Madgarden’s Chill Space Shooter ‘Chillaxian’ Resurrected for iOS 11 and Gains New Features in Latest Update

You all are probably familiar with developer Paul Pridham, aka Madgarden, through his collaboration work with Rocketcat Games on titles such as Punch Quest [Free] and Death Road to Canada [$ 11.99], but did you know this one man wonder has also been making and releasing solo projects for many years now? It’s true! One such project is the extremely laid back space shooter Chillaxian [$ 1.99], which he originally launched back in July of 2013. As you might have guessed from the game’s title, this is an homage to the classic arcade shooter Galaxian, but like… more chill, maannnn. Move back and forth across the bottom of the screen as you fire at waves of enemies at the top of the screen. However, in Chillaxian these groups of enemies are much more lively and expand and contract in a mesmerizing–and yes, chill–kind of way. Blast through as many levels as you can, with checkpoints every ten levels and boss fights every 5 waves. It’s simple, relaxed alien blasting that we really enjoyed in our original review from 2013.

Well, if you were a Chillaxian fan back in the day then you may have noticed it got swept up in the great 32-bit Appocalypse of 2017. Madgarden isn’t going to let that slide though, and so this past Friday he released a brand new update to the game bringing it compliant with 64-bit and iOS 11 requirements. But wait, there’s more! He also added full screen support for the iPhone X, added some new enemy types and special effects, added humans that are floating through space for some reason which can be collected for extra points, and revamped the whole power-up system. Now you can actually scavenge and collect various power-up parts which can be combined to create a variety of unique setups. Hey, I would have taken iOS 11 and iPhone X support and been perfectly happy, but WHATEVER Madgarden go ahead and add new features if you must. I’m happy seeing such a fun space shooter continuing to live on, so if you’ve missed out on this one before definitely give it a look and if you’re already an iOS 11 sporting Chillaxian owner, hey, you can play the game again!


Cyberpunk Top-Down Shooter ‘Leap of Fate’ Gets MFi Controller Support, On Sale for $1.99

Following its very well-received release on Steam back in March of 2016, developer Clever Plays brought their awesome roguelike top-down shooter Leap of Fate [$ 1.99] to the iOS platform in August of the same year. Leap of Fate offered up infinite replay value with its randomly-generated design and roguelike elements, and it was all wrapped up in this ultra-cool cyberpunk dystopian theme. We gushed over Leap of Fate in our Game of the Week award and our subsequent 4.5 star review, but perhaps one of the most standout features of the iOS version of the game was its ingenious control system. Top-down dual-stick shooters have always worked quite well on the touchscreen, but Leap of Fate featured some pretty interesting special abilities which wouldn’t seem like they’d work so well with virtual controls. Clever Plays figured it out though, and even went in-depth into the challenges of nailing such a good control scheme on mobile. Well, be that as it may, Leap of Fate players had still been requesting MFi controller support for the game since its release, especially since the Steam version was already built for controllers. It took a year and a half, but they’ve finally obliged on that request with a brand new update that hit Leap of Fate this week.

In addition to controller support, this new Leap of Fate update also includes support for four new languages and some additional nips and tucks to ensure the game is running smoothly. One thing that this update doesn’t include which was pretty disappointing is full screen support for the iPhone X. I reached out to Clever Plays to see if that was something they’d consider, and they basically told me that the 3D portions of the game could run in full screen but all of the 2D artwork for things like menu and UI would need to be redrawn to fit properly, and the artist who originally did all that work is no longer at the company. So it’s possible, but would be a pretty huge undertaking. I know for me, I’d just be happy if the gameplay portion of the game was in full screen and if all the UI stuff just had a generic border or something to make it fit. Playing the game cropped on an iPhone X isn’t super comfortable at the moment, so I hope Clever Plays can come up with a solution. At the very least I’m just happy to see an update to Leap of Fate at all since it launched so long ago and has never seen an update before; I was worried they might have abandoned it. Turns out they were just incredibly busy with a new project, but wanted to take the time to give Leap of Fate iOS players some controller love. Kudos, Clever Plays! If you’re interested in checking out Leap of Fate now would be a good time to do so as alongside this update the game has dropped its price down to just $ 1.99 for a limited time.

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Third-Person Cover-Based Shooter ‘Hero Hunters’ Launched Worldwide on iOS

After nearly a year of soft-launch and beta testing, Hothead Games has finally launched their new cover-based third-person shooter Hero Hunters [Free] in the iOS App Store. We first talked about Hero Hunters back in December, and officially the game was supposed to launch on February 1st, but as these things sometimes go it seems to have snuck out early here on iOS. Android fans might have to wait a bit as it’s still listed for pre-registration over on the Google Play Store. As for the game itself, Hero Hunters is a team-based third-person shooter which utilizes destructible cover elements and takes a page out of the MOBA book with a variety of character classes to play as. One of the coolest features is that you’re able to take up to 5 characters into battle at a time and then switch between them on the fly. So, for example, you might have a tanky character blast away some barriers where the enemies are taking cover and then switch over to your sniper to take shots at the now-vulnerable bad guys.

I’ve only played a few minutes of Hero Hunters, basically through the first several levels and first boss fight, all of which act as an extended tutorial, but it’s a lot of fun so far. There are a whopping 40 different types of characters to unlock and play as, of course each with their own unique abilities and strengths and weaknesses. Being able to switch between characters at will is a lot of fun and allows you to kind of develop your own strategies in dealing with the various challenges of the game. There’s a full single-player campaign but also real-time PvP battles, co-op battles, PvE boss raids, and more in the online portion. The only down side is that, much like most of Hothead’s mobile games, Hero Hunters is free to play’d out the wazoo. It’s pretty typical stuff so if you’re used to free to play online shooters you’ll feel right at home, but if you typically don’t enjoy free to play games there’s nothing here that’s going to change you mind. Even if that’s the case though, I’d recommend at least downloading Hero Hunters and playing through the first few missions to see how the player-switching and cover-based shooting works, as it’s quite solid and fun.


Jydge hints, tips, and tricks – Everything you need to know to fight crime in this twin-stick shooter

Jydge guide 1

Just released on iOS, Jydge is a prequel to Neon Chrome and is set in the same universe. Not just that, but the games play in pretty similar ways with them both being twin stick shooters full of surprises. As you might expect from a 10tons game, though, it does get pretty tricky being an enforcer of the law, so we’ve got a few tips to help on your journey.

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Disney’s competitive cover shooter ‘Star Wars: Rivals’ may not be officially available, but here is a quick trick that will get you into the game today

Back in June of 2017 Star Wars: Rivals was released as a soft launch title in Australia and New Zealand. At that time I did a brief hands-on with the cover-based corridor shooter. Well, it would appear an official launch is nearing because as of yesterday Disney announced that Star Wars: Rivals is now officially available for pre-registration. This sadly means that most people still won’t be able to install the game.

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Disney’s competitive cover shooter ‘Star Wars: Rivals’ may not be officially available, but here is a quick trick that will get you into the game today was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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