Facebook Admits It Scans Your Conversations on Messenger

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Facebook’s automated systems scan the photos and links you send or receive via Messenger, the social media giant confirmed this week. The company confirmed the practice to Bloomberg on Thursday, after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted at the policy in a separate interview this week. To be clear, Facebook says Messenger conversations are still private, but it […]
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Ancient city’s LiDAR scans reveal as many buildings as Manhattan

When researchers surveyed the ruins of a Purépecha Empire city in Mexico the old-fashioned way a decade ago, it took them two seasons to explore two square kilometres. Good thing they decided to use LiDAR, because the city called Angamuco turn…
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NASA’s high altitude ER-2 scans California’s wildfires

For the second time this year, swaths of California are burning out of control thanks to unseasonably warm and dry temperatures. To better study what's happening and assess the environmental impact, NASA deployed its high-altitude ER-2 aircraft with…
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An algorithm could identify suicidal feelings based on brain scans

It's difficult to identify whether or not someone is feeling suicidal by asking. According to studies, roughly 80 percent of those who go through with the act denied feeling suicidal the last time they spoke to a mental health care expert. However, A…
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The next iPhone reportedly scans your face instead of your finger

Rumormongers have long claimed that Apple might include face recogition in the next iPhone, but it's apparently much more than a nice-to-have feature… to the point where it might overshadow the Touch ID fingerprint reader. Bloomberg sources unders…
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