HTC Smart display for the upcoming U11+ shows up on the Play Store

The upcoming HTC U11+ promises to be an interesting device (unless you live in the US, where it won’t be released – sorry). It’s apparently what became of ‘Muskie,’ the canceled HTC-made Pixel 2 XL, so we’re expecting a premium smartphone that could be HTC’s best yet. My initial reaction to it was very positive, anyway.

One of the features that will ship with the U11+ is Smart display, which is essentially HTC’s version of Ambient Display.

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Water shortage in South Africa drives schools to adopt smart meters

Water shortage in South Africa spurs adoption of smart metering

Schools in South Africa are deploying smart water metering technology in a bid to tackle drought conditions. 

South Africa’s Western Cape is experiencing a serious drought following three successive years of dry weather. A lack of rainfall has forced local authorities and corporate giants to come together to save water where they can and deploy smart metering technology. Schools are the first target.

The smart meter technology has been developed by Stellenbosch University’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Once connected to a municipal water meter, it provides a live feed to an application via cellular, NB-IoT or Sigfox connectivity.

Information on water usage is made available through the app and sent via email as part of a daily report. Notifications of unexpected events, such as burst water pipes, can be sent by SMS and email.

Professor Thinus Booysen, whose team developed the technology, has pointed out that developing an awareness of water use in real time is often enough to bring about substantial savings.

Reductions as high as 68 percent were observed in a pilot project at a primary school. The associated savings per month equal the salaries of two junior teachers.

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The Smart Water Meter Challenge

With a pressing need to save water where possible and technology able to make it happen, corporations and schools are coming together as part of the Smart Water Meter Challenge.

Retail giant Shoprite founded the initiative and is one of 59 companies to sponsor water meter installations in schools across the Western Cape. So far, 325 schools have been funded; their progress can be viewed via a live dashboard.

Cape Town’s education minister Debbie Schäfer recently visited the Hector Peterson Secondary School in Wallacedene, where 38,000 litres of water has been saved this year.

“I think this is very exciting,” she said. “It’s wonderful to see such practical initiatives being developed in our everyday life. It’s hugely important for us to save water, especially in a crisis.”

“For those who can afford this device, my plea is that they please look into this and please be receptive to saving water at their schools.”

“If the Shoprite/Cape Talk challenge is successful, this could save up to 10 million litres a day – if these schools achieve the savings Hector Peterson Secondary School did.”

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Smart meters aid behavior change

According to Professor Booysen, the new smart water meters function both as a community driver and a useful tool that enables engineers to spot and deal with serious problems, fast.

“Smart water metering not only aids behaviour change due to increased awareness about water consumption‚ it also assists with the prevention of water losses due to leads that would otherwise have gone unnoticed,” he said.

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How can you impress your client by making a smart conference hall?


Conducting a meeting in your conference hall, in earlier days, was considered as a hectic task. Arranging everything and turning the meeting into something fruitful, without using technology, was difficult. Almost every office has a conference hall where they can conduct their meetings. In the current scenario, technological advancements have gained success. It provided us the freedom, which compelled us to conduct conferences with much more perfection and in a computer-aided environment.

Clients, on the other hand, pose great value to any business. The happier they are with your services, more will be the business profit and success of your company; as simple as that. Moreover, you will interact with your clients in the conference hall, it serves as the front image for your company. In case you want to impress your clients, you should upgrade your conference hall from the traditional one to a smart one.

Since you are integrating all the latest technologies to ease your work, why not upgrade the conference hall, where you crack all your deals? It will have a more personified and effective impact on your clients. At an average, conference rooms are used for about four to five hours a week, but it is important that the overall design of your room does not hinder your business agenda.

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Here are the ways by which you can impress your client by transforming your conference hall into a smart one.

  1. Make it simple to Connect


Productivity always depends on time, therefore, use it effectively. The more you are productive in your business; the better will be the profit and success ratio for your business. In a conference hall, eliminate all the time wasting barriers and focus on things which will impress your client to the fullest level of satisfaction. Use a laptop or a Smartphone to connect the projector, it will not only save your time but will also give a positive effect on your clients.

Keep your conference meetings simple. Make sure everything is arranged properly and all the gadgets like laptops, smartphones, etc. are working properly. Upgrade your wired connections to wireless and reduce the chaos. Investing in wireless technology will simply enhance your working to an enormous extent.

  1. Sharing Visual information on Multiple Screens

By placing some visual screens in your conference halls, you can impress the clients with unbelievable boundaries. When we talk about the smart conference rooms, we think about how efficiently all the modern technological resources we can use. With multiple screens available in your conference hall, it is advisable to use them to get the most benefits. It may include the devices or displays present in your conference hall. Ideally, all the contents which you have made for the clients will be visible on devices as well as on the display.

Hence, doing this will create a context for the larger device and content being shared from each device. The more you visualize your content; better your company’s reputation and revenue will be.

  1. Use Smartphone’s and tablets

Gone are the days when company’s used the traditional whiteboard and pen to depict their ideas in the conferences or meetings. In this technology dominant world Smartphones, laptops and tablets have become the greatest tech giant as well as a boon to millions of business all over the globe. Allowing the use of such devices in conference hall can impress your client at the first go. Well, everyone wants simplicity and nothing can be better than holding a Smartphone and having each and everything at your fingertips.

It’s easy to work with the smartphones or tablets, instead of using a desktop or laptop. Any projector can connect to these devices for displaying your business proposals to the clients that too in an easy way. It eliminates the use of wires and cables which usually remains tangled most of the time. Apart from this, mobile app development company in India provides a range of apps for conference calls and other useful business purposes for making business meetings easier.

  1. Better Security

One of the major key points in building any smart conference hall is security. Without adequate security, none of the business will achieve anything in the long run. You should levy tight security constraints upon every business policy for preventing any intruder to have access to your confidential data being shared in your conference hall.

It is important to seek out smart conference room technologies to attain the highest level of satisfaction regarding security. Information should be encrypted properly and should also meet the desired security guidelines. You should impose the security constraints in such a way that only those individuals who are in the conference hall can access it.

  1. Don’t ever forget the basics

With the upcoming technology devices, videos and audio still stand as the baseline for any smart conference meeting. Thus, it is advisable to invest in good audio, video resources for your conference room to meet the requirements. Visualizing and hearing have always been a key to every successful business meeting. With the latest Dolby Atmos sound coming into the limelight, you can use them in your conference halls to make a great and long-lasting impression on your client.

The main thing to keep in mind is to make your conference room smart yet effective. Making your client feel comfortable in your conference hall should be taken care of. It will help them in paying more attention towards your proposals. Hence, in modern day world where things are changing drastically, making of a smart conference hall should be the top priority for any business organization to attain new heights of success.

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