How to download and sign up for PUBG Mobile

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Ready to be the last man standing? Here’s how you get started in PUBG Mobile!

PUBG is an extremely popular battle royale game where you face-off against 100 other players on an ever-shrinking map to be the last man standing. Equipped with nothing but the underwear on your body — literally — you’ll need to loot and shoot your way to the top!

It all starts with downloading the game and soon after you’ll be asked to sign up fro PUBG Mobile either as a guest or with your Facebook account.

Download the game!

First things first you’ll need to download PUBG Mobile, and good news, its free! To play the game, you’ll need a device that runs iOS 9.0 or later, which means, some older hardware can actually handle the game. PUBG Mobile is compatible with the following devices.

  • iPhone 5S or later
  • iPad Air 1 and 2, iPad Mini 2, 3, and 4, iPad 9.7-inch, and all versions of the iPad Pro

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How to sign up for PUBG Mobile as a guest

Signing up as a guest gives you the ability to prevent PUBG Mobile from having any connection to your Facebook account, which in turn, makes it a little more private.

  1. Launch PUBG Mobile from your Home screen.
  2. Tap Guest.
  3. Tap Accept.

  4. Customize your character to your liking.

  5. Enter a display name.

  6. Tap Done.

  7. Tap Create.

That’s it! Every time you load up the game after the initial time, you can select to sign in as a guest, and all your progress will be saved. Alternatively, you can choose to sign in with your Facebook account if you choose at a later date.

How to sign up for PUBG Mobile with Facebook

If you’re planning on playing PUBG Mobile with your friends a lot, signing up with your Facebook account gives the game access to your basic profile information, meaning your public profile. It will make your display name your Facebook name and allow you to have your profile picture as your avatar.

  1. Launch PUBG Mobile from your Home screen.
  2. Tap Facebook.
  3. Tap Log in with the Facebook app. Alternatively, you can log in with your phone or email.
  4. Follow the prompts to allow PUBG Mobile to access your Facebook.

Any Questions?

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Fortnite Mobile Invite Sign Up Now Open, Here Are The Details

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Fortnite Mobile invite sign up for Android APK and iOS running iPhone is now open. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Netflix may sign the Obamas in exclusive content deal

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(credit: White House)

Although he has kept a low profile since leaving office, former President Barack Obama may soon have a new high-profile project on his hands. According to a report by The New York Times, both Barack and Michelle Obama are reportedly in “advanced negotiations” with Netflix to produce exclusive content for the streaming service.

While the types of shows or number of episodes are currently unknown, people familiar with the matter claim the Obamas may produce shows about “inspirational stories.” Other possible show ideas include one in which the former President moderates discussions about topics including health care, climate change, and voting rights, and one in which Michelle Obama highlights topics such as nutrition, something that she emphasized during her time as First Lady.

It’s also reported that Apple and Amazon are also interested in “talking to Mr. Obama about content deals.” It’s unclear if the Obamas would sign content deals with multiple streaming services, but the prospect seems unlikely. The Netflix deal in question emphasizes that content produced by the Obamas would be exclusive to its streaming service, only available to Netflix’s nearly 118 million subscribers around the globe.

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You no longer need a TV to sign up for PlayStation Vue

Sony’s live-streaming TV service PlayStation Vue has just introduced several new updates, including the ability to sign up for the service online without needing a TV, according to Engadget.

Previously, you needed a connected TV or streaming device in order to sign up for PlayStation Vue, but now all that’s required is a laptop or mobile device. Dwayne Benefield, the head of Playstation Vue, told Engadget the move was needed as the cord cutting trend continues. Also, it gives the company an opportunity “with segments like college students, who might not have a TV in the first place.”

Other new features include the ability to watch regional sports networks in other cities and access to the local broadcast affiliate of whatever city you’re…

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NEWSBYTE: Nokia and Tele2 sign IoT partnership

Nokia and Tele2 IoT have signed a five-year partnership agreement. The Finnish communication company will provide a range of IoT services for Tele2’s enterprise customers.

Nokia’s one-stop-shop for IoT services, WING, will provide IoT solutions to Tele2’s customers in industries such as healthcare, transport, and utilities.

According to a statement from the new partners, “access to a worldwide IoT network enables Tele2 IoT’s enterprise customers to benefit from low latency, regulatory compliance, advanced enterprise onboarding, and 24×7 troubleshooting offered as a managed service.”

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Nokia WING to boost Tele2’s enterprise appeal

Launched in 2017, Nokia WING includes a pre-integrated, global IoT core network, connectivity management, dedicated IoT operations, billing, security, and data analytics. It also features an application ecosystem.

The partnership between Nokia and Tele2 also includes the potential for collaboration on 5G, NB-IoT, and LTE networks for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

Rami Avidan, CEO of Tele2 IoT, sees the deal as a means to stand out in a crowded marketplace, as well as an opportunity to collaborate on innovation. “Nokia WING is a unique concept for worldwide IoT enablement, which will allow us to serve our enterprise customers better and differentiate our offering on a global scale,” he said.

