These termite-hunting ants lick the severed legs of their friends to treat them

Termite-hunting ants in sub-Saharan Africa treat each other’s wounds by licking them, according to new research. It might sound icky — but the treatment actually saves lives.

The ant, called Megaponera analis, specializes in raiding termite nests. These hunts, however, are dangerous: The ants can lose legs or antennas, and sometimes they die. A study last year showed that the ants rescue their injured friends in the battlefield, taking them back to the nest. Now, researchers have shown what exactly happens in the nest after those rescue operations. In hour-long sessions, healthy ants take turns licking the injured mate’s severed legs, treating the open wounds. And that reduces mortality by 70 percent, possibly by fighting off infections,…

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Drinkbox’s ‘Severed’ Is down to Its Lowest Price Ever, $1.99

Severed [$ 1.99] from Drinkbox is another game in the “I released on console but play best on mobile” club. Read our glowing review of it from Carter here. Severed is a dungeon crawler with a fantastic art style and gameplay that matches the quality of the art. I own it on 3 different consoles and iOS and it plays like a dream on touch. It originally launched last year on iOS and then had an update that added 3D Touch and iMessage stickers. It is now down to just $ 1.99 which is a historic low for the game. Watch the trailer for it below:

The latest update that arrived a few days ago has a few visual fixes for iOS 11. Severed won an Apple Design Award earlier in the year and was Apple’s 2016 game of the year. With this super low price, it has never been a better time to play as Sasha while you slice and dice your way to find your family. Check out the forum thread for Severed here. It is one of the rare games that I will buy on every platform whenever the release happens.


Indie slasher ‘Severed’ comes to Nintendo Switch

Drinkbox's critically well-received Severed has been available on a slew of platforms, but the march of time has made it harder to find: the PS Vita and Wii U are clearly on the way out, and not everyone wants to play it on a 3DS or iPhone. You're ge…
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