‘Reigns: Her Majesty’ Will Hit the App Store on December 7th

The original Reigns [$ 2.99] is one of those games that you can recommend to the most hardcore gamer on the planet and someone who has never played a video game before and they’ll both enjoy it. It’s difficult to come up with many other titles that fit that description. If you’ve never played it, imagine the swiping left/right mechanic made famous by Tinder but applied to a lightweight RPG where you’re managing your kingdom with binary decisions. We got a look at the sequel at PAX West, and it’s basically exactly what we wanted: More Reigns.

The game’s publisher, Devolver Digital, had been pretty coy when it came to committing to any kind of release date for the game, but this morning came out revealing that Reigns: Her Majesty will be hitting the App Store on December 7th. Just like the original, it’ll be $ 2.99, and from our hands-on time with it, it largely plys the same. Check out our hands-on from PAX:

We’re super excited for this game, so strap in for way more coverage as its launch approaches.


PAX West Roundup: ‘Reigns: Her Majesty,’ ‘Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition’ and Much More

Sitting at my gate at SEA-TAC waiting for my flight back to Chicago, I was thinking we posted so much so quickly from PAX this weekend that it’s possible folks missed some of the games we covered. (It being a holiday weekend probably didn’t help.) If you weren’t paying attention over the weekend, here’s a listing of everything we found at PAX. It’s hard to put my finger on the coolest thing we saw there, but I’m torn between the developer walkthrough of Reigns: Her Majesty and seeing Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition in action.

Here’s the full list of stories we posted at the event, and I just put them in alphabetical order so don’t try to divine any special meaning by positioning on the list:

We’ve got some more PAX round-up coverage planned, as well as a killer podcast this Friday where we talk about it all, so stay tuned for more PAX coverage here on TouchArcade.


‘Reigns: Her Majesty’ Developer Walkthrough – Live from PAX West

We posted our hands on with Reigns: Her Majesty from the show floor of PAX this morning, and while the booth they set up for it is super awesome for people walking by… It’s not so great for shooting video. We reached out to Devolver Digital, who actually hooked us up with the developer of Reigns [$ 2.99] who was able to give us an up-close demo on his iPhone. Check it out:

Key takeaways are that the game is way bigger than the first, with 30% more cards as well as a unique zodiac system which will provide a constant twist on the game as certain events change depending on the zodiac symbol your queen is born under. It sounds like there’s a bunch more to the game that they’re hesitant to spoil just yet, but it goes without saying, we’re ultra stoked for this game when it is finally released later this year.


Hands-On with ‘Reigns’ Sequel ‘Reigns: Her Majesty’ at PAX West

Devolver Digital is just killing it this year at PAX West, both with a “normal” booth set up with demo stations and merch to buy, as well as a satellite booth on the other side of the hall showing off two huge games of theirs: Gorn, a hilariously violent arena fighter for PC, and the Reigns [$ 2.99] sequel, Reigns: Her Majesty. The game was demoed on these huge touchscreen TVs, which was a lot more impressive than just a few iPads bolted to a kiosk in the corner. Check out Jared playing through a game:

Aside from Jared’s short-lived reign as queen, we hung around and watched other people give the game a go and so far the easiest way to describe Reigns: Her Majesty is simply more Reigns. Considering my biggest complaint with the original was, “Wow, I love this game but I wish there was more, you could say that Her Majesty addressed all my complaints.

The game is due out later this year, and we’re unbelievably excited for it. Also, if you missed it, we posted a teaser trailer when the sequel was first announced, so be sure to give that a look too.


‘Reigns: Her Majesty’, the Heir to App Store Classic ‘Reigns’, Set to Launch Later This Year

After numerous hints and teases, Reigns: Her Majesty has finally been officially announced as the sequel to 2016’s excellent Reigns. Devolver and Nerial announced that they are working on a sequel to Reigns back in January, although details were relatively scarce. Today, we now have a full trailer, screens, plot details, and more for this intriguing sequel to one of last year’s best releases. Reigns: Her Majesty lets you control your kingdom as the mighty Queen. Complex scenarios, betrayals, relationship issues, and more await you in the sequel to the much loved Reigns. Watch the trailer below:

Set to release in 2017 on iOS, Android, and Steam with no specific date announced as of yet, Reigns: Her Majesty already has a nice official website that you can check out for more information. If you aren’t familiar with Reigns [$ 2.99], you absolutely need to play it. We couldn’t say enough nice things in our review last year, and the game has received loads of great updates since its release. I can’t wait for Reigns: Her Majesty, and if you’re similarly excited, join in the discussion on our forum thread and Discord server.