“We are excited about the prospect of helping our customers to deploy IoT services easily, driving new revenue growth opportunities.”

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Ankur Bhan, head of WING at Nokia, said “Nokia WING will enable Tele2 IoT to offer its enterprise customers a global service with flexible control, low latency, and high levels of efficiency and enterprise automation.”

“Together we will work on enabling new IoT solutions that can be adopted in various industries to deliver seamless, reliable, and efficient processes to help businesses run more intelligently.”

Internet of Business says

Forging ahead with new connections and alliances, and focused on offering better and more reliable services: just what the IoT should be all about.

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How to sign up for Apple Music on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

If you’re getting a HomePod and want to join the Apple Music club, here’s how to sign up.

Want to rock out to the Apple Music streaming service, view exclusive content on Connect, and listen to Beats 1 and other Apple Music radio stations ad-free? You need to sign up for your free three-month trial. Here’s how you go about doing it.

How to sign up for Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Make sure you’re running the latest version of iOS on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Launch the Music app. You’ll see a splash screen that welcomes you to Apple Music.
  3. Tap Try it free to begin the registration process.

    If you tapped Go to My Music after first seeing this screen, you can return to this signup at any time by tapping the Account icon in the top left corner of the Music app and tapping Join Apple Music.

  4. Choose a membership plan: either the $ 9.99/month individual plan, the $ 14.99 family plan – which supports up to six members of your family, or the $ 4.99 student plan – for which you’ll need to provide evidence of your student status.
  5. Tap Start Trial (you won’t be charged for each until your three-month trial ends).

  6. Sign in to the iTunes Store with your Apple ID and password. You may also be prompted to agree to the new iTunes terms and conditions if you haven’t already.

  7. Confirm that you want to sign up for Apple Music.

You’re all set! Get ready to enjoy three free months of Apple Music.

How to sign up for Apple Music on your Mac

  1. Make sure iTunes on your Mac is up to date.
  2. Launch iTunes on your Mac.
  3. If you don’t immediately see a splash screen that welcomes you to Apple Music, click the For You tab along the top of the app.
  4. Select Try it free to begin the registration process.

    If you already launched iTunes and started using it, you can return to the signup at any time by going to Account > Apple Music in the menubar.

  5. Choose a membership plan: either the $ 9.99/month individual plan, the $ 14.99 family plan – which supports up to six members of your family, or the $ 4.99 student plan – for which you’ll have to provide evidence of your student status.
  6. Tap Start Trial (you won’t be charged for each until your three-month trial ends).

  7. Sign in to the iTunes Store with your Apple ID and password. You may also be prompted to agree to the new iTunes terms and conditions if you haven’t already.
  8. Confirm that you want to sign up for Apple Music
  9. Choose whether you’d like to upload your computer’s library to your iCloud Music Library.

You’re all set! Get ready to enjoy three free months of Apple Music.

How to cancel your Apple Music’s automatic subscription renewal

If you don’t want Apple Music to automatically charge you after your three months are up, you’ll have to cancel your subscription before the three-month trial is over. You can find your subscriptions in the iTunes Store app on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to cancel your Apple Music subscription

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about subscribing to Apple Music? Put them in the comments and we’ll help you out.

Updated February 2018: Updated for iOS 11 and iTunes 12.7.

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Script’s app lets parents digitally sign school permission slips, pay for field trips

 Schools are often late to taking advantage of new technologies, so today still do much of their business over paper forms. One pain point in particular – for school administrators, teachers and parents alike – is handling permission forms for activities and field trips. A young startup called Script aims to help. Schools can use Script’s app to manage the entire trip… Read More
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Shanghai may sign Overwatch League’s first female player

Shanghai Dragons is reportedly fixing a problem with Overwatch League: the lack of female players for a game with an impressively diverse cast of characters. According to ESPN, the team has signed South Korean player Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon, who's so go…
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The venture capital firm Lightspeed is trying to hold its portfolio companies accountable by asking them to sign a new diversity letter

The firm behind companies like HQ Trivia doesn’t have a perfect record on diversity issues. Does their new policy have enough teeth?

There have been internal investigations, Medium mea culpas and Decency Pledges — all part of how Silicon Valley venture capital firms have reckoned with a year of invigorated conversation about sexual harassment and diversity.

Now, here’s a new attempt to fix the problem: The side letter.

Lightspeed Venture Partners is asking its portfolio company CEOs to sign a letter affirming their commitment to consider women and other underrepresented groups for senior jobs and new spots on their board of directors.

The venture firm behind hits like Snap is requesting that its companies voluntarily sign the document at around the same time that Lightspeed wires money to their bank account, part of an attempt by Lightspeed to hold their own CEOs accountable.

It is a tactic that brings to mind the famous “Rooney Rule” that started in the NFL but has since spread to other industries, which required that teams interview at least one person of color for head coaching and other senior jobs. The thinking here is that merely interviewing a female candidate makes companies more likely to hire them — though this particular policy does indeed lack some of the teeth that is seen in the NFL, which has fined teams that disobey it.

