Fluidstance has a new extra-cushy balance board for your standing desk

My favorite standing desk accessory just got a little more comfortable.

I’m still pretty happy with my Fluidstance Plane Scandi, the almost-a-hoverboard standing desk accessory that made me finally love standing while working. But Fluidstance’s newest board, the Plane Cloud, has me dreaming.

The board is almost identical to my beloved Scandi, save for one crucial difference: It has a cushy foam top (not unlike a standing mat). My knees don’t cry out in pain on the Scandi the way they do standing on a flat floor, but I’ve definitely noticed stiffness and soreness over time; the Cloud’s foam base should alleviate those sorts of aches and pains for the more-sensitive type.

I’ll be picking up one of these pretty soon to review; in the meantime, if you’re interested, you can pick up the Cloud for $ 189 from Fluidstance right now — the company offers a 30-day guarantee, so you can try out the board and send it back if it’s not the experience you want.

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Turn your existing desk into a standing one with this $141 converter

Sit less, stand more.

This AmazonBasics sit/stand converter lets you turn your current sitting desk into a standing one with ease. When it was first released, this adjustable stand sold for around $ 220, and today’s price drop makes it the most affordable it has ever been.

It has a 20-pound maximum capacity, but that should be enough to accommodate your laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse and more. There are two built-in clips to make cable management easy, and switching between sitting and standing is as simple as pulling a lever. It sits just two inches above your current desk at its lowest and extends up to 20 inches at its highest.

There is no assembly required as it ships ready to use. Simply unbox it, put it on your desk, and start standing. If this is your first standing desk, you may want to consider picking up an anti-fatigue mat as well to make the transition a bit easier for you.

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Get the $40 Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desks at its lowest price ever

Wobble wobble.

Amazon has the Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desk on sale for $ 40.49. This is a match of its lowest price ever and down from its usual selling price of $ 70.

This balance board is fit for offices with standing desks, clerks, cashiers, and anyone who stands for long periods of time. The rocking motion creates a low-impact movement that engages your muscles in the back, core, legs, and ankles. The design is ergonomic and promotes neutral positioning with a non-slip texture is secure on hard floors and carpet. It has received 3.9 out of 5 stars based on 68 customer reviews.

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Limited talent pool is standing in the way of driverless cars

2017 was an exciting year for driverless cars: from Waymo testing driverless cars on city streets for the first time, to the UK Government’s plans to launch driverless cars onto the roads in 2021, in the past twelve months we’ve seen faster development of driverless car technology than ever before. This year could be even more exciting. However, in order to maintain momentum, we need to tackle one issue head on: training technical talent. Limitless potential, limited talent pool Self-driving cars have the potential to change the world in ways we haven’t yet fully realized. This untapped potential is what…

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Rules of Survival guide – how to be the last person standing

The PUBG craze makes its way to mobile, with more and more battle royale games debuting on iOS and Android. Rules of Survival joins the ranks of mobile PUBG-likes, offering a classic battle royale experiences that doesn’t vary too much from its famous PC counterpart.

With any competitive survival game of this nature though, there are a lot of strategies to consider so that you’re not taken out by other skilled opponents. Here are a few tips to help you hone your game in Rules of Survival.

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Be the last person standing in Legacy of Discord’s intense new survival mode

Yoozoo Games’ popular action MMO Legacy of Discord is getting a huge new update to celebrate its first anniversary. Perhaps the biggest change is the addition of an exciting survival mode titled Last Guardian. This new survival mode will pit you against other players, offering all new ways to approach combat in Legacy of Discord.

Each match in Last Guardian lasts for 20 minutes, where you’ll be placed on a map and forced to survive. That means killing off other players while seeking out weapons, equipment, potions, and other items to help you level up and survive for as long as possible. You’ll get points throughout the match for number of kills, assists, and the equipment and chests you discover.

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This ‘AI’ standing desk really just has a touchscreen tablet built-in

I have a standing desk. I like it. I’m standing right now, actually, and blogging at the same time. My standing desk is automated, so I push buttons on its attached remote, and it goes up and down. It also has some onboard memory and saves heights for me. It’s neat but not too wild. Meanwhile, a company called Autonomous says its new SmartDesk 3 is “the world’s most powerful AI-powered standing desk.”

Should I question the intelligence of my standing desk? What even is an AI desk? To Autonomous, it means a desk that can order food for you. The company apparently partnered with Delivery.com to offer food suggestions on the desk’s built-in control panel. It can “anticipate when you’ll be hungry,” too. I would guess this means it knows the…

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FABRIQ Chorus review: Standing out from the crowd

Fabriq is a relatively-new speaker brand, owned by DOSS. Its first product was the Fabriq RIFF, a speaker about the size of an Echo Dot, but covered with a soft fabric in a variety of patterns. Not only did it have the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, but you could connect more than one for synced multi-speaker playback (like Google Cast/AirPlay). The Riff used either a direct microUSB connection for charging, or the included charging dock.

