MIT’s camera drones are smart enough to get the perfect shot

Over the last few years we've seen more camera drones than we can count, but getting the best footage out of them will take something extra. While many big budget productions are already using drone cameras, a system developed by MIT and ETH Zurich r…
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Hive goes the subscription route with “smart home as a service”


Hive, a connected home company, is launching a new subscription service aimed at introducing people to smart home products without having to pay for each device. The “Welcome Home” service has three tiers: starter, regular, and premium. The starter package includes the Hive Hub, an Active Plug to manually turn off devices, two LED Active lightbulbs and two window or door sensors for $ 9.99 a month. The subscription service is also available in the United Kingdom for £5.99 a month. See Also: Microsoft to turn Windows 10 PCs into smart home hubs Regular customers receive all of…Read More

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Why is fashion a major challenge with smart clothing?

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Here at Readwrite — and our accelerator, ReadWrite Labs — we believe there’s a lot to learn about a new industry from the founders that are carving it out and leading the charge through innovative companies and products. We recently sat down with Jeremy Wall, Founder and CEO of Lumenus, for an interview on wearables and the emergence of smart clothing and textiles. Q:  Do you think mainstream consumers are ready for connected clothing? A: Nope, simple as that—it really hasn’t hit an inflection point where the “mainstream consumers” are looking for it. Most of…Read More

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