13 years after Intel’s iPhone mistake, it might take the biggest ever tech deal to resolve it

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Some 13 years after Intel turned down the opportunity to make the CPU for the upcoming iPhone, is it now considering the world’s biggest ever tech acquisition to deal with the threat that decision continues to pose today.

In 2005, when Apple was working on the first-generation iPhone to be launched in 2007, Steve Jobs invited Intel to pitch for the CPU business for the planned smartphone. Not believing Apple’s sales projections, and not seeing any way to make money from it, Intel turned him down …



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T-Mobile rolls out Ericsson Expert Analytics to more quickly identify and resolve VoLTE issues

T-Mobile has long placed a focus on Voice over LTE (VoLTE), and now T-Mo is rolling out a new platform to try and improve its VoLTE experience. T-Mobile has deployed Ericsson Expert Analytics, a platform that will gather data from thousands of multi-vendor sources and process all of T-Mo’s nationwide VoLTE calls and data sessions to produce more than 8 billion records every day. With Ericsson’s algorithms, T-Mo will be able to identify VoLTE issues … [read full article]

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Apple used this iOS app to resolve 196 environmental supplier violations in China

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Apple relied on an iOS app created by a Chinese activist to identify and resolve at least 196 cases in which suppliers violated the nation’s environmental rules, actions that in some cases led to their removal from the company’s supply chain.
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BlackBerry will pay Nokia $137 million to resolve contract dispute

Today, BlackBerry accepted an International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) decision that the company pay Nokia $ 137 million due to a contract dispute. The latter allegedly accused the smartphone maker of failing to make payments on patent license contract…
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