The SurfacePad is a sleek leather folio for the iPhone X

Accessory manufacturer TwelveSouth has released a version of its SurfacePad case for the iPhone X. The SurfacePad is a folio style leather case that provides both front and back protection for the iPhone X, along with two card slots on the cover flap. Unlike other folio cases, the SurfacePad is thin and lightweight, though it won’t provide much protection from drops, as it doesn’t cover the top, bottom, or side of the phone. You can get it in black, brown, or blue for $ 49.99 direct from TwelveSouth.

I’ve been using the SurfacePad on my iPhone X for about a day, and while it’s better than other folio cases I’ve tested in the past, which were unusably bulky, it’s far from perfect. The leather is soft and supple and should patina well over…

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Analogue Super Nt review: a sleek and powerful way to play original SNES games

There are very few items that have survived the multiple moves I’ve made throughout adulthood. My CD collection was discarded when I moved out for the first time, and the number of books in my possession has steadily dwindled with each new home. When my family upgraded to a bigger place because we were expecting our second child, it meant I had to part with a few hundred issues of Wired magazine.

One of the few objects to make it through this never-ending purge is a copy of Uniracers for the Super Nintendo. It’s not because it’s my favorite game, though I do love its single-minded focus on tricks and speed. Instead, it’s because without that 25-year-old cartridge, I have no other way to play the game. Thanks to a lawsuit between Pixar…

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A Tesla Semi Prototype Spotted in California is Swift, Sleek, and Silent

Swift and Silent

Tesla’s electric semi-truck is not only more environmentally friendly than its competitors, but it is also quieter than the typical diesel-powered truck that barrels down the street. An eight-second YouTube video, first revealed by Inverse, shows a sleek Tesla Semi prototype gliding swiftly and almost silently through an intersection in Sunnyvale, California, near the company’s Palo Alto headquarters. Watch it below.

The prototype features impact-resistant glass, a streamlined cabin design, and the ability to accelerate from zero to 97 km/h (60 mph) in five seconds when not carrying cargo. After pushing back the unveiling date twice due to Tesla’s Model 3 production delays and the company’s humanitarian efforts in Puerto Rico, CEO Elon Musk finally unveiled the much-anticipated Tesla Semi prototype in November 2017.

Revolutionizing Hauling

Though the lowest-priced model costs a cool $ 150,000, the truck is supposed to travel 483 km (300 miles) on a single charge. The more expensive $ 180,000-model can go even farther, with a range of 805 km (500 miles). While those costs were higher than some analysts anticipated, Musk asserted that the electric semi costs less to operate than typical diesel rigs by about $ 0.16 per km ($ 0.25 per mile).

Though the vehicle isn’t scheduled for production until 2019, companies are already buying into Musk’s sales pitch of a cheaper, greener truck en masse. By the end of 2017, 18 companies — including Walmart and Pepsi Co. — had pre-ordered at least one truck. UPS topped the list, reserving 125 vehicles.

Hopefully, Tesla’s production team will be able to keep to Musk’s scheduling promises. But the odds could be slim, given that the company’s Model 3 electric car production fell well short of Musk’s 2017 goals. Delayed production or not, however, this new YouTube footage reveals that the new truck will be making our streets quieter whenever it does finally hit the road.

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Safeguard your Samsung Note 8 in style with Spigen’s sleek and protective Hybrid Armor case [Sponsored Post]

So, you just spent north of $ 900 to pick up a Note8. That’s a good chunk of change. The next step for most would be making efforts to protect that investment. No one wants to break a thousand dollar phone on its first day out of the box. That’s where Spigen’s new Hybrid Armor case for the Note8 comes in.

Spigen’s case is slim and light, increasing the thickness of your Note8 by a mere 0.1″, while still providing incredible drop protection and durability.

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Gogoro’s sleek electric scooters are now available to rent in Paris

The Gogoro scooter-sharing service, Coup, has launched today in Paris. Announced back in May, 600 of the Taiwanese company’s slick electric scooters are now available for rent in and around the city’s center. The price has ticked up slightly from the original plan, though — it will cost €4 for the first 30 minutes of riding, and an additional €1 for every 10 minutes of riding after that.

Riders can download the Coup app (available on iOS and Android) to find and reserve one of the scooters. Basic insurance is baked into that cost, and riders only need a regular Class B car license (or an international driver’s license).

Gogoro has apparently found a decent amount of success with the…

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