Netatmo Welcome review: A near perfect no-hidden-fees indoor security camera with face recognition

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Netatmo’s approach to security cameras is refreshing. In a market that’s filled with companies limiting what you can do with the hardware you bought just in order to get you to sign up for a monthly subscription, Netatmo asks only that you purchase its camera. Video storage is free thanks to MicroSD card support as well as optional Dropbox and FTP uploads. Face recognition is free and gets better with time as it learns.

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Bowers & Wilkins PX Review: Beautiful sound – after I got a haircut

Bowers and Wilkins’ PX are among the best Bluetooth headphones I’ve tried in recent memory. It’s just weird it took a trip to the barber to get the best sound out of them. The PX are a $ 400 pair of noise cancelling headphones that launched to rave reviews for their classy looks and pristine sound. Unfortunately, my experience out of the box was not quite the same. The sound seemed to lack body, especially when noise cancelling was off, and more importantly, sound was dramatically better with it on. And then I got a haircut. It turns out my somewhat…

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Review: Alto’s Odyssey—a worthy follow up to a classic?

Today, the endless sandboarding journey from Alto’s Adventure creators launched for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV a day early. We’ve had the last few weeks to test it out and while a lot of the mechanics the same, we found it a thoroughly satisfying follow-up to a classic.

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Why I switched from 1Password to Dashlane [Review]

Late last year, I switched password managers. I traded in trusty old 1Password for relative newcomer Dashlane, and I haven’t looked back. Dashlane is a well-designed, fully functional and easy-to-use password manager that tops 1Password in one key respect: a Security Dashboard that makes it dead easy to track your online security and update it […]

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Vivo X Review: BLU’s Most Appealing Smartphone Yet!

The Vivo X is BLU’s most appealing smartphone in their arsenal. For $ 249.99, it features four camera sensors, a premium metallic build construction, and plenty of power for light gaming and keeping up with your social media sites. The only major limitations are in the software department as BLU has a bad track record of updating their devices. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts