The seven best iPhone or iPad apps for learning to play the guitar

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

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Whether you’re just learning, trying to get better, or looking to upgrade your equipment, the App Store offers a wide variety of apps geared towards guitarists, and after playing with a bunch of them, AppleInsider gives your our seven favorites.
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Martin Shkreli has been sentenced to seven years in prison

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Martin Shkreli, who became infamous as the “pharma bro” CEO who massively hiked the price of an anti-parasite treatment, has been sentenced to seven years in prison on fraud charges unrelated to the price increase, according to CNBC.

While Shkreli’s defense team argued he should only receive a sentence of about a year, prosecutors had pushed for at least 15 years, saying Shkreli had not shown remorse for his actions. A judge announced the sentencing decision at a hearing today, where Shkreli reportedly cried while pleading for leniency.

Shkreli made his first appearance in the public eye in 2015, after the 5,000 percent medication price increase. The decision led to him…

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Seven Useful macOS Tricks You Might Not Know

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

There are a lot of hidden features in both macOS and iOS that often go under the radar, either because they’ve not received much attention from Apple, or they’ve been forgotten after a period of time.

In the latest video over on our YouTube channel, we’ve rounded up some useful macOS tips and tricks that you might not know about.

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  1. Universal Copy Paste – In iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, Apple introduced a universal copy paste feature. On devices where you’re signed into your iCloud account, if you copy something on one device, you can paste it to another. So if you copy something on your iPhone, for example, you can swap over to your Mac to paste it.
  2. Menu Bar – If you hold down the Command key, you can use your mouse or trackpad to rearrange the icons of the menu bar at the top of your screen.
  3. Dragging Text – You can highlight text on your Mac and then hold down with the trackpad or a mouse to drag that text into another app. If you drag text to the desktop, it’ll create a new text clip document.
  4. Split Screen – To quickly access the split-screen multitasking mode on your Mac, hold the mouse cursor over the green button in the upper left hand corner of any app window.
  5. Emoji – To insert an emoji into any document or message, hold down the Control and Command keys and then press the space bar to bring up an emoji menu interface where you can choose an emoji.
  6. Picture-in-Picture – When you watch a video on your Mac, like the YouTube video above, click on the Picture-in-Picture button that’s in the bottom right of the video player (it looks like an arrow pointing at a separate screen). If there’s no Picture-in-Picture button, you can hold down Control and then double-click inside the video to open up a shortcut menu. From there, you’ll have a separate video window that can be moved and resized.
  7. Signing Documents – When viewing a PDF or document in an app like Preview, there are tools for inserting a signature. You can create a signature using a finger on the trackpad of your Mac, which is a handy way to sign digital documents.

For more of our how tos and guides, make sure to check out our How To and Guide roundup sections on the site. For more Mac specific tips, keep an eye on our macOS High Sierra roundup, where we highlight macOS High Sierra tips and tricks in addition to everything you need to know about the operating system.

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Square’s Venmo competitor — the Cash app — had more than seven million customers in December

The Square Cash app in use

That’s … pretty big?

Since Square’s founding in 2009, CEO Jack Dorsey has been determined to build a consumer hit that complements the company’s core payment-processing business.

There was Square Wallet. There was Square Order. Neither of them worked.

But in 2013, Square unveiled the Cash money-transfer service — and it may finally be paying off.

On Tuesday, Square revealed for the first time how many customers use the Cash app, and it’s a big number — seven million in the month of December alone, the company said in its quarterly letter to shareholders. (These “active customers” either received or sent money using the Cash app in the month of December. That means people who merely opened the app are not counted in the metric.)

It’s possible that the December number is boosted by the holidays, but it would seem that money-transfer services are less seasonal than, say, straight-up credit-card spending.

So how does that compare to Venmo — the presumptive leader among the new breed of digital-first, money-transfer services? Well, Venmo hasn’t released that metric … yet.

What we do know is that in August, Verto Analytics estimated that Venmo had 10 million unique monthly users compared to an estimated three million for Cash at the time. Industry insiders have also speculated that Venmo has at least two times the number of monthly customers as Cash; perhaps we’ll get some clarity from Venmo during its parent company PayPal’s next earnings announcement in a few months.

