‘Skyjacker’ Charts a Flight Path to the App Store on June 15th

With augmented reality back in vogue after Pokemon Go [Free] made bucketloads of money, I’m interested to see the takes that other developers have on the AR genre. And Skyjacker is certainly an interesting take. The game has you trying to track down real-world airplanes in the sky, using real-world flight radar and an augmented-reality view of the skies, in order to try and ‘skyjack’ flights. You’ll try to ‘divert’ flights to other airports, and try to keep your flights from being taken over by other skyjackers, or rescued by federal agents. It turns out the feds don’t like skyjackers. Whodathunkit?

I’m intrigued to see how 51st Parallel’s game is received. Not just to see if people like it, but also if the theme resonates with people. Given the fears over airplane security, could the theme resonate poorly particularly in America? Of course, there is the fictional disconnect in play, and this is more about 1970’s-style, DB Cooper-inspired shenanigans. And all this flight info is public anyway. We’ll see how it all turns out when the game releases on June 15th!