YouTube’s live TV service now streams in Firefox

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YouTube TV debuted in a limited number of markets and could only be accessed through Chrome. The video-sharing platform is making it easier and easier to access, though: after launching it in additional locations and rolling it out to Apple TV, YouTu…
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Facebook rewrites Terms of Service, clarifying device data collection

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Facebook is spelling out in plain English how it collects and uses your data in rewritten versions of its Terms of Service and Data Use Policy, though it’s not asking for new rights to collect and use your data or changing any of your old privacy settings.The public has seven days to comment on the changes (though Facebook doesn’t promise to adapt or even respond to the feedback) before Facebook will ask all users to consent to the first set of new rules in three years.

Unfortunately, because the changes to the language and structure of the terms are so wide-reaching and the new versions are so much longer, it’s difficult to do a direct comparison of the differences between the old TOS and DUP and the new versions embedded below.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the expanded, plain-language terms are the specifics of how Facebook collects data from your devices. Conspiracy theories about it snooping on people through its microphone, and confusion about it collecting SMS and call log history likely pushed Facebook to give people details about what data it’s slurping up.

Facebook now explains that (emphasis mine):

Information we obtain from these devices includes:

• Device attributes: information such as the operating system, hardware and software versions, battery level, signal strength, available storage space, browser type, app and file names and types, and plugins.

• Device operations: information about operations and behaviors performed on the device, such as whether a window is foregrounded or backgrounded, or mouse movements (which can help distinguish humans from bots).

• Identifiers: unique identifiers, device IDs, and other identifiers, such as from games, apps or accounts you use, and Family Device IDs (or other identifiers unique to associated with the same device or account).

• Device signals: Bluetooth signals, and information about nearby Wi-Fi access points, beacons, and cell towers.

• Data from device settings: information you allow us to receive through device settings you turn on, such as access to your GPS location, camera or photos.

• Network and connections: information such as the name of your mobile operator or ISP, language, time zone, mobile phone number, IP address, connection speed and, in some cases, information about other devices that are nearby or on your network, so we can do things like help you stream a video from your phone to your TV.

• Cookie data: data from cookies stored on your device, including cookie IDs and settings. Learn more about how we use cookies in the Facebook Cookies Policy and Instagram Cookies Policy.

Specifically regarding SMS history and call logs, Facebook writes, “We also collect contact information if you choose to upload, sync or import it (such as an address book or call log or SMS log history), which we use for things like helping you and others find people you may know.” Though Facebook asked users’ permission for this data, nothing about SMS and call logs wasn’t in the terms of service.

Disappointingly, the new explanation of helping you find friends doesn’t necessarily justify it collecting this data. Meanwhile, just today Facebook confirmed to Bloomberg that it does automatically scan all the text and image content of Messenger conversations to prevent violations of its Community Standards and the spread of spam or abuse. While other tech products like Google’s Gmail scan the contents of your messages for advertising and other purposes, the revelation could scare some privacy-focused users away from Messenger.

Facebook has also clarified how new products it’s launched since the last TOS update — like Marketplace, fundraisers, Live, 360 and camera effects — work. It explains how every user’s experience is personalized. A new Music Use Policy has been added as Facebook strikes deals with the major record labels.

Finally, Facebook makes it clear that it, WhatsApp and Oculus (as well as Instagram) are all part of one company that it refers to as “The Facebook Companies.” Instagram is now repeatedly mentioned in the TOS and DUP, whereas before it wasn’t even mentioned. The recent #DeleteFacebook movement that missed Instagram indicated that many users don’t quite realize they’re part of the same corporation.

As Facebook deals with a disgruntled public and awoken regulatory bodies, the rewriting of these policies might be perceived as the company trying to cover itself after neglecting to detail how it pulls and uses people’s data. CEO Mark Zuckerberg might face questions about the changes and why they weren’t in place before when he testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on April 11th regarding protections of users’ data privacy.

But today’s revamp could also give Facebook stronger documents to point to as it tries to prove it doesn’t need heavy-handed government regulation. Switching from a more “legalese” document full of jargon to a more layman’s version could also help it dispel myths or give people more transparency.

If Facebook can give users a better understanding of how it works, it might be able to diffuse privacy scandals and backlashes before they happen.

