Devolver Digital Celebrates 2 Million ‘Reigns’ Players by Offering Owners of Either ‘Reigns’ Game A Discounted Copy of the Other One

There are tons of games on the App Store that appeal to either more casual or more hardcore gamers. Very few play brilliantly and appeal to all kinds of gamers as well as Reigns does. Reigns [$ 2.99] from Devolver Digital alongwith the sequel Reigns: Her Majesty [$ 2.99] are fantastic experiences and two of my favourite iOS games ever. If you aren’t familiar with these games at all, imagine an RPG lite experience where your main gameplay is akin to swiping through the Tinder app. Now Devolver Digital and Reigns Announced that they have crossed 2 million players. To celebrate this, they are offering the bundle with both games at a discount. Check it out on the App Store here.

The big news is that if you bought either Reigns game at full price, you get the other one for a big discount (this varies by region) through this bundle. The way bundles work on the App Store, you end up paying the difference if you bought a single item in a bundle at a price lower than the total bundle cost. The Reigns: King & Queen Bundle is $ 2.99 right now for those who don’t own either game which is a big discount (even free depending on region) over the regular price. Check out our reviews of both games here and here. We also interviewed Jim Guthrie about Reigns: Her Majesty’s music. Out of all the games designed from the ground up for mobile, the Reigns games and the lost phone games are easily my favourite. You can tell that while they are available on non mobile platforms as well, they’re more immersive and play best on mobile. You can also see some other player impressions for both Reigns games on our forum threads for them here and here.


What we’re playing: ‘Yakuza 0’ and ‘Reigns: Her Majesty’

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Reigns: Her Majesty guide – how to use every item

Ruling a kingdom isn’t easy–doubly so for a queen whose every decision is questioned by the other factions seeking a slice of power. Reigns: Her Majesty builds on the original game’s swipey tactics, adding items that you can use to move the story forward and potentially save your life. This spoiler free guide will show you how to use these items effectively so that you will reign long and triumphantly.

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Reigns: Her Majesty guide – how to swipe your way to a victorious reign

Reigns: Her Majesty is storming the App Store this week, bringing more tinder-esque kingdom building to eager players everywhere. If you’ve played the original Reigns, you’ll know that leading a kingdom is never easy. It’s a careful balancing act keeping the church, army, and commoners happy.

More often than not, you’ll succumb to some terrible end. We’re here to prevent that. Use these tips to grow in power without giving in to all of the powers itching for their spot on the throne.

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‘Reigns: Her Majesty’ Review – This Queen Reigns Supreme

The original Reigns [$ 2.99] was easily among my favorite games released last year, as the whole experience felt like a masterpiece of game design. Via binary options, triggered by swiping right or left as if you were browsing through Tinder profiles, players were invited to rule their kingdoms and attempt to balance the competing powers in the land: The church, the people, the military, and the treasury. With few exceptions, every decision made increased favor with at least one power, while decreasing your standing with others. The trick is, you need to use your intuition to figure out what decision you’re going to make to keep everything in check. For example, you might come across a doctor who offers to heal your subjects, and allowing them to do that will increase your favor with the people, while decreasing your standing with the church who frown upon the medical sciences. The rest of the game goes like this until you inevitably meet your demise in many amusing ways, at which point the whole process repeats again, as you’re cursed, and return again and again as a new king… Until you figure out how to break the curse, anyway.

The coolest thing about Reigns is that the gameplay is simple enough that you can recommend the game to absolutely everyone. For people who aren’t gamers, they’ll likely fiddle around for a while and have a good time making royal decisions. The hardcore will explore the surprising amount of depth in the game to reach the “real” ending. Honestly, the biggest problem with Reigns is that it ended leaving us very hungry for more. When the sequel, Reigns: Her Majesty [$ 2.99] was announced, we were overjoyed, and would’ve been totally satisfied if all Her Majesty turned out to be was more Reigns.

Instead, what we got was an evolution of the original. As the title hints, this time around you’re playing as the queen (who still needs to deal with a oafish king, at times) which adds numerous new dynamics to the game such as love interests. There’s also a item system which adds an interesting wrinkle to the mix, as you’ll slowly acquire items which then can be used on certain cards which can offer a third option instead of just swiping left or right. Careful though, as you can’t just be throwing items at everyone or your reign will come to an end as your kingdom assumes you’ve gone mad.

Another new subsystem added to the game is a zodiac calendar of sorts. Each time you die, and your reign as queen reboots itself, the zodiac symbol advances. Unlike the original Reigns where getting the “good” ending required very specific actions on very specific years, this time it’s just tied to the zodiac. It makes things feel a bit more forgiving, and also has the side benefit of making a few of the games mysteries that you’ll uncover a bit more tricky to solve- As they often require meeting certain people, and using specific items on them, all while under a specific zodiac sign.

As you encounter new people and experience different specific events, you’ll get more cards added to the deck that Reigns: Her Majesty pulls from. It works as a clever tutorial gate of sorts, as until you figure out some early basic mysteries of items and the zodiac system you’ll be looping through the same small-ish subset of cards. But, like the original, things quickly open up and soon enough you’ll be juggling an unbelievable series of seemingly meaningless events which snowball into kingdom-wide crises, cats that you can decide to pet or not, and everything in between.

As I’ve been playing the pre-release version of the game over the last few weeks, I’ve really wrestled with how much to dive into the game’s secrets in this review, and I think the most appropriate thing to do is just keep this as vague as possible. Discovery is the key to what makes Reigns games so much fun, and Her Majesty is an entire box of secrets that delights from beginning to end. Reigns was a game that was universally effortless to recommend, and Reigns: Her Majesty flawlessly follows the same path. As I’ve mentioned on Twitter, I’ve even gone as far as to offer money-back guarantees to friends of mine to get them to play. Both games together is probably among the best six bucks you can spend on the App Store.

Reigns: Her Majesty is an incredible followup that not only improves upon the original, but does it in subtle ways that still makes the first Reigns worth playing if you’ve never experienced it before. Despite playing very similar to each other, both are unique enough to stand on their own, so if Reigns: Her Majesty ends up being your first Reigns experience, you really owe it to yourself to also go back and play the original. If you were all about Reigns, you simply must download Reigns: Her Majesty. It will take mere moments before you fall in love with the formula again.

…And if you need help getting all the endings in the game, head over to our Reigns: Her Majesty walkthrough guide!

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‘Reigns: Her Majesty’ Walkthrough Cheat Guide – How to Get All the Endings

We’ve already posted our Reigns: Her Majesty [$ 2.99] review, and chances are you wouldn’t be looking up cheat guides like these if you didn’t also agree, at least on some level, that the sequel to Reigns [$ 2.99] is incredible. The addition of the item system and the zodiac calendar has, however, added several layers of complication that makes getting all the endings particularly difficult- Especially getting the “good” ending. Needless to say, this guide is absolutely chock-full of spoilers. I really, really recommend playing Her Majesty through to completion to get at least one of the endings before diving in, but, hey, it’s a free country. You do you.

With the spoiler warning out of the way, let’s get down to business.All three endings of the game are accessible if you are successful in giving the Mother the celestial book during an eclipse. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to do that. We’re starting from the very beginning here, some of the early steps are basically unskippable and part of the “tutorial,” but, for the sake of completion, here goes:

Step 1. At the end of your 3rd reign, the Mother will give you a blank spellbook. She gives you a single quest: Find her crown and give it to her. Basically, just die three times and you’ll get the blank spellbook. (I told you, this starts easy.)

Step 2. You need to give blank spellbook to the acolyte, who you will be able to recruit through the coronation ball, which is an inevitable event which will begin occurring after your second reign. The acolyte changes the blank spellbook into a red spellbook.

Step 3. You can use the red spellbook when you encounter animals which allows you to speak to them. Use the red spellbook on the cat, who then tells you to speak to the fox.

Step 4. Shortly after you speak to the cat, you should be able to ask the hunter for a fox- And be sure to specify that you want it alive. Use the red spellbook on the fox to talk to it. He will tell you to talk to him again during cancer. When a new queen rises, she’s associated to a zodiac sign on the “dynasty wheel” between reigns. The zodiac sign for cancer looks like two fishes chasing each other in circle. Before you talk yo the fox in cancer, you need to do a few other things.

