One show to rule them all: everything we know about Amazon’s Middle-earth series

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Amazon acquired the rights to the franchise for $ 250 million

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Moto G6 series expected to launch in Brazil on April 19

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Motorola has sent out invites for an event in Brazil on April 10. The event is expected to introduce the new Moto G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play. We have already seen significant details of all three devices leak in the past. For example, we know all three phones will have an 18:9 display, the G6 and G6 Plus will have dual cameras and the G6 Play will have a 4000mAh battery. At this point we are really just waiting to confirm the specifications and find out about international availability and pricing. Source • Via – Latest articles

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Self-care startup Shine raises $5 million Series A

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Shine, an early arrival in market now teeming with self-care apps and services, has closed on $ 5 million in Series A funding, the company announced today, alongside the milestone of hitting 2 million active users. The round was led by existing investor by Comcast Ventures with betaworks, Felix Capital and The New York Times also participating.

The investment comes roughly two years after Shine launched its free service, a messaging bot aimed at younger users that doles out life advice and positive reinforcement on a daily basis through SMS texts or Facebook’s Messenger.

At the time, the idea that self-help could be put into an app or bot-like format was still a relatively novel concept. But today, digital wellness has become far more common with apps for everything from meditation to self-help to talk therapy.

“We’re proud that we were part of the catalyst to make well-being as am industry something that is so much more top-of-mind. We really sensed where the world was going and we were ahead of it,” says co-founder Naomi Hirabayashi, who built Shine along with her former co-worker Marah Lidey. The founders had wanted to offer others something akin to the personal support system they had with each other, as close friends.

“Marah and I are both women of color, and we created this company from a very non-traditional background from an entrepreneurship standpoint – we didn’t go to business school,” Hirabayashi explains. “We saw there was something missing in the market because wellbeing companies didn’t really reach us – they didn’t speak to us. We didn’t see people that looked like us. We didn’t feel like the way they shared content sounded like how we spoke about the different wellbeing issues in our lives,” she says.

The company’s free messaging product, Shine Text, was the result of their frustrations with existing products. It tackles a timely theme every day in areas like confidence, productivity, mental health, happiness and more. And it isn’t just some sort of life-affirming text – Shine converses with you on the topic at hand using research-backed materials to help you better understand the information. It’s also presented in a style that makes Shine feel more like a friend chatting with you.

The service has grown to 2 million users across 189 countries, despite not being localized in other languages. 88 percent of users are under the age of 35, and 70 percent are female.

Shine attempted to generate revenue in the past with a life-coaching subscription, but users wanted to talk to a real person and the subscription was fairly steep at $ 15.99 per week. That product never emerged from testing, and the founders now refer to it as an “experiment.”

The company gave subscriptions another shot this past December, with the launch of a freemium (free with paid upgrades) app on iOS. The new app offers meditations, affirmations, and something called “Shine Stories.”

The meditations are short audio tracks voiced by influencers that help you with various challenges. There are quick hit meditations for recentering and relaxing, those where you can focus on handling a specific situation – like toxic friendships or online dating – and seven-day challenges that deal with a particular issue like burnout or productivity.

Affirmations are quick pep talks and Shine Stories are slightly longer – around five minutes-long, and also voiced by influencers.

“The biggest thing is that we want to meet the user where they are – and we know people are on the go,” says Hirabayashi. “You can expect a lot more to come in the future around how we combine this really exciting time that’s happening for audio consumption and the hunger that there is for audio content that’s motivational and makes you feel better.”

Asked specifically if the company was considering a voice-first app, like an Alexa skill, or perhaps a more traditional podcast, Hirabayashi said they weren’t yet sure, but didn’t plan on limiting the Shine Stories to a single platform indefinitely. But one thing they weren’t interested in doing in the near-term was introducing ads into Shine’s audio content.

The Shine app for iOS is a free download with some selection of its audio available to free users. Users can unlock the full library for $ 4.99 per month, billed as an annual subscription of $ 59.99, or $ 7.99 per month if paid monthly.

The founders declined to offer specifics on their conversions from free to paid members, but said it was “on par with industry standards.”

With the Series A now under its belt, Shine plans to double its 8-person team this year, launch the app on Android, continue to grow the business, including potentially launching new products.

Now the question is whether the millennials are actually so into self-care that they’ll pay. There are some signs that could be true – the top ten self-care apps pulled in $ 15 million last quarter, with meditation apps leading the way.

“We’re dominating the self-care routine of millennial women right now and we want to keep doing that,” Hirabayashi says.


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The Apple Watch Series 1 smartwatch is only $149 at Walmart today

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Time for an upgrade today.

Whether you want the 38mm Series 1 Apple Watch for $ 149 or the 42mm for $ 179, Walmart has the best price on the Apple Watch Series 1 anywhere right now. We’ve seen a couple retailers drop to similar lows before, but the deals have always been very short. If you missed them before, you should grab one while you can right now. The deal works on Silver and Space Gray in both sizes.

Series 1 is the oldest generation of the Apple Watch. The Series 3 is on sale today, too, thanks to Best Buy’s one-day Easter sale, but even then it’s still $ 299 for the 38mm version. This deal is a great entry-level model to lure you into the world of smartwatches. It features a battery life of up to 18 hours and comes with a magnetic charging cable.

Walmart also has a huge selection of compatible replacement bands for the watch, so you can go as fancy or as simple as you like.

See at Walmart

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Samsung unveils Notebook 5 and 3 series: trio of light, practical laptops

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Samsung unveiled three new Windows laptops with solid performance and a practical build. The Samsung Notebook 5 comes with a 15.6″ 1080p screen and a metal body. The other two are Notebook 3 models – one with a 14″ screen and one with 15.6″. The specs are mostly identical from here on out. The laptops come with a choice between an 8th or 7th generation Intel processors, the higher-end models also come with discrete Nvidia graphics. Full specs are available at the bottom. Samsung Notebook 5 These are practical laptops. They have full keyboards with numpads,… – Latest articles

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How to stream Apple Music on Apple Watch Series 3 without iPhone

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Apple’s strategy for Music control on watchOS has changed significantly over the years, and as of watchOS 4.3, the company has finally added support for the full Apple Music library back onto the Apple Watch’s Music app.



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Amazon turns ‘A League of Their Own’ into a TV series

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Amazon still isn't done turning classic movies into Prime Video productions. Hollywood Reporter has learned that the internet is turning the legendary baseball movie A League of Their Own into a half-hour comedy series. It's too soon to learn about t…
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New Documentary Series on The Chainsmokers Now Available on Apple Music

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The Chainsmokers: Memories is a new short documentary series that’s available on Apple Music starting today. There are six videos in total available to watch right now, each ranging in length from just over two minutes to five and a half minutes.

The videos in the series follow The Chainsmokers’ Do Not Open worldwide arena tour and the rollout of singles like “Sick Boy,” “You Owe Me,” and “Everybody Hates Me,” which are part of a new album coming in December of 2018.

While the first six episodes are available today and focus on the tour, Billboard says additional episodes could cover The Chainsmokers’ Las Vegas residency at the XS Nightclub along with time spent in the studio.

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LTE Apple Watch Series 3 to launch in Thailand on April 5

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Six months after an initial release, Apple continues to expand global availability of cellular Apple Watch Series 3 models, with the LTE wearable launching in Thailand next month.
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