Some ‘distracted’ Apple employees accidentally walking into Apple Park’s clear glass panes, claims report

An amusing tidbit this morning highlights a potential flaw in Apple Park’s all-glass design. Bloomberg reports that some employees who might not have been paying 100% attention to where they are walking have accidentally walked into the clear glass internal walls of the pods that make up Apple Park. As a remedy, employees stuck Post-It notes to the walls to make them easier to see. However, these had to be removed because ‘they detracted from the building’s design’.

Whilst there are some markings on these panes, it seems employees haven’t quite adjusted to their new campus. Apple is still in the process of moving employees over to the new campus; at last count, it had permission to move in workers to 5 out of the 12 Apple Park sections.



Apple HomePod may leave white rings on some wood furniture

Apple HomePod white rings wood furniture

The HomePod is now available to the public and blasting tunes in owners’ homes, but Apple’s device is doing more to peoples’ homes than just filling them with music.

Some Apple HomePod owners have found that the smart speaker can leave a white ring on wood furniture. The Wirecutter discovered in its HomePod review that the device left a white ring on both an oiled butcher block countertop as well as a wooden side table. Owners on Twitter have noticed the issue, too.

When asked about the white rings, Apple confirmed the problem and said that “the markets can improve over several days after the speaker is removed from the wood surface.” If the rings don’t go away on their own, Apple suggests that users “try cleaning the surface with the manufacturer’s suggested oiling method.”

This is a weird issue that could be serious if HomePod ends up damaging expensive wooden furniture. It’s kind of a weird problem for the HomePod to have since we haven’t heard any other smart speakers running into the same issue, and it’ll be interesting to see what exactly is causing these white rings to appear.

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How can I be less addicted to tech? Code Media attendees have some solutions.

Executives, investors and rapper Chamillionaire explain what tech products they can’t quit and how they unplug.

In a special episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask, we set out to get some insights on tech addiction from people in the media and tech industries: Specifically, the attendees from Code Media 2018.

The Verge’s Lauren Goode roamed the halls of the conference last week in Huntington Beach, California, interviewing everyone from Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso to Recode reporter Johana Bhuiyan to rapper-turned-entrepreneur Chamillionaire (who now goes by the moniker “Cam”). Goode and Recode executive editor Kara Swisher debated whether the responsibility for reducing tech addiction belongs to tech companies or consumers.

Below are some highlights from what Code Media attendees recommend for those looking to get some distance from their gadgets.

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Ian Schafer, founder and former CEO, Deep Focus: “I tend to keep my phone away from bed. It’s never the last thing I do at night, nor is it the first thing I do in the morning. I cherish that time. I’ve gotten a little more detached from technology as I stepped away from ad agency life. It seems like when you’re in the service business, everything’s an emergency.”

Rollo Wenlock, CEO, Wipster: “We used to have a country house that was so far in the country, there was no internet, which was fantastic. We’d go there and bring friends and everyone’s phones would stay in the cars, in the car park. We’d be having fires and jump in the river and everything and you would forget about all that stuff. Then you would realize your habits are like short loops, these habits of check-check-check, that starts to go into a long loop of talking to people and thinking about deeper things. That was really helpful. Then we sold the place and now it’s just short loops again.”

Hakeem “Chamillionaire” Seriki, founder, Convoz: “I don’t consider myself really addicted — that sounds like something an addicted person would say. I challenge myself a lot of times. One time, I challenged myself to not eat any red meat, and I haven’t ate red meat in maybe 10 years. I challenged myself to stop drinking caffeine — I used to drink Red Bulls all the time — and I haven’t drank caffeine in, I don’t remember. So when it comes to setting down my device and not being too attached to it, I can always go on these little fasts, where I’m like, ‘I’m not going to do this for a while.’”

Johana Bhuiyan, senior transportation reporter, Recode: “I’ve been doing this for a few years now … I do automatic ‘Do Not Disturb’ at 10 p.m. Not really great, when Kara is trying to call you, but whatever. I do try to answer, still, when it’s Kara Swisher. So I do automatic Do Not Disturb at 10, it goes off at 7 a.m., and also I put my phone not on my bed, not near me, and I just try not to touch it.”

Sophia Amoruso, founder, Nasty Gal: “I’ve downloaded a bunch of apps that track how much time I’m using my phone. There’s one called Moment, I think? Has it changed my behavior? No. I’m kind of always on my phone. I wake up, look at my phone, drop it on my forehead. I carry it to the kitchen with me. It’s like my baby blanket.”

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Dual-curved Meizu 15 Plus pictured with some screen protectors

The Meizu 15 Plus has been a regular at the rumor mill since December last year, and even posed for some live shots a couple of weeks ago. In today’s installment of the saga of pre-announcement leaks, we’re treated to a few renders of the phone with some glass screen protectors meant to cover its dual-curved screen. Meizu 15 Plus screen protector renders Screen protector manufacturers aren’t ones to care for specs as long as they have the cutouts right, so no additional info on hardware comes from these images. That said, the renders do confirm a design that features minimal… – Latest articles

iDevices finally releases Instant Switch, with some concessions

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