Best iPhone X Kickstand Cases: Spice Up Your Video Time

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Best iPhone X Kickstand Cases

Kickstand cases have always been one of my top bets for having better hands-free experience. There are three main qualities that I prefer to see in a self-stand case: durable built up, impressive design and the ability to get ideally adjusted to offer optimum viewing angle. Based on these top three parameters, I have chosen the top 10 iPhone X kickstand cases.

Made of top-of-the-line material, these stand cases are long-lasting. They have been designed to be a dependable cover to ward off the impact of the shock. Knowing that not everyone buys a case for the same reason, I have picked a variety of cases to fit into different needs seamlessly. From a heavy duty case to an ultra-slim suit, this collection has you fully covered!

Best iPhone X Kickstand Cases

Best iPhone X Kickstand Cases

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#1. JETech

JETech Kickstand Case for iPhone X

Showcasing slim-fit profile, JETech is engineered to be a practical suit for the iPhone X. Readied with the top-grade TPU material; it’s extremely soft and flexible. Air-cushion technology helps it absorb shock.

Thanks to the smooth surface, you have extra grip. It features metal kickstand that not only enhances its look but also revs up your video time. Neat cut-outs coupled with sensitive buttons make your life easier while using the phone.

USP: Air Cushion Technology
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#2. Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone X Kickstand Case

This heavy-duty case from Spigen Tough Armor is powerful enough to defend your smartphone from any brutal impact. The rugged dual-layered casing offers military-grade protection. What further reinforces its construction is the air-cushion technology.

With the Apple logo cutout, the brand can shine through. Tactile buttons and precise cutouts allow you to access all the functions of your device without any hassle. Moreover, Tough Armor comes in four good-looking colors: gunmetal, blush gold, satin silver and matte black.

USP: Heavy Duty Protection
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#3. i-Blason Transformer

i-Blason iPhone X Kickstand Case

i-Blason Transformer is designed for the folks who want to provide the complete safeguard to their smartphone against shock. With the muscular dual-layered of the body, this heavy duty case is fully capable of thwarting impact. The soft inner sleeve adds more strength to its casing while keeping away abrasion.

The detachable belt holster lets comfortably carry your device with secure locking mechanism. It also dons the role of stand admirably for your smooth-sailing hands-free experience. As the buttons are smooth, you will have better feedback when pressing them.

That’s not all; you can pick out Transformer in three color variants: black, blue and blush gold.

USP: Shock-absorbing design
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#4. FYY

FYY iPhone X Kickstand Case

With stylish and compact design, FYY is an impressive case. It features the two-piece design with hard PC and soft TPU. The clear bumper augments its look.

Rugged back shell boasts of 3H hardness that is capable of keeping scratch away. The built-in stand does a good job of providing better viewing angle to ensure you have a more delightful movie time. Past the features, this durable case comes in two colors: black and rose gold.

USP: 3H scratch resistant
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#5. Best Share

Best Share iPhone X Kickstand Case

Best Share is simply a cool case. It features the hard plastic outer shell that wraps around perfectly on the smartphone. The soft silicone interior helps the case disperse impact and also provide the needed shield against scratch.

It comes with high-quality screen protector, which offers high transparency and is very responsive to the touch. With 9H hardness, the screen guard can keep scrape away. Built-in kickstand lets you comfortably watch movies in landscape mode. Beyond features, Best Share comes in six colors including black, blue, gold, grey, rose gold and silver.

USP: Heavy duty protection
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#6. Bovon

Bovon iPhone X Kickstand Case

You should go for Bovon if you don’t want to give any chance to impact to hurt your smartphone. This heavy-duty case is made of hard PC and soft silicone material. Smooth interior prevents scratch while the rugged exterior disperses shock.

The 180°rotatable holster belt clip comes with secure locking mechanism. It also doubles up as a fine kickstand to bring life to your videos. That apart, it comes with lifetime warranty.

USP: 180°rotatable holster belt clip
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#7. Teelevo

Teelevo iPhone Kickstand Case for iPhone X

Are you in search of a minimalist wallet case? Teelevo has got the quality to stand up to your task with good effect. This dual-layered case has the shock-absorbing design to offer needed protection from bumps. It features a slot on the back for storing a card.

