Nintendo is now selling its colorful Splatoon 2 Joy-Con controllers separately

Nintendo will begin selling bundles of the neon green / neon pink pair of Joy-Con controllers that were originally included exclusively with the limited-edition Splatoon 2 version of the Switch released last August, as spotted by SlashGear.

Nintendo announced the news via Twitter on Friday, telling customers to expect the pair to be available in stores later this month. No price was announced, but they’ll likely sell for the same $ 79.99 that other Joy-Con pairs cost. Nintendo also hasn’t said whether or not they’ll be selling the new colors as individual controllers, like it does with the neon red and neon blue colors.

Technically, the neon green and pink colors were available as standalone purchases in Japan and Europe before now, but…

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Nintendo set to sell neon ‘Splatoon’ Joy-Con controllers in the US

Love the Nintendo Switch controllers but tired of only having them in gray? The company will broaden the Joy-Con color palette in the US market when it releases them in neon pink and neon green later this month. While these hues have been out in Euro…
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Nintendo is releasing a massive Splatoon 2 update in time for the holidays

Since the colorful multiplayer shooter Splatoon 2 launched on the Nintendo Switch back in July, the game has maintained a fairly steady player base, according to producer Hisashi Nogami. There was some inevitable decline once the hype of the launch wore off, but since then he says that the community has remained consistent, due in large part to a steady stream of weekly updates that have added new modes, maps, weapons, and gameplay tweaks. Over the past five months, there’s only really been one point where there was a large decline in players. “It is true that when Super Mario Odyssey launched, we saw fewer than normal users logging on to play the game,” says Nogami with a laugh.

This week, Nogami and his team are hoping to reignite the…

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Nintendo Switch Online app coming to Apple’s iPhone with ‘Splatoon 2’ on July 21

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Rather than handling voice chat native on the Nintendo Switch game console, players will need to install a separate app on iOS or Android to chat with friends while playing team-based shooter "Splatoon 2."
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