Apple Launches ‘Close Your Rings’ Site to Promote the Apple Watch and Health

The Apple Watch started out as just a smartwatch, but, over time, Apple changed the game plan and turned it into a go-to source for a healthy living tool. Continue reading
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New Apple Watch site pushes you to ‘close your rings’

Apple is pushing Apple Watch owners to get healthier with a new “Close Your Rings” webpage. It teaches you why it’s important to take advantage of the activity and fitness tracking features on your Watch. “It’s such a simple and fun way to live a healthier day,” Apple says. Some say Apple Watch is just […]

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Cryptocurrency mining site hijacked millions of Android phones

Smartphone users are just as vulnerable to cryptocurrency mining hijacks as their PC counterparts, and sometimes on a dramatic scale. Malwarebytes has detailed a "drive-by" mining campaign that redirected millions of Android users to a website that…
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Google Calendar’s desktop site can now show week numbers

There are a lot of industries where the number of the week in a year is as significant as the day of the week. Up until now, Google Calendar’s desktop site hasn’t actually shown that information naively, which was a bummer for those that might have needed it. But, that particular omission has now been remedied, as Google has added a setting to show week numbers on the desktop site for Google Calendar. 


The new option in Settings (left), numbered weeks in month view (right).

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Google Calendar’s desktop site can now show week numbers was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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