Reminder: Apple includes a tiny AirPlay toggle in iOS 11’s Control Center for iPhone and iPad

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Apple, in its "infinite wisdom," compacted the Control Center in iOS 11, and gave AirPlay even less of a starring role on it. With HomePod now available and able to have audio streamed via AirPlay AppleInsider shows you where the AirPlay button is, and two slightly different ways to turn it on.
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[Smart] Setting a Google Assistant reminder or calendar event for “tomorrow” is interpreted differently before and after 5 AM

It’s 1 AM and you’re lying in bed. It’s been a long day and your brain is still overworked with everything you did and everything you still need to do tomorrow. To avoid forgetting things, you shout at your Google Home or Google Assistant on your phone, “Ok Google, set a reminder to read Android Police more diligently tomorrow at 10 AM,” or you know, something more critical than that (HOW DARE YOU?!).

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[Smart] Setting a Google Assistant reminder or calendar event for “tomorrow” is interpreted differently before and after 5 AM was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Snapchat’s new year-in-review feature is a reminder of how much the app has evolved

Snap is far from the simple ephemeral messaging app it once was.

Snapchat is doing something new this year: It’s compiling users’ old videos and photos into an end-of-year highlight video, giving users a chance to look back on some of the snaps they sent during the year.

There are a few nuances here. Snap will only use photos and videos you saved inside Memories, Snapchat’s archive feature that lets users save snaps so they don’t disappear forever.

Not everyone gets a year-end summary, either. You’ll only get one if you saved enough photos and videos throughout the year. Snap isn’t saying how many that is.

But Snapchat’s new feature, which the company is calling a “2017 Story,” is interesting for a number of reasons.

  • Showing people a bunch of old Snaps is a reminder of how far Snap has evolved from the ephemeral messaging concept that made it so popular to begin with. The days of Snapchat as an app simply for disappearing messages is long gone. A year-in-review video is another way to encourage users to save their photos and videos, and the more you rely on Snap as your archive of memories, the harder it will be to ever abandon the app for something else.
  • It’s also a reminder of the kind of “creepy” technology that Snapchat has at its disposal. The year-in-review videos are created using software that can analyze the images and text on each video or photo, which means Snap knows if you’ve taken a selfie or a sunset picture, and can read and understand any text you’ve added to those videos as well. The company spokesperson says this data is not used for other purposes, like targeting you with ads, but as big tech companies like Facebook and Google begin to rely more and more on artificial intelligence technology that can be borderline creepy (facial recognition, etc.), it’s good to remember that fun apps like Snapchat have similar capabilities.
  • The year-in-review video has been a core feature inside Facebook for years. Now Snap is borrowing the idea, which must feel nice considering how many times Facebook has copied Snapchat over the past couple of years.

You’ll find your year-in-review video inside Memories, assuming you saved enough content there to create one. The video is private just to you, unless you choose to share it with a friend.

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