Built-in kickstand props up the device to offer great viewing angle. That aside, you have four colors to pick from black, gunmetal, mint green and rose gold.

USP: Card holder
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#8. ESR

ESR iPhone X Kickstand Case

ESR has got the looks to make a dashing style statement. The case exhibits a slim design without compromising on protection. Sturdy construction has been bolstered by the combination of rugged PC and soft TPU.

Flexible bumper and hard back empower the cover to endure shock effortlessly. With kickstand being readily available, your media time will never go under the weather. Wireless charging support allows you to power up your smartphone without needing to remove the case. Even better, you can pick out ESR in three modish colors: black, silver and rose gold.

USP: Wireless charging support
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LONTECT iPhone X Kickstand Case

Should you think of buying a compact and lightweight wallet case, you should keep LONTECT in mind. It features a sturdy construction (TPU and PC) that is equipped to survive drops. Courtesy of the soft interior, it doesn’t give any chance to scratch to injure the iPhone.

You can keep a card in the exterior slot. The kickstand is always there to spice up your media watching experience. Lastly, this functional wallet case comes in two colors: black and rose gold.

USP: Dual-layer structure
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#10. OUBA

Ouba iPhone X Kickstand Case

This robust case from OUBA offers trusted drop protection to iPhone X. The strong built-up with the integration of PC and TPU helps the device survive even nasty falls. All the four corners have been toughened up to add more defense to its armory.

Self-stand is easily adjusted to deliver optimal viewing angle. As for buttons, they are quite sensitive to the press. That apart, OUBA is available in two colors: black and rose gold.

USP: Protective design
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That’s all!

What’s your favorite?

Out of these top ring cases which one is going to pair with your smartphone? It’d be great to know your pick.

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Turmeric is more often used to add flavour to curries, but the curcumin chemical it contains has shown promising progress in tests in destroying neuroblastoma tumour cells resistant to other drugs.

How Nanoparticles And a Common Spice Are Killing Cancer Cells

If scientists can work out how to adapt this into a full and safe treatment, it would have the benefit of being less toxic and unpleasant for patients than traditional alternatives like chemotherapy – which is especially important when you’re dealing with young kids.

“High-risk neuroblastoma can be resistant to traditional therapy, and survival can be poor,” says lead researcher Tamarah J. Westmoreland, from the University of Central Florida.

“This research demonstrates a novel method of treating this tumour without the toxicity of aggressive therapy that can also have late effects on the patient’s health.”


Using curcumin to fight cancer isn’t a new idea, but it’s difficult to get the chemical into drugs because of its low solubility and poor stability. Nanoparticles could fix that.

During the study, cerium oxide nanoparticles loaded with curcumin and coated in dextran were shown to cause “substantial” cell death in neuroblastoma cells while having little impact on healthy cells – the perfect combination for a cancer drug.

Even better, the nanoparticles were more effective against the type of cells usually most resistant to conventional drugs, those with an amplification of the MYCN gene.

As neuroblastoma is usually very difficult to treat, that’s a promising start for these spicy nanoparticles. This type of cancer normally takes root near the kidneys, striking 700 people per year in the US, most of whom are under 5.

Not only is it largely resistant to anti-cancer drugs, it’s also known to cause health problems after successful treatment, including hearing loss and other disabilities. It also often returns after treatment.

If we can develop an effective nanoparticle approach to fighting neuroblastoma, it would be yet more evidence of the potential of treating disease at the smallest possible scales: nanoparticles have previously been shown to help kickstart the human immune system to help fight cancer, for example.

Other recent research has looked at how nanoparticles can better target tumours in the brain by squeezing through the blood-brain membrane barrier, as well as reaching other places that conventional drugs can’t get to.

The next step for the researchers behind the latest study is to see if the same positive effects can be observed in animal trials as well as lab tests.

“We are hopeful that in the future, nanoparticles can be utilised to personalise care to patients and reduce the late effects of therapy,” says Westmoreland.

The research has been published in Nanoscale.

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