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The best standing desks – pros, cons, and should you buy one?

Standing desks are all the hype these days. People are spending big bucks on these hot office commodities. Why? Should you jump off your chair and stand with this new trend? In this post we are going to tell you all about standing desks, their pros/cons and our picks for the best standing desk you can buy. Stick around for all the details!

But what is a standing desk exactly?

A standing (or stand-up) desk is a workstation designed to keep you on your feet or a high stool, as opposed to sitting on a more traditional chair. These desks can take multiple forms and shapes. Some move up and down to adapt to different positions, while others are static. Users even build or buy extensions to turn their regular desks into standing ones, but we will talk more about different versions later in this post.

The benefits and downsides of standing desks

So why would you want to stand while working? Good question, and it mostly has to do with potential health gains. According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, a sedentary lifestyle has proven to be detrimental for your health, even if you try to counteract this with exercise after the fact.

Harvard experts claim not moving too much can affect more than just your cardio-vascular health. And there are studies backing this, linking higher risks of obesity, cancer and type 2 diabetes to sitting down for prolonged periods.

Let’s take a closer look at how these studies word things, though. A sedentary lifestyle and sitting for long periods of time is bad for you, that’s for sure. But this doesn’t exactly mean that standing up for long periods of time is exactly the solution.

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Whether you are sitting or standing, doing so statically is the problem. Not to mention that standing up for long periods of time can add back problems to the equation. And if you are thinking this will help you lose weight — nope, you need to do more than just stand to accomplish that! A study from the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) confirms standing still doesn’t burn enough calories when compared to sitting to make a difference on weight loss, yet it does affect your energy levels. This means you will just be getting tired without really helping the obesity issue.

The point here is that standing, in and of itself, won’t negate the effects of working in front of a computer all day. The clue to a healthy body is keeping it in active movement. With that in mind, let us remind you that just buying the best standing desk and using it won’t help. Instead, see it as a tool to keep your workflow in different positions and your body in constant movement. Sit down for a bit, stand for another while, try to keep your printer and other tools far away to inspire more activity and so on.

Best standing desk – Our top picks

With that in mind, we do still stand by the fact that using a standing desk correctly has its benefits. Are you looking to get yourself one? There is are tons of options out there, so let’s show you some of our very own top picks and help you find the best standing desk for your needs.

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk

Standing desks can be really expensive, but you don’t really have to spend thousands of dollars on a flat table that moves up and down. There are some great options for acceptable prices, and the Fully Jarvis is actually the cheapest option in this list at a starting price of $ 470.

The desktop is made of sustainable bamboo, with no pesticides, fertilizers or colorants. The frame can handle up to 350 pounds of weight, so be sure this thing can carry all your office items. Sizes start at 30×27 inches, and the biggest version is 78×30 inches. You can include extras, such as locking casters, pencil trays, monitor arms and desk lamps.

Uplift Height Adjustable Desk

Uplift’s prices can be pretty reasonable if you don’t go crazy with the upgrades. Basic Height Adjustable Desks start at $ 499 and measure 42×24 inches. The basic versions can be upgraded to 80×30 inches.

You can get pretty fancy with Uplift, though. L-shaped and corner desks are also available, but those can go up to the thousands of dollars, depending on the type of material, space, upgrades and other factors.


No need to go looking for obscure manufacturers. IKEA has joined the standing party with their BEKANT Desks. Just like everything else IKEA makes, the BEKANT Desk is simple and clean. It does come in a multitude of colors and shapes, though, giving users plenty of options to choose from. And prices start at only $ 479!

The height can be adjusted between 22 and 48 inches, covering most statures and positions. It also comes with a 10-year warranty and has everything you can expect out of IKEA furniture, such as a seamless design, easy-to-clean surfaces and a very functional nature.

UpDesk Ultra UpWrite

UpDesk is not to be ignored. They created the UpWrite, one of the most popular standing desks. Every news source was talking about it for a while, and for good reason – it is a great tool with no bells and whistles. It is also pretty expensive with a base price of $ 899 for the 48×30 inch version. You can upgrade to 60×30 inches for $ 949 and 72×30 inches for $ 999.

Is it worth the cash? This desk is a favorite for many reasons. It can carry over 375 pounds of weight and is pretty quiet doing so. Not to mention its steel footings, integrated chord management, mounted power strip and easy-to-work motor system.

Get off your chair!

That’s the end of our best standing desk guide! Now get off that chair! Keep your body moving and extend your life! Then use that extra time to hit the comments and tell us your thoughts on standing desks. Are you buying any of these? Are there any others you would recommend?

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