iPhone assembler Foxconn sees rise in holiday quarter profits despite gloomy expectations

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Among the gloomy predictions being made for iPhone X sales, analysts were predicting that lead iPhone assembler Foxconn would announce declining profits for Q4 2017 …



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New York Media’s publisher says Apple News is in ‘really early days’, sees potential in platform

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Facebook has been getting a lot of heat as of late due to its users’ privacy concerns about the platform. New York Media’s CRO and publisher Avi Zimak takes a deeper dive into online media as a whole, more specifically noting that Apple News has promise.



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Alula sees a spot in the tightening race for home security

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Alula wants to sell alarm systems to dealers. Its gear looks…okay. Image courtesy of Alula.

Just when I thought the market for home security solutions was saturated, Alula, a company formed by merging ipDatatel and Resolution Products, launched this week with a product that offers security systems to dealers. It’s designed for dealers, but it purportedly lets them offer a DIY-type solution to their customers as well.

Alula Holdings CEO Brian McLaughlin says the company was created to help dealers compete in the rapidly changing environment for home security. Resolution Products made the physical hardware for the security systems while ipDatatel provided the connectivity. The two companies combined to create Alula, likely one of many consolidations to come in the residential and business security market.

Dealers can buy the gear and connectivity from Alula and use it to create any type of business model they want. They can resell the gear for a premium and let the user handle everything, or they can sell it at some level of loss and sign the user to a contract. This latter business model is common across large security companies such as Alarm.com and ADT.

What’s changed is the landscape of DIY options. Thanks to devices like the Nest Cam or easily linked door and window sensors, a whole new market for security gear has opened up. The people in this market might spend $ 500 to $ 1,000 on a few security products linked up through a smartphone app with no monitoring fees. Instead of getting a call from the police if and when a problem occurs, they’ll get a notification on their smartphone.

There are obvious downfalls to this scenario (to start, not everyone checks their smartphone for every notification), but for many people security doesn’t mean an alarm that calls the cops when it goes off. They just want to know what’s happening in their homes. The big security firms have responded to this newer market with their own low-cost systems and lower monitoring fees. For example, ADT offers a package of sensors and a camera with SmartThings.

ISPs are also looking at this space as an opportunity, such as with Comcast offering security and home automation through its Xfinity Home product. Meanwhile, Nest has a home security system offering that a user can connect and hire someone to monitor if they choose to do so. Nest’s system costs $ 500 for a hub, two sensors that offer motion and open/close detection, and two person tags that a user can swipe to arm or disarm the system. For $ 250 more, you can get a Nest Cam or a Nest video doorbell. Another vendor that offers DIY security, SimpliSafe, charges $ 359 for three open/close sensors, a motion detector, a camera, a hub, and a keypad.

We can’t make a direct comparison between Alula’s gear and DIY options because the dealer ultimately will decide how to price the system, but the company sent me two theoretical options on a configuration I set. Alula says the consumer cost of an outdoor camera, two door sensors, two window sensors, an indoor camera, and a motion sensor all tied to the Alula Connect+ with central station monitoring would likely be priced at $ 29.99 for a three-year contract with no up-front product cost. Without a contract, the system would cost about $ 500 up front, with monitoring for $ 9.99 a month. In this configuration there is no keypad, and the user would use his or her phone to arm and disarm the system.

Instead of focusing on the gear, I think that in order to remain competitive, the next-generation security company should think about services and tweaks to its product lines that incorporate new devices and machine learning. It’s asinine to think that a security system isn’t going to tie directly in with the home automation system to handle things like lights and gleaning information about which person is home and their preferred security settings.

While bringing in products and connectivity is a start, it’s not enough to keep a dealer in the fight. Alula should add more context-aware sensors and invest in integrations with devices that can offer that context. Much like Amazon or even Google, a true security system will just be part of an overarching AI system that controls the home.

