Spotify’s experimental voice control feature is an excellent end run around Siri

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Spotify is testing a voice search feature that lets users more quickly access their favorite artists, tracks, albums, and playlists. The feature, which appears based on a 2017 experiment involving a “driving mode,” has begun appearing inside the iOS app for a small number of users. I got early access to the test and tested out the feature set. In short, it’s an excellent step forward for navigation in app that has historically required too much tapping and typing to get where you’re going.

Spotify confirmed the test but didn’t want to talk about it. “We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience for our users, but we don’t have any information to share at this time,” the company said.

To access the new voice search feature,…

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Spotify’s newest podcast is about mental health and startup life

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Spotify has launched a new podcast, Killing It, which tells the stories of those who have attained success in the cut-throat startup world while simultaneously battling mental health issues. The show is hosted by veteran tech journalist Aleks Krotoski, alongside therapist Petra Velzeboer and “mental health gym” owner James Routledge. Each episode focuses on the story of one individual entrepreneur, and examines how the stress and frantic pace of startup life can result in depression, anxiety, and burnout. The first episode in the six-part series focuses on Alex Depledge, founder of on-demand cleaning startup Hassle (now Helpling) and “proptech” company…

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Spotify’s public filing reveals key stats about the streaming giant

Spotify quietly signaled its intention to become a publicly traded company in December of last year, even though several lawsuits over licensing were looming. Now the streaming service has filed for a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange, an…
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Going public pits Spotify’s suggestions versus everyone

The Best Guide To Selling Your Old Phones With High Profit

 The secret to Spotify’s public market debut is actually an acquisition it made in 2014. The Echo Nest was powering music recommendations for Beats Music, Rdio, Vevo and iHeartRadio before Spotify pulled it out from under them by buying it for a reported $ 100 million — 90 percent in Spotify equity. That deal paid off big time. Read More
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Spotify’s hardware ambitions seem like a risky distraction

Look, it's no secret that Spotify is out to make its own hardware. As of last April, Spotify was already looking for people to help craft "a category defining product akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo and Snap Spectacles." (In hindsight, Spotify's HR…
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Spotify’s latest job listings show it’s ramping up efforts to produce hardware

Rumors have swirled for a while about Spotify working on its own music hardware. Now, the company seems to be ramping up efforts, as indicated by three new job listings for its hardware division. As spotted by MusicAlly, one job description states that Spotify is “on its way to creating its first physical products,” and the company is currently setting up its operational organization for “manufacturing, supply chain, sales, and marketing.”

The jobs posted are for a Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, and an Operations Manager in Hardware Production. Spotify notes that the roles will contribute to “creating innovative Spotify experiences” via connected hardware.

Previous job…

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Spotify’s new app is a Pandora copycat

Spotify is testing a new tool to up the competition with Apple Music by stealing a key feature from one of the oldest companies in the streaming game: Pandora. Stations, a new stand-alone app from Spotify, launched on the Google Play Store in Australia this week allowing users to listen to curated stations without any […]

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Spotify’s chief content officer is leaving ahead of its IPO

Stefan Blom’s departure may raise questions.

Spotify’s top content executive is leaving, just ahead of the streaming music company’s planned public offering.

Stefan Blom, Spotify’s chief content officer, announced his departure via an internal memo today. The company hasn’t named a successor to Blom, who reported to CEO Daniel Ek.

Blom’s departure comes after Spotify has filed confidential plans to go public via a unique “direct” IPO; the company has been targeting a spring date for the listing.

The timing of Blom’s exit may raise questions for investors as they look at Spotify.

Last year, the executive helped Spotify secure critical licenses with the big music labels that paved the way for the company’s IPO. But he has also been in charge of the company’s attempted push into video, which has stopped and started a few times without gaining traction.

Yesterday, Spotify announced it has 70 million paying subscribers.

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Spotify’s RISE program will try to find future music superstars

It's hard to deny Spotify's influence on the current music landscape. After all, the streaming service has over 50 million paid subscribers. Now, they're using that influence to help up and coming artists. Today, Spotify introduced RISE, which it bil…
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An afternoon with one of Spotify’s ‘Badass Women,’ a 20-year-old New Yorker with one pop-rock anthem

Twenty-year-old singer-songwriter Samia has three songs on Spotify, and each has basically nothing to do with the others.

One is a folk ballad about friends dying young from drug abuse, painted with broad strokes Biblical imagery. Another’s a life-or-death torch song for Father John Misty, titled “The Night Josh Tillman Listened to My Song.” The third, released this April, is “Someone Tell the Boys,” a bubbly pop-rock tirade about dudes who won’t stop talking. You could call it an anti-mansplaining anthem — one that offers up a handful of pretty good burns. The chorus is simple enough to be immediately satisfying, and the first time it hits, its delivered in a flat, pleasantly rude monotone: “someone tell the boys they’re not important…

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