How To Play PUBG Mobile On 60FPS Setting On Your Android Device

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Here’s how to get 60 FPS PUBG Mobile FPS boost for performance on English USA version of the Android game.

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Photos: Apple starts setting up for March 27 education event at Lane Tech High School

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Apple has started some temporary construction works at the Lane Technical College Prep High School ahead of its education focused event on Tuesday, March 27. Apple appears to be setting up some kind of stage/demo area outside the main school buildings.

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Disney is already setting up its Star Wars expansion land in a new Grand Admiral Thrawn novel

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We’re still far away from the 2019 opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the twin expansion lands that will be opening at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, but the narrative groundwork for the new parks is already being quietly set up. Specifically, the new novel Thrawn: Alliances from Timothy Zahn will send Darth Vader and the Grand Admiral together on a mission to Batuu, which io9 notes is the same planet that will serve as the setting for Galaxy’s Edge.

Disney hasn’t revealed too much about the planet — only that it’s a remote trading port, and “one of the last stops before Wild Space” — but taking the chance to build out the lore before the park opens is a smart way to get fans interested ahead of time. Thrawn is already a…

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People are accidentally setting off Apple’s Emergency SOS alert

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If you sleep on your Apple Watch the wrong way, you might get a wake-up call from the police. That’s what happened to Jason Rowley, who tweeted about the incident earlier this week. Using his watch as a sleep tracker, he ended up holding down the crown button to trigger an emergency call to the police, who showed up in his bedroom at 1AM. Rowley told us the police were friendly and helpful, and accustomed to WatchOS misdials like this one.

If you scan through Twitter, you’ll find a surprising number of stories like…

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T-Mobile celebrates Galaxy S9 launch by setting two Guinness World Records

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are officially hitting stores tomorrow — though they’re already in the hands of some pre-order customers — and to celebrate, T-Mobile decided to try and set some Guinness World Records. A video posted by T-Mobile today shows the carrier setting two Guinness World Records using the Samsung Galaxy S9. The first tasks a water skier with setting the record for fastest text on a touchscreen mobile phone while … [read full article]

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Ford is setting up for an autonomous ride-hail and delivery business in Miami

An Argo AI-powered Ford vehicle driving down the streets of Miami.

The company is beginning to test its cars in a delivery service, mapping out the streets for a driverless ride-hail service, and has set up a fleet-management center.

Ford is laying the groundwork for its autonomous vehicle business in Miami, Fl. It’s a three-pronged approach that is still in its infancy, but includes a delivery pilot in partnership with Dominos and Postmates, testing self-driving cars around the city, and setting up a fleet-management center.

Many other companies in the self-driving space have begun testing both delivery and ride-hail services, but few have established dedicated fleet-management centers that will facilitate the maintenance and operation of these driverless vehicles. Determining how best to manage a fleet of driverless vehicles will figure largely in any company’s ability to launch and expand its service.

Without drivers, the company has to determine who or what will take on both the responsibility and the costs of maintaining these vehicles. There’s no longer an Uber driver in the front seat to take the car to get detailed on their own dime.

Sherif Marakby, Ford’s VP of autonomous vehicles and electrification, said the company has yet to decide whether it will operate this network of fleet-management centers on its own or partner with another company.

“We can do it in many different ways,” Marakby told Recode. “We’re going to be open to that, but for us to learn how it works and what the issues are, we needed to do it on our own for the first time.”

Other companies have opted to work with car-rental companies with an existing network of locations.

Alphabet’s self-driving arm, Waymo, for instance partnered with Avis — a deal that gives Waymo access to both places to store their cars when they’re not in use, as well as a nationwide web of maintenance and repair shops. Apple, long rumored to be working on self-driving cars, struck a deal with Hertz. General Motors, on the other hand, operates its own car-sharing service called Maven that could serve the same purpose for its self-driving arm, Cruise.

This self-driving terminal, as Marakby referred to it, helps build a foundation upon which Ford can launch both its driverless ride-hail and delivery services by 2021. Marakby contends that this announcement indicates that Ford has launched its business in the city.

“We’re not announcing going to our first city,” he said. “We’re announcing that we are in the first city. We have a depot, we’re mapping the city and we’re operating a business.”

However, the other two prongs of its launch are largely foundational.

Like most other companies in the self-driving space, Ford will begin testing its self-driving cars on public roads. In Miami, however, the cars — powered by self-driving startup Argo.AI, which Ford bought a majority stake in — are still mostly mapping out the city’s streets for now. The company said they are also operating in a closed loop in autonomous mode.

Those cars will eventually be available in a commercial ride-hail network. The company recently partnered with Lyft and is currently working on creating the interface for the system and the API into the company’s network, Marakby said. There’s no word on when consumers will be able to hail a Ford vehicle on the Lyft app just yet.