Facebook updated Terms Of Service – 4/4/18 by Josh TechCrunch on Scribd

Facebook updated Data Use Policy – 4/4/18 by Josh TechCrunch on Scribd

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Mercedes’ ridesharing ViaVan service comes to London

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Add another company to the list of transportation services filling Uber's London-sized void. Mercedes-Benz and Via have launched their jointly owned ViaVan service in Zones 1 and 2 of the city, giving Londoners a "ride-pooling" option that bridges th…
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[Deal Alert] Buy two Moto X4s from Project Fi and get $249 of service credit (BOGO)

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

The Android One Moto X4 is a good mid-range device, but the price was too high when it launched. It’s only officially available from Project Fi in the United States, and the carrier has run multiple promotions in the past that brought down the price. Most recently, the phone dropped to $ 249 ($ 150 off).

Project Fi is now running another promotion on the Moto X4. If you buy two, you get $ 249 of service credit – essentially making the second phone free.

Read More

[Deal Alert] Buy two Moto X4s from Project Fi and get $ 249 of service credit (BOGO) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Trump keeps bashing Amazon for its Postal Service pact — but he’s overlooking a different controversial deal that gives Chinese merchants an advantage in the U.S.

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (r) speaks with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and President Donald Trump.

The reason might rhyme with “Beff Jezos.”

Another day, another tweet by President Donald Trump aimed at Amazon and its delivery deal with the United States Postal Service. Amazon’s stock is down 9 percent in the week since a report from Axios about Trump’s obsession with Amazon kicked off a series of tweets by the president.

But while Trump continues to harp on this relationship — with questionable claims that we’ll get to in a bit — he continues to overlook a different delivery partnership that can put U.S. merchants at a disadvantage right here in their own country: It’s called ePacket.

The program, designed to boost cross-border trade in the age of online commerce, allows merchants in countries including China to ship small, lightweight goods to the U.S. at very low rates in partnership with the U.S. Postal Service. These sellers also get other perks like delivery tracking at no extra cost.

The program has been a boon to these Chinese businesses as well as the online shopping marketplaces where they hawk their wares, like Wish, eBay and, to a lesser extent, Amazon.

But it has rankled U.S. merchants who have found themselves sometimes paying higher rates to ship items to customers right here in their own country than Chinese merchants are paying to send goods to shoppers on the other side of the globe.

So why is Trump obsessed about one delivery partnership that he says is bad for the U.S. but not the other? One could reasonably speculate it has something to do with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his ownership of one of Trump’s least-favorite media outlets: The Washington Post.

So about that Amazon deal. By law, the Postal Service is not permitted to lose money on delivery deals like Amazon’s. And the regulator who oversees the USPS has determined each year that it does not.

But a separate 2017 study by Citi analysts suggested that the commission that oversees the USPS may be using an outdated method to account for costs and that fees on each Amazon delivery would need to be $ 1.41 higher in 2018 to make the USPS whole.

That one report has given Trump all he needs to pounce. What it’ll take to get him to turn his attention to the ePacket deal instead is anyone’s guess.

Update: Maybe just a tweet from his 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale?

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ESPN says its new streaming service will debut April 12

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Get even more sports content with the upcoming ESPN+.

Today, ESPN announced that the launch of its new subscription streaming service will officially launch on April 12 as part of a completely reimagined ESPN app designed to be the best all-in-one sports platform. The service, called ESPN+, will be priced at $ 4.99 per month, and will offer a “dynamic lineup” of live sports, original content, and on-demand content.

According to the announcement, the lineup will focus on four key pillars of content: a multitude of live sporting events, original shows and films focusing on sport-related topics, exclusive studio programs, and an “unmatched” on-demand library featuring award-winning programming. This includes MLB, NHL, and MLS games as well as a year-round schedule of boxing matches. ESPN+ will even include college sports, offering multiple sports and thousands of games and events across over two-dozen conferences.

ESPN President and Co-Chair at Disney Media Networks, James Pitaro, shared the company’s hopes for ESPN+ in a statement:

ESPN was built on a belief in innovation and the powerful connection between sports and a remarkable array of fans. That same belief is at the heart of ESPN+ and the new ESPN App. With ESPN+, fans have access to thousands more live games, world class original programs and on-demand sports content, all at a great price. They will get all of that as a part of a completely re-imagined, increasingly personalized ESPN App that provides easy, one-stop access to everything ESPN offers.

