Coinbase responds to rampant overcharges: ‘We have identified a solution’

Digital currency exchange Coinbase responded this afternoon to a report from The Verge regarding rampant overcharging of users and unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts, saying in a statement that the company has “identified a solution” to the problem. The issue, which began percolating on the dedicated Coinbase subreddit late last week, appears to be related to a recent change in the way credit cards classify digital currency transactions. Users were reporting empty cryptocurrency accounts as a result, which was creating panic and calls for legal action among Coinbase customers.

“We’re currently investigating an issue where some customers were charged incorrectly for purchases of digital currency with credit and debit cards,”…

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Review: SleepPhones Are the Solution for Falling Asleep to Music

My daughter likes to listen to music when she sleeps, but she has ruined numerous headphones doing so, and even broke an iPad which fell off the bed, because it was connected via a wired connection. AcousticSheep has a much better alternative with their SleepPhones ($ 99.95). These are fabric headbands with speakers and a Bluetooth receive built-in. You can choose from assorted materials and colors and despite the name, use them for running as well as sleeping.

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There are a variety of options such as a wired or wireless connection, with or without microphone. The microphone could be handy if used while jogging. The electronics are removable for charging and washing. There is even a free companion app with sounds suited for sleeping. Now that I’m spoiled with Qi-based wireless charging, I would prefer if the SleepPhones could be recharged just by placing them on a platform.


  • Comfortable for sleeping or running
  • Assorted materials and colors
  • Variety of options (wired, wireless, with or without microphone)
  • Removable for charging and washing
  • Free companion app


  • Charging could be wireless

Final Verdict

If you want to fall asleep to music, the smart and safe option is to use SleepPhones from AcousticSheep. 


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PacketZoom Partners with Amazon CloudFront to Offer End-to-End Mobile CDN Solution

MMW learned Tuesday that PacketZoom — a company aiming to re-defining mobile application performance via in-app mobile networking technology, today announced a partnership with Amazon CloudFront to include CloudFront in PacketZoom’s Mobile Expresslane service.

The bundled solution offers mobile app developers the first and only mobile platform for all their network performance needs.

PacketZoom is the leader in the mobile app acceleration space with its Mobile Expresslane technology, which speeds up mobile apps by up to 3x and rescues up to 90% of network disconnects for mobile app publishers including Glu, Sephora, Photofy, Upwork and others. PacketZoom improves the user experience on mobile apps by eliminating performance roadblocks in the mobile last mile. Its mobile platform offers a complete, end-to-end product suite for Mobile App Performance Management & Optimization (APMO).

Amazon’s CloudFront Web CDN solution has the largest market share among mobile applications publishers. It securely delivers content by optimizing delivery in the middle mile. Together with PacketZoom’s last mobile mile acceleration, customers experience the optimal mobile app delivery solution.

“We are excited to offer the best of both worlds: Amazon CloudFront — the most popular Web CDN among mobile developers — along with PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane — the leading mobile app acceleration solution,” said Shlomi Gian, PacketZoom CEO. “It’s been a natural product evolution for us, since many of our customers are already using CloudFront.”

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Samsung unveils ISOCELL Dual: a complete dual-cam solution for phones on a budget

Samsung only recently adapted dual camera setups and apparently it’s a fan. The company wants to help others develop mid to entry-level phones quickly with an integrated solution – it provides both the dual camera module and the necessary image processing algorithms. For the first ISOCELL Dual outing, Samsung chose to focus on two popular uses of dual cameras – refocusing (bokeh) and low-light shooting. There’s a catch though, there is no single module that can do both. Instead, companies can choose between a 13MP + 5MP setup for a bokeh-shooting camera and an 8MP + 8MP for a… – Latest articles

Samsung ISOCELL Dual sensor solution to bring dual cameras to mid-range and entry-level smartphones

Several smartphone makers have already released budget smartphones with dual rear cameras, now Samsung has introduced its new dual camera solution with ISOCELL Dual image sensors and proprietary software for refocusing (bokeh) and low-light shooting (LLS) for budget and entry-level smartphones. These were previously exclusively only to their premium smartphone lineup. Samsung introduced new ISOCELL Image Sensor Brand that includes Bright, Fast, Slim and Dual sub-brands at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai last year. Samsung says that its total dual camera solution will simplify the dual camera implementation and enable mid- to entry-level mobile devices to take advantage of certain camera features that are available mainly in premium devices equipped with an extra image signal processor. The company is offering industry’s first total dual camera solution, with both ISOCELL Dual sensor hardware and sensor-optimized algorithm software for mid-range and entry-level smartphones to utilize dual camera features like refocusing and LLS. The refocus algorithm will be available in 13-megapixel (MP) and 5-megapixel (MP) set of image sensors, and its LLS algorithm with a set of two 8-megapixel (MP) sensors, to simplify implementation by OEMs. Source
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