Doogee Mix 4’s wild sliding design shown on video

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Doogee has been slinging affordable smartphones since 2013. For the most part, they haven’t been anything to write home about—rectangles with screens and cameras, like so many others. But YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss got his hands on a prototype of the Doogee Mix 4, and it’s certainly striking, with teeny tiny bezels on all sides of the display and a sliding design to hide the earpiece and front-facing camera. We’ve seen leaked photos of the device, but this is the first time it’s been shown on video.

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Doogee Mix 4’s wild sliding design shown on video was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Moto G6 shown off in new photo leak

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Moto G6 photos leak

On the same day that Motorola teased that it’s got a new phone coming next month, a device that very well may be that phone has leaked.

Images and spec details for the Moto G6 have appeared in the database of Chinese regulator TENAA. The photos show a Motorola-branded phone with what looks to be a dual rear camera setup and a fingerprint reader.

According to the TENAA listing, this device is model number XT1925-10. It’s got a 5.7-inch display and a 3,000mAh battery. A leak that surfaced earlier this year claimed that the Moto G6 will also pack a Full HD+ screen with 18:9 aspect ratio, 12MP and 5MP rear cameras, a Snapdragon 450 processor, and a 16MP front camera. There will reportedly be two different models: one with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, and one with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

Moto G6 photos sides leak TENAA

We’ll have to wait until Motorola officially intros the Moto G6 before we know for sure what features it’ll offer, but those leaked specs would make sense for a lower mid-range smartphone in the Moto G family. A previous leak also suggested that the Moto G6 will start at $ 240, which would also line up with what we’d expect from a Moto G device.

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Purported iPad model with edge-to-edge screen, no home button shown off in rendering

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Article Image

An image from famed hardware leaker Evan Blass on Thursday could offer one of the first looks at a rumored iPad model that replaces Apple’s years-old home button with Face ID facial recognition.
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‘GrayKey’ iPhone Unlocking Box Used by Law Enforcement Shown Off in Photos

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Last week, news of a previously-unknown iPhone unlocking device called GrayKey surfaced, and today, MalwareBytes shared photos and additional information about the product, which is designed for law enforcement officials.

Created by a company named Grayshift, GrayKey is a small, portable gray box equipped with dual Lightning cables.

Two iPhones can be connected to the GrayKey at once, and need to be connected for about two minutes to install proprietary software that’s designed to guess the passcode for an iPhone. Once the software is installed, it will work to crack the passcode, a process that can take as little as a few hours for a short passcode or several days for a longer six-digit passcode.

Once the GrayKey software has cracked the passcode, it’ll be displayed right on the screen of the iPhone. The iPhone can then be plugged back into the GrayKey to download all of the data on the iPhone, including the unencrypted contents of the Keychain, which can then be accessed using a computer.

Based on screenshots, the GrayKey can crack modern iPhones running modern versions of iOS. It works with the iPhone X and iOS 11.2.5, the version of iOS that was likely available when the screenshots were captured. It probably also works with iOS 11.2.6, unless Apple has managed to block it in the latest operating system update.

Grayshift presumably designed the GrayKey for law enforcement professionals, and it’s relatively expensive. A $15,000 option requires internet connectivity and is geofenced to a specific location once set up, while a $30,000 option requires no internet connection and can be used anywhere.

MalwareBytes worries that the portable version of the GrayKey could easily fall into the wrong hands. It uses two-factor authentication, but given that people “often write passwords on stickies and put them on their monitors,” it’s possible the token could be kept in the same location as the device.

What happens if the GrayKey becomes commonplace in law enforcement? The cheaper model isn’t much of a danger if stolen–unless it’s stolen prior to setup–but at 4″x 4″x 2″, the unlimited model could be pocketed fairly easily, along with its token, if stored nearby. Once off-site, it would continue to work. Such a device could fetch a high price on the black market, giving thieves the ability to unlock and resell stolen phones, as well as access to the high-value data on those phones.

How the GrayKey works is not known, but it’s believed to be using some sort of jailbreaking process that could damage iPhones in some way. It’s also not known how the GrayKey device itself is protecting data that’s stored on it, and whether or not the data could be remotely accessed by hackers.

It’s also unknown who Grayshift is selling the devices to. It’s possible that sales are limited to law enforcement officials in the United States, but it’s also possible that it’s being offered abroad. Other devices of this type have slipped out of the hands of law enforcement and have become widely available, so the same could happen with the GrayKey.

Apple is continually working to fix the kinds of exploits used by devices like the GrayKey, so it’s possible whatever mechanism the box uses will be fixed in a future update. The average iPhone owner likely doesn’t need to worry about the GrayKey, but as MalwareBytes points out, it is troublesome knowing such a device could fall into the hands of malicious entities.

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Moto G6 Play shown off in leaked photos

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Moto G6 Play leak front

Days after an image of the Moto E5 Plus leaked, photos of another unannounced Motorola smartphone have surfaced.

Images that show the Moto G5 Play have been posted by Taiwanese certification group NCC and shared by Trendy Techz. The photos show the front and back of the device, showing off what appears to be a front-facing camera with flash, a rear fingerprint reader, and a Motorola prototype logo on the front of the phone.