Note that if you aren’t interested in sports at all, this news is still meaningful for you, too. Though ESPN+ will be the first streaming service offered by Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International, a more actually Disney-focused subscription service is on the horizon as well, and will feature Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm movies along with steamboat load of other exclusive content. This service is expected to launch in late 2019.


Are you going to grab an ESPN+ subscription? Share in the comments!

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ESPN+ sports streaming service will launch on April 12 for $4.99 per month

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

ESPN+ logo sports streaming service

Remember ESPN+? We first learned of the upcoming streaming service a couple of months ago, and today ESPN has finally revealed its launch plans.

ESPN+ will be available starting April 12. The service will cost $ 4.99 per month or $ 49.99 per year and will be integrated into the main ESPN app.

Baseball fans will also be able to purchase the MLB.TV out of market package for an additional $ 24.99 per month and watch those games in the ESPN app. NHL fans will be able to purchase the entire NHL.TV out of market package during the 2018-2019 season.

ESPN+ will offer a multitude of sports streaming options. More than 180 MLB and more than 180 NHL games will be shown, with a game from each sport being shown every day. Also included is a year-round boxing schedule; more than 250 MLS games; college sports including baseball, softball, football, volleyball, basketball, and wrestling; PGA golf; Grand Slam tennis; rugby; and cricket.

While ESPN+ may not be interesting for more casual sports fans, the streaming service could be a good option for hardcore sports fans that always have Sportscenter and other ESPN shows on their TV. This will give them even more sports streaming options, including sports that don’t often get a lot of mainstream attention.

Are you thinking about signing up for ESPN+? – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

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DirecTV Now extends free Apple TV 4K offer with 3 months of prepaid service

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Article Image

DirecTV has extended its popular free Apple TV 4K promotion with three months of prepaid DirecTV Now service. Plans start at $ 35 per month, making the 32GB Apple TV 4K with service as low as $ 105.
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DirecTV Now Extends Apple TV 4K Deal with 3-Months Prepaid Service Through April

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Over the past few months, DirecTV Now have been offering a great deal for anyone interested in the Apple TV 4K. The offer stipulates that when new subscribers prepay for three months of DirecTV Now at $105, they can get a 32GB Apple TV 4K at no additional cost. It was believed that the company would remove the deal at the end of March — or revert back to the original offer to prepay for four months at $140 — but now that a new month has rolled around it appears that the offer should be available through the end of April.

DirecTV Now introduced this new, lower-cost offer back in February and it has remained the best sale price for a brand-new 32GB Apple TV 4K since then. Although eBay and retailers like Adorama and B&H Photo sometimes have sales, the 32GB Apple TV 4K’s normal price is $180 on

Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with DirecTV Now. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

The offer’s $105 price tag calculates the cost of three months of DirecTV Now’s “Live a Little” $35/month plan, which includes around 60+ live channels. On the Apple TV app, users can stream live TV and watch on-demand shows, and sometime this spring they’ll be able to record content to DirecTV Now’s long-promised cloud-based DVR.

To take advantage of the sale, follow these steps:

  • Visit’s landing page for the deal
  • Click “Redeem & Stream”
  • Select the “Live a Little” package to get the Apple TV at the lowest possible price
  • Choose if you want to add premium channel add-ons, or click “Skip for now”
  • Click “Add to plan” under the Apple TV 4K box in the Special offer section
  • Click “Continue” and go through the account creation and checkout processes

It’s important to note that the deal is for new subscribers only, but existing subscribers can claim it by using an alternative email address from their original account, or by setting up an iCloud email alias. Once ordered, the Apple TV 4K arrives in the mail within a few weeks, and those who don’t want to continue paying for DirecTV Now beyond the three months offered in this deal can cancel the service before the fourth month is billed and keep the Apple TV 4K.

For more on the latest discounts and savings happening this spring, visit our Deals Roundup.

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Cloudfare DNS Service Launches, Claims To Be Fastest And Most Secured

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Cloudflare launches fastest and most secure DNS service. Here’s what that means for Internet users.

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