Currently, Cash is the No. 1 free finance app in Apple’s U.S. iPhone App Store — one spot ahead of PayPal and three spots ahead of Venmo.

Either way, it’s clear that Cash has established itself as a legitimate player in the money-transfer market.

The app generates revenue by charging customers to be able to instantly cash out their money, if they so choose, and by allowing businesses to accept customer payments through the app.

Over the last 18 months, Square has also introduced both virtual and physical Cash payment cards that allow people to spend money they receive through the app.

Cash customers spent more than $ 90 million in December using these virtual and physical Cash cards.

The No. 1 and No. 2 most popular merchants on the receiving end of Cash payments? McDonald’s and Walmart, which seems to indicate potential mass appeal — whereas Square’s previous consumer products seemed more targeted at early-adopter types.

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After $1.9 billion and seven years, secretive Magic Leap teases Lightwear AR headset

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Virtual and augmented reality company Magic Leap has taken the lid off the project that is has been working on for the last seven years, and has debuted the Magic Leap One Lightwear goggles and required wearable computer, with the set to ship at some point in 2018.
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57 startups became unicorns this year and seven lost their horns

2017 is the third-busiest year for companies reaching $ 1 billion valuation.

The unicorn club gets new members by the week. This year alone, 57 startups around the world attained unicorn status with a valuation of $ 1 billion or more, according to data from venture capital tracker PitchBook.

Seven companies that were once considered unicorns have seen their valuation dip below $ 1 billion so far this year, either through down rounds or down exits. Last year there were only three down rounds or exits. The Honest Company and Prosper both saw their valuation shrink below $ 1 billion in subsequent funding rounds, according to PitchBook. Down exits this year included, which was acquired by Amazon for $ 650 million, and Shazam, which Apple purchased for $ 400 billion.

Overall 2017 wasn’t the biggest year for unicorns — that award goes to 2015, which boasted 81 new unicorns — but it certainly has been busy.

Social platform Reddit, bitcoin marketplace Coinbase and ride-hail company Careem are among the notable entrants this year. Synthetic biology company Ginkgo Bioworks is the latest inductee into the group, thanks to a $ 275 million funding round last week.

Altogether there are now a total of 227 active unicorns, according to PitchBook.

Here’s a look at the companies that have attained unicorn status this year, by their valuation and how much venture capital they’ve raised. Revenue data is available from the few private companies that made that information public. Click on a company to see its industry category.

A few notable stats from this year’s unicorns:

  • Content recommendation platform Toutiao had the highest valuation, VC raised and revenue of all the unicorns this year.
  • Four startups — Outcome Health, SenseTime, VIPKid and Mobike — had at least one female founder.
  • About half of this year’s startups focus primarily on information technology and software.

The PitchBook data included goes through Dec. 14.

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FAA names seven nuclear research labs as no-drone zones

The FAA has granted DOE's request to make seven of its facilities no-drone zones — and they're all nuclear research laboratories. Starting on December 29th, you can no longer fly your UAVs within 400 feet of Hanford Site in Franklin County Washingto…
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Volkswagen exec gets seven years in prison over emissions scandal

Volkswagen official Oliver Schmidt has been sentenced to seven years in prison and handed down a $ 400,000 fine. In August, the former Volkswagen manager in Michigan pleaded guilty for his role in the automaker's emission-cheating scheme. If you'll re…
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Season 4 of Black Mirror now has a release date and seven trailers

Netflix announced today that season 4 of Black Mirror will premiere on the service on December 29th, 2017, and it’s been slowly drip-feeding fans teasers for season 4 in anticipation. Charlie Brooker’s Twilight Zone-esque anthology series, which originated on Britain’s Channel 4, offers different tales of modern horror, told through the lens of technologies or societies gone wrong.

As of season 3, Netflix had taken over production, and has exclusive streaming access. Very little information has been released about each episode, though we now have all six episode teasers and a series trailer to dig through. Once again, all the new episodes revolve around some nightmare scenario. As Brooker himself put it at a preview event in October,…

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