Apple CEO Tim Cook Says “We’re Not In It For The Money” In New Interview

You may remember that we told you yesterday that Fast Company had named Apple as its most innovative company of the year, and as a follow up to that, it has now published an interview with the company’s CEO, Tim Cook.

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Meizu VP says Meizu X2 smartphone is real, will have a Snapdragon 845

We last heard of the Meizu X2 way back in the summer of 2017 but forgot about it due to the eventual radio silence. Now, however, it has resurfaced. Meizu VP Li Nan has confirmed that the smartphone is real and is coming. He added a few details – the X2 will use a Snapdragon 845, it will launch in late 2018 and it will likely cost CNY 2,999 or about €384. So the Meizu X2 will be a flagship and not the midranger we expected. However a few questions are left in need of answering – will it have a second screen on the back? Will it have a tall-aspect screen? Will it have more than one… – Latest articles

Telstra acknowledges widespread iMessage & FaceTime outage, says it’s working on a fix

Telstra, one of the largest mobile carriers in Australia, is experiencing a widespread outage of iMessage and FaceTime services. Oddly enough, this outage only seems to affect Apple’s services, as everything else functions normally. The carrier has confirmed the outage on Twitter and says it is working on a fix…



The ESA says preserving old online games isn’t ‘necessary’

The video game industry as a whole does a piss-poor job at preserving its history — especially when it comes to online games. The Entertainment Software Association — responsible for E3; counts Electronic Arts, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Ubisoft…
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