Apple says male UK staff earn average of 5 percent more than women

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On average, men at Apple’s U.K. operations earn 5 percent more than women, the company revealed on Tuesday, a day ahead of a deadline for British companies over 250 people to disclose their gender gaps.
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AR company Avegant has replaced its CEO and laid off more than half its staff

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Light-field display and “mixed reality” startup Avegant laid off a significant portion of its staff in recent weeks, and also replaced its CEO with one of the company founders, according to people familiar with the company’s operations.

Avegant’s headcount was reduced last month to fewer than 20 people, and those who remain work largely in R&D or on the technology partnership side. Prior to the layoffs, there had been somewhere between 40 and 50 employees, one person said.

Former chief executive officer Jeorg Tewes was also replaced by company founder Ed Tang in February, these people said, a change that also appears in both executives’ LinkedIn profiles.

When reached by phone, Tang declined to comment on the company’s organizational…

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Elon Musk is poaching ‘The Onion’ staff for a comedy project

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The one certainty about Elon Musk is that no two startups will be closely related: he has been responsible for city guides, online payments, electric cars, spacecraft, open AI and transportation tunnels. And that trend isn't about to stop any time so…
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Mueller investigation interviews Facebook staff in Russia probe

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election continues, Wired reports the team interviewed "at least one member of Facebook's team that was associated with President Trump's 2016 presid…
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Lyft investigates claims staff abused access to customer data

A user posted on the anonymous app Blind claiming that Lyft employees abused their access to customer data, from gathering info on exes to acquiring Mark Zuckerberg's personal info. A Lyft spokesperson confirmed to The Information that the company is…
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Sphero forced to make staff cuts following disappointing holiday sales

Interactive toy-maker Sphero appeared to all the world as though it was in fine shape as the holiday season approached last year. Thanks to licensing deals with Disney and Marvel spawning a range of remote control Star Wars robots and an app-enabled Spider-Man toy, the company’s product portfolio burgeoned in 2017. The more affordable Sphero Mini came out towards the end of the year but apparently wasn’t enough to ensure decent holiday sales numbers.

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Apple starts search for retail employees to staff its upcoming Washington D.C. Carnegie Library store

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Apple has put the call out for employees at its store in the Carnegie Library in Washington D.C, with the company’s Jobs at Apple board showing listings for a variety of positions at the retail location, in preparation for its opening later this year.
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Glasgow subway trains will be the UK’s first with no staff

Glasgow's subway system will be the first in the UK to operate trains with zero staff on board. As The Scotsman notes, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) had already announced that a new batch of Swiss-built trains will be driverless. Now, h…
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Recode readers and staff share their 2018 New Year’s resolutions

A whole lot of disconnecting going on.

New Year’s resolutions are often made and rarely kept. But at the very least, they’re a revealing window into what we would like to change about our lives.

And after an informal survey of Recode readers and employees, there’s a very clear theme this year: In 2018, we want to be less plugged in. Some people just want to use certain services less than they do now, while others architected ways to disconnect more dramatically.

“Less tech,” reader Chip Roberson wrote in via email. “Some analog/manual systems are just easier to use and maintain. … On balance, tech seems to be complicating life, not making it simpler.”

Reader Linda Rosewood had a simple but wise idea: Removing her credit card number from the personal information saved by her web browser “to limit impulse purchases.”

Recode’s Senior Social Media Editor Kurt Wagner said he wanted “less screen time before falling asleep,” resolving to read more instead. Meanwhile, Senior Copy Editor Elizabeth Crane has decided 2018 will be the culmination of her resolution this year, to cut the cord with her cable company.

“I had to keep ‘the cable’ for internet,” Crane said. “So I’m thinking 2018 will be the year I upgrade from cable to fiber.”

My own New Year’s resolution is also a continuation of sorts: Earlier this year, I mostly quit Facebook and came out of the experience much happier for it. In 2018, my resolution is to audit all of the other digital addictions in my life — especially Twitter and YouTube — and either quit if I find them to be largely harmful or set firm limits on how much time I can waste on them.

Too Embarrassed to Ask co-host Lauren Goode isn’t planning to quit email or any other major services, but she is embarking on a plan to make her email-addicted life more sane.

“I plan to unsubscribe from every service I’m not really using and attempt to delete accounts from ones I’m really never going to use again,” Goode said. “Deleting accounts can be a lot harder, and sometimes requires sending notes directly to customer service about it, but it can be gratifying to know you don’t have some random internet account out there still in existence.”

“Today, I unsubscribed from Land’s End,” she added. “I can’t possibly remember the last time I bought something from Land’s End.”

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