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Analyst sees ‘signs of trouble’ for Apple due to increasing iPhone prices

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Falling in line with analysts this morning, a new investor note from research company Nomura Instinet today outlines how the rising price of the iPhone could spell trouble for Apple. In the note, obtained by CNBC, analyst Jeffrey Kvaal writes that he sees “trouble” at the high-end of the market for Apple…



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Snapchat sees dramatic spike in app downloads despite controversial redesign

Snapchat’s incredibly controversial redesign appears to be paying off, at least in terms of downloads. According to new data from analytics firm Sensor Tower, Snap has seen a sharp increase in first-time installs of its application on the heels of the dramatic redesign on both iOS and Android



novo Sees Intelligence ‘Transforming Everything at MWC 2018’

This week at MWC 2018, Lenovo reinforced its 2018 vision for technology innovations, moving its core strategy to Augmented Intelligence.

With its roots in the PC space, Lenovo has created one of the most complete collections of smart AI devices, giving it a unique advantage to provide the three key elements of Intelligence: Data, Computing Power and Algorithm.

Through new AR, VR and voice-activated technologies demonstrated at the show, Lenovo gives you powerful new ways to live, work and play.

From intuitive new voice-enabled Yoga 2-in-1 laptops launched today, to transformative Moto Mods, to advanced data center solutions, Lenovo makes all the critical human connections to AI, from devices to data center.

At MWC, Motorola will be illustrating how it continues to challenge the industry with premium smartphone features at great value price points, and how innovation lives in our DNA with transformative Moto Mods that help you monitor your wellness, among other things. The Motorola Health Mod will be showcased, which allows you to easily measure five vital signs including accurate systolic and diastolic blood pressure, all via your moto z device.

Motorola will be sharing insights around its recently released global Phone-Life Balance Study which has been developed in partnership with Dr. Nancy Etcoff, renowned expert in Mind-Brain Behavior and the Science of Happiness at Harvard. The study identifies problematic behaviors that are impacting relationships with others and ourselves and shows how people are putting their phones before those they care about, with the most alarming findings tied to younger generations who have grown up in a digital world.

Motorola believes technology should enrich our lives, rather than distract from them and is offering intelligent solutions to help people manage their phone life balance. This includes a partnership with SPACE, an app that helps to make you more mindful of your phone usage, and Moto Experiences that support more intuitive mobile interactions.

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Views from Rome, as the Eternal City sees snow for the first time in six years

A skiier in front of the Basilica of St John Lateran in Rome.

Romans woke up to a rare sight this morning: snow for the first time in six years, as freezing winds from Siberia — called the “Beast from the East” — move across Europe and cause a cold spell.

The result? Nuns throwing snowballs in front of basilicas, famous landmarks dusted in white, and citizens building a snowman wearing lipstick with makeup brushes for arms.

Photo: Domenico Izzo
A snowman at the Vatican.

This week, the cold front from Russia is leading to higher power and gas prices, possible travel delays, and the rare incident of Iceland being warmer than the countries in the Mediterranean. According to Earther, a high-pressure region in Scandinavia is causing winds to circle around it in a clockwise…

Continue reading…

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NASA’s Opportunity rover sees its 5,000th day on Mars

This weekend, NASA's Opportunity rover spent its 5,000th day on Mars. While that is a feat in and of itself, it's even more impressive when you consider that it was only planned to last 90 Martian days, or sols. Both Opportunity and its companion rov…
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Blind test sees Google Home Max beat the Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod has been getting rave reviews since it launched last week. Its limitation to Apple Music has been largely criticized but its sound quality was universally praised and many called it the best-sounding smart speaker out there. But Yahoo Finance’ David Pogue decided to test that by making a blind shootout between the $ 150 Amazon Echo Plus, the $ 200 Sonos One, the $ 350 Apple HomePod and the $ 400 Google Home Max. Spoiler alert: the Apple HomePod finished second to last. The test involved a panel of five people, among which a sound technician and a professional violinist,…

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After Rolling Out iPhone 7 To Cops, NYPD Sees 14 Percent Decline in Response Time

The New York Police Department is rolling out iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to Manhattan officers to replace 36,000 Windows Phones which it had supplied to them in 2016. Last year, NYPD announced that it would be replacing those phones with an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus due to Microsoft stopping support for its mobile system. Continue reading
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