Moto G6 Play leak rear

Some of the specs rumored to be included with Moto G6 Play include a 5.7-inch 1440×720 display, 16MP rear and 16MP front cameras, an octa-core Snapdragon 430 processor, 3/4GB of RAM, and 32/64GB of storage. One of the most interesting features of the Moto G6 Play is its battery, which is said to measure in at 4,000mAh and ought to give the Moto G6 Play some awesome battery life.

There’s no word on when this Android 8.0 Oreo-equipped Moto G6 Play might be announced, so stay tuned for more info as we get it. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

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Claimed ‘iPhone X Plus’ Displays and Digitizers Shown in Leaked Photos

New photos claimed to be of the rumored 6.5-inch “iPhone X Plus” screen and digitizer have been shared on the MacX forums [Google Translate], with the poster claiming the parts come from a “trial run of production equipment” at LG’s facilities in Vietnam.

The first photo shows a single digitizer held in a person’s hand, and the overall size certainly appears larger than an iPhone X part, while the relative size of the notch to the digitizer’s width is slightly different than on the iPhone X. At least one rumor has, however, claimed the second-generation iPhone X could have a smaller notch, so we shouldn’t necessarily expect the notch-to-display proportions to be the same between iPhone X generations.

The digitizer includes a flex cable at the bottom of the part for connecting to the iPhone’s logic board, and the part number printed on the cable is similar to the format typically used by Apple.

An apparent date code also shown on the flex cable points to a production date in the 46th week of 2017, which would correspond to mid-November, so this isn’t a particularly recent part although there could be substantial lag between digitizer production and the part’s incorporation into a full display assembly.

The second photo shows a tray containing a set of four assembled display/digitizer components. Again, the size appears larger than the corresponding iPhone X part based on the relative size of the small earpiece slot visible on one of the parts. The rear design of the part is also very similar but not identical to the iPhone X display assembly.

Samsung is the exclusive supplier of OLED displays for the iPhone X, but previous rumors have indicated LG could become the supplier for the so-called iPhone X Plus this year, so the purported location of these photos at LG’s plant in Vietnam fits with those rumors. Apple has reportedly invested billions of dollars to help LG get its OLED display production up and running to increase overall supplies and give Apple more flexibility in not needing to rely solely on Samsung.

Apple is rumored to be launching three new iPhones around the usual September timeframe this year: a second-generation iPhone X with the same 5.8-inch OLED display size, a larger “iPhone X Plus” with a 6.5-inch OLED display, and a new LCD-based model with a similar full-face display to the iPhone X design but measuring about 6.1 inches.

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Apple’s plans for remodeled store in Southlake, Texas shown in new rendering

Earlier this month, we noted that Apple’s retail location in the Southlake Town Square would be closing for renovations on March 4th. Now, a new render of the proposed changes to the site sheds a little more light on Apple’s expansion plans.



Nokia 7+ with Android One, Nokia 1 shown off in new image leaks

Nokia 7+ Android One image leak

Two new Nokia-branded Android phones have leaked out, and each one has something interesting going for it.

First up, renders that show the Nokia 7+ have been leaked by Evan Blass. The images show a device with slim side bezels, a rear fingerprint reader, and a dual rear camera setup with Zeiss branding. In addition to the white version you see above, it appears that the Nokia 7+ will be offered in a brown color option.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this Nokia 7+ is that it’s an Android One device. This means that it’ll get speedy OS updates from Google and will run a vanilla version of Android.

HMD Global’s Nokia-branded Android phones have never been skinned particularly heavily, and HMD has actually been pretty speedy with Android OS updates, having been one of the first OEMs to push an Android 8.1 update to one of its devices. Still, for fans of vanilla Android, it’s exciting to see another Android One device coming soon.

Blass has also leaked images of a device called the Nokia 1. This looks to be an entry-level device, judging by its looks and its name, with lower-numbered Nokia devices typically having lower-end features. 

The spec details for the Nokia 7+ and Nokia 1 haven’t yet been confirmed, but we may see both phones made official at MWC 2018 later this month. Stay tuned. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

Huawei P20 shown in leaked renders with triple rear camera setup

One day after we saw Huawei’s P20 event invitation and it’s tease at a triple camera setup, renders of the P20 itself have leaked out.

These Huawei P20 renders are based on schematics and come to us from @OnLeaks and TigerMobiles. The images show a device that’s reminiscent of the iPhone X, sporting a notch at the top of its screen and a pill-shaped camera protrusion on its backside. There are a few design differences with the Huawei P20 that are worth pointing out, though.

Huawei P20 image leak

First, the Huawei P20 has a third camera below the dual cameras in that aforementioned pill-shaped protrusion on the back of the phone. Meanwhile, the front of the phone is home to a fingerprint reader below the display, which means that it’s got some bezel at the bottom of its screen, too.

Spec details for the Huawei P20 are still up in the air, but it’s said that the display appears to be around 5.7 inches. The bottom of the phone appears to be home to a USB-C port.

Huawei P20 Plus image leak

Renders of the Huawei P20 Plus have leaked out as well, and it looks largely similar to the Huawei P20, including the triple rear camera setup. There doesn’t appear to be a fingerprint reader on this device, though, and the screen is said to be around 6 inches.

Huawei is hosting an event on March 27, and it’s expected that we’ll officially meet the P20 and its variants there. It’ll be interesting to see how Huawei plans to take advantage of the triple rear camera setup on the P20. Many flagship phones now offer dual rear cameras to give you portrait mode images or monochrome shots, but what will Huawei do with a third rear camera? We’ll find out next month.

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