Grab this Amazon Web Services Certification Training bundle for just $41.40!

When it comes to cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is near the top of the pile. It can be found in countless places around the web, and it’s comprised of multiple services from computing and storage to analytics. As AWS continues to grow, there is understandably an urgent need for trained professionals in the field.

Because AWS is comprised of so many different services, becoming proficient in the entire system can be pricey and time-consuming. Instead of finding the appropriate courses on your own, why not grab a bundle?

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Right now, iMore Central Digital Offers has a deal on an Amazon Web Services Certification Training mega bundle that included eight certification courses with more than 50 hours of training. Instead of paying $ 1,299, you’ll instead pay just $ 69. That’s 94 percent off the regular price! But wait… In honor of Presidents’ Day, you can take an additional 40% off with coupon code USA40 at checkout! That brings the price down to just $ 41.40

The eight courses in this bundle include:

  • AWS Technical Essentials Certification Training
  • Introduction to Amazon S3 Training Course
  • Introduction to Amazon Route 53 Training
  • Introduction to Amazon EC2 Training Course
  • AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Course
  • Amazon VPC Training Course
  • AWS Lambda Training Course
  • AWS Database Migration Service Course

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If you’re looking to prepare yourself for the AWS certification exams, this bundle of courses is what you need. At just $ 41.40, the price won’t get much better.

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Shazam iPhone app updated, may herald future services integrated into Apple Music

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The Apple-owned Shazam service has updated its app for the first time since the aquisition, and has added lyric syncing in real-time to a played song, better search results display, and an all-new track menu providing access to all the information the service has.
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NEWSBYTE: Qualcomm Iaunches IoT wireless edge services

Chip giant Qualcomm has joined the growing number of companies that are delivering edge computing services.

The company’s Qualcomm Technologies subsidiary has announced its new Wireless Edge Services offering. The suite of software services is aimed at helping both enterprise and industrial IoT customers to provision, connect, and manage intelligent wireless devices securely through their cloud platforms.

The company said that the software, “is expected to be exposed through new APIs” and is available on select Qualcomm chipsets – initially the MDM9206 LTE modem for industrial IoT products, MDM9628 LTE modem for automotive products, and QCA4020 for home IoT products. The company will then make the service available on some Snapdragon platforms.

Qualcomm explained that the services are designed to assist in the provisioning and management of huge numbers of connected 4G and 5G devices.

They are also engineered to support what it called a ‘chipsets-as-a-service’ model (CaaS), in which the value of certain chipset capabilities can be realised through discrete services. In addition, the US company claimed that the new offerings would offer protection against compromised devices and network attacks.

“With the introduction of Qualcomm Wireless Edge Services, we continue to evolve and augment our leading Snapdragon portfolio to better serve our expanding base of customers across many industries. And to unlock the potential associated with trusted wireless access to billions of increasingly capable edge devices,” said Serge Willenegger, senior VP and general manager, 4G/5G and industrial IoT, Qualcomm Wireless GmbH.

“We are excited by the initial response from cloud, enterprise and industrial companies and are looking forward to working with them, as well as with our traditional customers to accelerate the transformative opportunity supported by advanced security, intelligence, and wireless connectivity capability at the edge,” he added.

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The edge environment is getting busier, smarter, and faster as the IoT spreads, and the need for high-speed, low-cost services ramps up. Faster connectivity will be essential, as will the ability to roll out services from interconnected devices swiftly.

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Android’s ‘Check for update’ button seems to be working after Google Play Services 12.2.09 update

Google Pixel 2 XL hands-on review

Last year, Google said that Android’s “Check for update” button would be fixed to actually pull an update if there was one available for your phone. Google then said a few months later that the button was broken but that it’d be fixed in 2018. Now it looks like the button is indeed working.

Google Play Services version 12.2.09 appears to enable the “Check for update” button. The update isn’t rolling out to the public quite yet, but it is available in beta. You can get it by joining the Play Services beta on the Play Store or by side loading it from APK Mirror.

Google hasn’t officially announced that Play Services v12.2.09 fixes the “Check for update” button, but many people that’ve installed it on their phones have had success pulling the February 2018 update.

It can be super frustrating when you know that there’s a new update available for your phone but hitting the “Check for update” button doesn’t pull it down. That’s why it’s great to see that Google is finally making the button work for its device. Now when there’s a new feature or security patch that you want, you should be able to snag it right away. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

Nearly half of American online shoppers pay for streaming-media services — 15 percent have e-commerce box subscriptions

Both are growing.

Some 46 percent of online shoppers in the U.S. pay a monthly subscription for online streaming media, like Spotify or Hulu, according to a new survey by consulting firm McKinsey.

Fifteen percent had subscribed to at least one e-commerce delivery service like Dollar Shave Club, Blue Apron or Stitch Fix in the past year. Most e-commerce box subscribers have streaming-media subscriptions as well.

The survey tried to take a deeper look at online subscription demographics and behaviors. Some of the findings from the report:

  • Women are more likely to subscribe to e-commerce than men, but men are more likely to have three or more such subscriptions.
  • E-commerce subscribers tend to be young, wealthy city dwellers.
  • The median e-commerce box subscriber has two such subscriptions while 35 percent have three or more.
  • Word of mouth recommendations are a key reason consumers sign up for subscription services.
  • Meal-kit delivery services have higher cancellation rates in the first six months than other e-commerce subscriptions.

McKinsey conducted its online survey from November 8 to 12, 2017, receiving responses from over 5,000 participants in the U.S. Of those, 80 percent were online shoppers, defined as people who had spent at least $ 25 online in the past month.

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