Snapchat reinstates Giphy stickers following removal of racist GIFs

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Last month, both Snapchat and Instagram pulled Giphy stickers from their apps after users discovered a racist GIF with a slur. At the time, Giphy said that it had removed the GIF in question and fixed the bug that let it through. It also said it woul…
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Swiftkey 7.0 for Android and iOS brings new Toolbar, Stickers, GIFs and more; Location and Calendar sharing coming soon

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Microsoft has updated Swiftkey app to version 7.0 for Android and iOS, which is a major update since it acquired it back in 2016. The update brings new Toolbar to easily access  Themes, Clipboard and more on Android and iOS. The toolbar replaces the existing Hub on Android. It also brings Stickers / Emoji that you can add your messages as they are, or edit them to add your own style and personality to a message and GIFs powered by GIPHY. It will also get new Location sharing and Calendar sharing features. The update also brings 8 new ‘Lish’ languages for Indian users. It has compatibility for over 40 Indian languages as well as transliteration and layout options. New features in Swiftkey 7.0 for Android and iOS Toolbar offers a new way to get faster and easier access to favorite SwiftKey features. Just tap the “+” on the left of the prediction bar to give it a try. Stickers gives even more ways to express yourself beyond words. Save your favorite Stickers – edited or otherwise – and access them later in Collections, found by tapping on the ‘pin’ icon on the Toolbar. (Only on Android) GIFs: express yourself and liven up your messages by …
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SwiftKey gets stickers

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Back in 2016, Microsoft bought the popular SwiftKey keyboard for Android and iOS for $ 250 million. It’s still one of the most popular third-party keyboard on both platforms and today, the company is launching one of its biggest updates since the acquisition. With SwiftKey 7.0,  which is out now, the company is adding stickers — because who doesn’t like stickers?

Going forward, the service will offer a number of sticker packs, including some that can be edited and some that are exclusive to Microsoft, too.

That by itself wouldn’t be all that interesting, of course (and I can already see you rolling your eyes) but the real change here is under the hood and sets SwiftKey up for adding more interesting features soon. That’s because the stickers will live in the new SwiftKey toolbar, which will replace the current ‘hub,’ the menu where you can change your keyboard’s layout, size, etc. Right now, what you can find there are stickers and collections, that is, a library of stickers, images and other media you like to torture your friends with.

In the near future, SwiftKey will use this toolbar to enable a number of other new features like location sharing (though only in the U.S. and India for now) and calendar sharing.

“We remain committed to making regular typing as fast and easy as possible,” writes Chris Wolfe, Principal Product Manager at SwiftKey in today’s announcement. “Today’s release of Toolbar, Stickers and Collections, as well as the announcement of Location and Calendar, also shows our ambition to improve users’ experience of rich media. With the support of Microsoft, you can expect to see more innovations in both regular and rich media typing coming soon”

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Snapchat and Instagram pull Giphy stickers over racist GIF

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When Snapchat and Instagram introduced Giphy stickers for Stories, they expected to offer PG-rated GIFs that even their young patrons can use. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned: both platforms have disabled the feature after users disc…
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After three reports of employees walking into glass walls, Apple Park now has stickers to help prevent further injuries

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After Cupertino building official Albert Salvador visited Apple Park last year, he was concerned about employees running into the glass walls that were placed all around the campus as the cafeteria’s doors were indistinguishable from the glass walls, as we reported last month.

After bringing up the issue, a contractor walked right into one of the glass walls, the San Fransisco Chronicle reports.



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SwiftKey Beta update includes ‘Toolbar’ for quick access to features, customizable stickers

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The latest SwiftKey Beta fixed an annoying bug that made typing in comment forms like Disqus in Chrome a headache. Well, it turns out that the update brought a few new features, including an expandable toolbar that sits atop the prediction bar and stickers. If you’re the creative type, you’ll be happy to know that you can even make your own stickers within the keyboard.

The main attraction here is what SwiftKey is calling “Toolbar.” Tap the “+” sign sitting on the left side of the prediction bar to expand Toolbar, where you can access GIFs, downloadable sticker packs, settings, themes, the clipboard, and your “Collection” (more on that below).

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SwiftKey Beta update includes ‘Toolbar’ for quick access to features, customizable stickers was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Gboard beta comes with email auto-complete, unified search for emoji, stickers, GIFs

Google pushed a new beta of its keyboard app Gboard. Version 7.0.2 comes with the ability to “Search all media” and to autocomplete emails. There are also some design tweaks and rearranged Settings menu. Screengrabs from Gboard beta 7.0.2 Instead of “Universal Media Keyboard”, as previously rumored, Gboard 7.0 has Search all media box for all the emojis, stickers and GIFs. Now it is the first tab and features a carousel for swiping through the results of whatever you are looking for. You can search for any particular type of media with the other tabs that are not new in the… – Latest articles

Snapchat integrates GIF stickers from Giphy

Snapchat has announced that it was partnering with Giphy to provide clippable GIFs to adorn the Snaps that users send to friends or post to public Stories. This happened not too long after Snapchat came under heavy criticism for its new confusing interface after a recent update. Interestingly, Instagram was first one to offer insertable GIFs into Instragram Direct messages and Instagram Stories. What makes it even more interesting is that Giphy will provide these GIFs for Snaps, which is exactly the same provider for Instagram’s Stories’ GIFs. This move just screams “me too”. Snapchat… – Latest articles

Google’s Gboard can now search emoji, stickers and GIFs at once

Gboard is making it easier to look for the perfect emoji, sticker and GIF in one go — at least for beta testers on Android. As 9to5google reports, the keyboard's latest beta update adds a "Search all media" option that surfaces all the results it ha…
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Snapchat update adding Tabs and Giphy stickers

Snapchat logo wall

Shortly after Snapchat finally rolled out its major redesign to all users, Snap is pushing another update with more changes and improvements.

A new Snapchat feature called Tabs is coming soon. This feature will be available in the Friends and Discover pages of Snapchat and let you sort through your friends with active Stories, Group Chats, and Discover subscriptions.

The reaction to Snapchat’s redesign seems to be largely negative so far. While it doesn’t look like Snap is going to completely scrap the new look completely, the company does appear to be trying to tweak its new look to improve usability.

Snapchat GIPHY GIF support

Also rolling out to Snapchat is support for animated stickers from Giphy. This means that you can add GIFs to your posts by tapping the sticker icon and finding the GIF you want to add. You can scale the GIF sticker and pin it to a spot in your video if you’d like.

These new features will roll out to iOS users “soon”, while Android users will get them “in the coming weeks.” – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts