplace. Most of these packs are 460 coins or under. I know that on the Java version you can get many of these for free, but not everyone has access to that version and many (including the young ones) don’t know how to download skins. Let me know if you like any skins that I haven’t mentioned, and happy Minecrafting!


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Netflix locks down ‘Stranger Things’ producer for future series

Both seasons of Stranger Things have been colossal hits for Netflix. So it's no surprise that the company just locked down the show's producer Shawn Levy, which sources tell Variety is a four-year, eight-figure agreement. He will create TV projects e…
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‘Stranger Things 2’ premiere was watched by 15.8 million people

Netflix's original shows feel like must-watch TV, but how many people are actually watching? The streaming giant won't divulge its viewership data, so it's fallen on Nielsen to plug the hole. Now, the audience-tracking firm is offering its first insi…
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‘Stranger Things’ is a real hit: 16 million Americans watched its season two premiere, according to Nielsen

Some 361,000 people binge-watched all nine episodes in one day.

Netflix’s “Stranger Things” is back for a second season, and the show — which features Dungeons & Dragons-playing kids from a small town in Indiana battling real-life monsters unleashed by a government research lab — looks like a bona fide hit.

In the U.S. alone, some 15.8 million people streamed the first episode of the new season within three days of its launch Oct. 27, according to Nielsen. Within the first day of its availability, 361,000 people had binge-watched all nine episodes.

How does that stack up against other popular shows? We don’t have perfect apples-to-apples comparisons, but for example:

  • The first four games of this year’s Major League Baseball World Series averaged 15.4 million viewers watching live or same-day on DVR, according to Nielsen.
  • HBO’s “Game of Thrones” season seven premiere this past summer reached 16.1 million people on its first night.
  • “The Defenders,” a Netflix original based on Marvel superhero characters, was watched by 6.1 million viewers in the week after its first episode in August.
  • 4.6 million people streamed season five of Netflix political satire “House of Cards” this spring.

Nielsen, which has long distributed network and cable TV ratings, recently gave the world a window into Netflix viewership by revealing ratings for the first time. Netflix disputes the accuracy of Nielsen’s numbers but has not provided its own.

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Stranger Things season 2’s meme is Jim Hopper dancing to everything

In season 1 of Stranger Things, we had #Justice4Barb. This season, we’ve got… dancing Hopper. Stranger Things season 2 got its first meme this week, as a Twitter account called @hopperdancingto started posting videos of Sheriff Jim Hopper dancing to K-pop, the Stranger Things theme song, the Bag Raiders, and Michael Jackson.

The meme really took off when David Harbour, who plays Hopper, tweeted his fervent approval of the account. Now, 17,000 people are following Hopper Dancing To.

It’s too bad the scene is so dimly lit that Hopper and…

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‘Stranger Things’ Comes to ‘Minecraft’ Today

Everyone is caught up in the frenzy that is the new season of Netflix’s (admittedly great) Stranger Things, and Minecraft [$ 6.99] couldn’t sit this party out. So, starting today you can grab a Stranger Things skin pack from the Minecraft Marketplace. So now you and your friends can dress up as the gang from Stranger Things and go looking for monsters in the upside down. What you do have to keep in mind is that the skins cover both the first and the second season, which translates into some skins being possible spoilers for the second season. So, make sure to avoid checking them out if you want to stay away from any spoilers whatsoever.

I do wish we got more than just the skins though; a map of the neighborhood where Stranger Things takes place would have been fun given that it’s just an 80s typical neighborhood, not the kind of maps we usually get in Minecraft. Still, you can now wear Barb’s famous sweater or Eleven’s “cool” outfit. The Stranger Things skin pack is live now and is going to cost you 460 gold.


This Stranger Things DVD looks like an old VHS tape

If you’ve caught Stranger Things at all during its first or second season, you’ll have seen how much it relies on the nostalgia factor. Old Ataris, Eggos, Three Musketeer candy bars at Halloween, and plenty of old 80’s music make the show feel like a trip in a time machine. The show also has plenty of VHS tapes, which its characters use to record important memories and re-watch favorite films.

Now, non-Netflix subscribers can check out the Stranger Things. To celebrate the show’s second season, Target released an exclusive collector’s Blu-Ray / DVD of the show’s first season, designed to look like a faded and worn VHS tape.

Inside the faded cover, a box that resembles a VHS tape contains four DVD discs. It seems whoever…

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Recommended Reading: Is ‘Stranger Things’ really that popular?

In Netflix's Upside Down Reality, 'Stranger Things' Is a Hit Before It Even Premieres Victor Luckerson, The Ringer The excitement around Stranger Things season 2 has been building for months. We've seen soundtracks, merchandise and all kinds of pr…
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Google Home game lets you talk to the Upside Down in Stranger Things

If you’re a fan of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things and you own a Google Home speaker, then Google has got a fun little surprise in store for you. In celebration of today’s release of the show’s second season, Google has partnered up with Netflix to create a game fans can play with their Google Home and communicate directly with the Upside Down.

To begin playing, all you have to do is say “Ok Google, talk to Dustin from Stranger Things” and your Google Home or Google Home Mini will turn into a walkie-talkie with a direct connection to the show’s alternate dimension.

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Google Home game lets you talk to the Upside Down in Stranger Things was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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