Hacker pieces together Alexa-powered talking skull

Some people see Amazon’s Alexa as a helpful assistant who exists to make dimming the lights, listening to jazz, and getting a weather report as simple as speaking a command. Other people see the AI as part of an ongoing experiment involving the creation of a monster made from a Raspberry Pi computer, an Echo speaker, and the skull of a witch who was burned at the stake for heresy. Just kidding, the skull looks like it’s made of plastic. The fact that it isn’t real doesn’t stop it from being legitimately scary, starting from the 25 second mark, in…

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‘PUBG’ has 10 million people aiming for your skull

Last month, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds overtook Dota 2 as the game with the most simultaneous players on Steam and on September 1st, it hit another milestone. Today, Bluehole announced that the game has sold over 10 million units on Steam Early Ac…
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‘Skull and Bones’ is about pillaging your friends’ ships

Pirates are back. As the Pirates of the Caribbean movie juggernaut refuses to let Jonny Depp rest for more than a year or two, Ubisoft's Skull and Bones takes the ship battles of Assassin's Creed: Black Flag and turns them into grand-scale, five-on-f…
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