At the same time, Ford is beginning a test of its delivery partnerships with Dominos and Postmates, but it won’t be autonomous at first. Instead, the company is simply trying to learn more about the customer interactions with a delivery vehicle. The company is attempting to understand things like how far customers are willing to walk to a car to get their delivery, for instance.

In the pilot phase, there will be two separate fleets dedicated to either delivery or ride-hail, but Marakby said that could change once the company launches the businesses, depending on the volume of deliveries or goods that need to be delivered.

If a vehicle that Ford is building from the ground up to be autonomous has a high rate of utilization by a delivery partner, then it will likely only serve in that delivery partner’s fleet. If not, those vehicles could serve multiple purposes.

“By bringing all of our different development tracks together to test in unison, we’re putting ourselves in the best position to analyze our execution, determine what works well and improve what doesn’t,” Marakby wrote in a blog post. “This way, we can quickly expand our service and take it to other cities when the time comes.”

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Getting Error 6722 Or Blank White Screen When Setting Up HomePod? Try These Fixes

Error 6722 Or Blank White Screen When Setting Up HomePod

As per reports, quite a few users are unable to set up HomePod due to HomeKit and Wi-Fi related issues. Error 6722 or a blank white screen when setting up HomePod is said to be the most common issue.

The setup issue seems to be caused by bugged HomeKit setup. Though there might be other culprits as well. We have tried to look into all the possible villains that might be preventing you from setting up your HomePod and mentioned solutions that could come handy in troubleshooting the problem. So, don’t waste time anymore, try them out and let us know which one clicked for you!

Error 6722 Or Blank White Screen When Setting Up HomePod

How to Fix Error 6722 or the Blank White Screen When Setting Up HomePod

Before we move ahead:

  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 11.2.5 or later.
  • You must have iCloud Keychain enabled on your iOS device. Settings → Apple ID banner → iCloud → Keychain → iCloud Keychain.
  • Two-factor authentication must be set up for your Apple ID as well.

Turn Off/ON Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on Your iOS Device

A simple trick you can try to get rid of this problem is to turn off/on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Go to Settings → Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and disable them. Then, restart your device. Next, turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switches.

Let Home App To Load For 30 Minutes Or Longer

If you have properly taken care of all the basic requirements and still see “Loading Accessories and Scenes,” Apple suggests to let Home app to load for 30 minutes or longer until an option to erase and reset app appears.

Though it’s really frustrating to wait for so long to get the erase option, it’s worth following the advice. Hence, be sure to leave the app open until the reset menu comes up.

Reset Your HomePod Manually

If the first trick didn’t work, try resetting your HomePod manually.

Step #1. Unplug the HomePod and then plug it back in.

Step #2. Press and hold the top of HomePod.

Now, the white spinning light will turn red. You need to keep pressing until you hear three beeps.

Check Out the Wi-Fi Connection

You need to have a strong Wi-Fi connection while setting up the smart speaker. Poor Wi-Fi connection might be obstructing the setup process. Additionally, be sure that your iOS device is connected to a WPA/WPA2 Personal Wi-Fi network.

The smart speaker is not compatible with public or subscription networks with sign-in requirements. It also doesn’t work with enterprise-style deployments, using 802.1x.

Jump over to this complete guide to resolve Wi-Fi issue in iOS 11 or later.

Sign out of iCloud and Sign in Back

This trick has worked for some users. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave this stone unturned.

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Tap on Apple ID banner.

Step #3. Tap on Sign Out and enter your passwords.

Then, reboot your iOS device and then sign in to your iCloud account.

Reset HomeKit Accessories

No luck as yet? It’s time to take some hard decision and reset your HomeKit accessories.

Step #1. Open the Home app on your iOS device and tap the Home tab.

Step #2. Now, tap on the tiny arrow at the top right corner.

Step #3. Next, you need to scroll to the bottom and tap on Remove Home.

Step #4. Next up, tap on Delete to confirm.

Note: In some cases, you might require resetting each of your accessories. To do so, look for a button on the accessory. For more help, you can check out the manual, or contact the manufacturer.

Wrapping up:

Hopefully, you have been able to resolve the setup issues on the speaker by following the above solutions. Which one of them clicked for you?

If none of them was able to resolve the issue, contact Apple Support for help.

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Apple lets public test iPhone Battery Health setting in iOS 11.3 beta 2, issues developers watchOS 4.3 beta 2

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Members of Apple’s public beta program can now test the new Battery Health settings available in iOS 11.3 beta 2 on select devices. In addition, a second beta of watchOS 4.3 was also issued.
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