“The question we’ve asked ourselves is how can we do something more than write blog posts about it and wring our hands,” Jeremy Liew, a managing partner at Lightspeed, said in an interview.

The one-page letter on Lightspeed letterhead asks its company CEOs to sign their name, acknowledging and affirming that the firm expects that “at least one candidate from an underrepresented background be considered for every open leadership and independent Board member position in the company,” according to the letter shared with Recode. Lightspeed is also asking that the company set goals and hire more women and other underrepresented employees than the industry average.

Lightspeed says 17 of its existing company CEOs have already signed the side letter — including CEOs from well-known companies like The Honest Company, Affirm and HQ Trivia, the white-hot quiz show app that had some difficulty raising money after investors unearthed questionable behavior toward women by one of its co-founders, Colin Kroll. Lightspeed is the main financial backer of HQ, and it is notable that Kroll, also the co-founder of Vine, is in the first batch of signatories of the letter.

Lightspeed is asking each of its new portfolio companies to sign the side letter — but it is not mandatory. Some portfolio companies also said weeks elapsed in between signing the term sheet and the actual letter. There are still more than 300 portfolio companies that not have yet signed it, though Lightspeed is approaching each CEO and asking them to do so.

Nothing about the letter is binding or punative. Lightspeed acknowledges that the document has no enforcement mechanism and effectively relies on company CEOs to honor their commitment. Furthermore, Liew said he and his partners have not yet decided whether a CEO’s reluctance to sign the side letter would mean that they would back away from a new deal entirely.

“Most entrepreneurs think of themselves as men and women of their word,” said Liew, who said that Lightspeed would be willing to have “reminder conversations” with CEOs who seem to be wavering on the understandings that they affirmed in the letter.

If the firm instituted something stricter — requiring the selection of women for certain roles, for instance, or vowing that CEOs would see personal consequences if they reneged on the agreement — Liew said they would be letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

“If we did that with a prospective entrepreneur, it wouldn’t get signed at all,” he said. “We’re thought partners. We’re not their mom or dad. We’re not the police.”

Lightspeed’s own record on these issues is not perfect. The firm said last year that it “should have done more” after reports emerged that Justin Caldbeck, a former venture capitalist at Lightspeed, was accused of making unwanted advances toward women both when he worked at the firm and after his departure.

This side letter does not directly deal with harassment.

Some Lightspeed-backed CEOs who signed the document told Recode that they saw the document as a minor ask, and not one that required much deliberation. That raises the possibility that the letter could merely formalize what founders already intend to do, and not change behavior.

Max Levchin, the founder of the highly valued Affirm, which has been in Lightspeed’s portfolio for four years, said in an interview that it was a “no-brainer” to sign the sheet. Levchin said his company already had internal guidelines that asked for women and other underrepresented people to be considered for senior-level positions, so the Lightspeed instructions wouldn’t materially change how the company operates. He does like that leaders are being asked to commit, though.

Affirm is also planning to add up to four independent directors to its board later this year, Levchin said, and the recruiting firm that Affirm has hired to find candidates, Russell Reynolds, already had presented him with a majority-female list of candidates for him to choose from.

The guidelines on those interviewed for board positions only applies to independent directors — Lightspeed will not, for instance, be trying to influence who other venture firms name to their board seats.

Newer portfolio companies are being asked to sign the document as they prepare to accept funding (though, since it is not always being signed simultaneously with the term sheet, the funding is not contingent).

Sophia Amoruso, whose women-focused media company Girlboss announced it received $ 3.1 million in a seed round led by Lightspeed in December, said that the document “doesn’t impact my thinking” because she already planned to have a heavily female leadership team.

“It wasn’t a big conversation,” she said of Lightspeed’s ask, a couple of months after signing the term sheet, to also sign the side letter. “The agreement is not something that’s going to govern how I behave. My ethics will govern how I behave.”

Here’s the full text of the letter — this one sent to Levchin, for instance:


We are delighted to partner with Affirm to build a world-class company.

As you know, numerous groups that would contribute significantly to the success of a business have historically been underrepresented in technology companies, including women, disabled individuals, military veterans, and individuals from a number of underrepresented ethnic groups, including those that identify as African-American, Hispanic or Native American.

Lightspeed believes that the most successful companies benefit from employees, executives and Board members with diverse backgrounds and experiences. This diversity brings with it a broader set of viewpoints and ideas and a more informed decision-making capability, leading in our experience to the creation of stronger businesses.

In furtherance of our partnership, Lightspeed welcomes your commitment to build teams at every level of your organization that reflect the full diversity of all of the stakeholders in your business. Lightspeed requests that at least one candidate from an underrepresented background be considered for every open leadership and independent Board member position in the company. Lightspeed encourages the company to set specific goals regarding overall hiring rates of women and other underrepresented groups that are published internally and to which the company holds itself accountable. These goals should exceed the relevant industry average in a meaningful way, and progress against these goals should be actively measured.

Lightspeed looks forward to working with you on a regular basis regarding the company’s efforts in achieving a diverse and inclusive workforce.


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Jeremy Liew



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