Step 5. First, you need to acquire the destiny clock. By this time, you should have been easily able to recruit the doctor and the merchant. If not, just keep playing until you encounter them. After a while the doctor will give you a small broken clock, but you can give the doctor the red spellbook to trigger this event quicker. Give the broken clock to the merchant, who fixes it and gives you back the destiny clock. (The acolyte will be able to describe your zodiac sign if you give the clock to her.)

Step 6. Next, you need a pistol and functioning duel room. To get the duel room, you need to have recruited the merchant and accept her offer to repair the duel room. To get the pistol, you must recruit the explorer. When the explorer asks you where to go next, tell him to go north. He will return with a barbarian prisoner who will eventually give you a pistol and offer to train in the duel room. Choose “fire” when one of the card contains the word “wrong,” otherwise select “take a step.”

Step 7. At some point, the king will want to go in the garden for his birthday. Accept, and enter the garden. The garden will allow you to change which zodiac sign you’re currently under. Wander around until you find the sign that you want, then use the destiny clock, which will change your sign to the sign on the current card.

Step 8. Either by using the garden and the destiny clock or just by waiting for a queen to be born under the sign of cancer (which again, looks like two fish) you will be able to meet the fox and use the red spellbook on him. (This requires a lot of things to be going right in your reign to get to the garden, advance the zodiac to cancer, and then run into the fox, so be sure to be patient and persistent.) The fox will guide you to the Lady of the Wood, a deer, who explains that you have to fight yourself to carry on.

Step 9. The merchant will eventually give you a mirror. Use your pistol on the mirror card when you have the opportunity to duel yourself. Select “fire” when the sentence includes a quote from the Mother, otherwise select “take a step.”

Step 10. After that, you will die and the Mother will transform your red spellbook into a celestial spellbook.

Step 11. During another reign, the Mother must tell you to “follow the sun.” To do this, you need to go back to the maze. An easy way to do this is by using the celestial clock on an animal who will then guide you back to the maze.

Step 12. In the maze, follow the sun. You need to use the clues provided by looking at the shadows of the cards that get presented, or, just go directly towards the sun if you can. You eventually will find a “moon monument” of sorts (you’ll know it when you find it). Use the destiny clock on this monument to trigger the eclipse. Your celestial book now shows a crown.

Step 13. When you die at the end of the eclipse, you will meet the Mother. Give her the crown book. The next choices you make determine which ending you’re going to get.

Note: None of these endings really are “good” or “bad,” this is just common nomenclature for video game endings where the “good” one is the most elaborate. To truly “beat” Reigns: Her Majesty, you should experience all three. In this case, the “good” ending is really quite complicated, and requires a considerable amount of luck to have all the events transpire how they should inside of a particular reign.

The “Bad” Ending: Just keep swiping until the end.

The “OK” EndingWhen the Mother tells you not to fight her, throw any object at herm then keep swiping until the end.

The “Good” Ending: When the Mother tells you that you should not fight her, do the following-

  1. Play the emoji gun.
  2. Play the mobile phone.
  3. Play the credit card.
  4. Play the usb key.
  5. Play the emoji gun again, and swipe until the end.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Wait, what? Emoji gun? Credit card? What madness is this?” Well, these are all “evolved” versions of the items you acquire throughout the game and it’s possible that by now you might have one or two of them that you got on accident or by randomly trying things in game.

Anyway, you need the witch to turn your various items into their final state required for the “good” ending. To recruit the witch, accept the request of the cardinal to be a judge in a witch trial. When asked if she’s a witch, simply say “no.”

Getting the Emoji Gun: Get the pistol from the barbarian, as mentioned above. Either be born during sagittarius or advance the zodiac symbol to sagittarius using the garden. (Look for the card with a symbol on it that looks like an arrow pointing up and to the right with a cross on the bottom.) During sagittarius, buy a riverboat, recruit the pirate, and fight her in a duel. You’ll want to shoot when she says, “O, all these labors and yet no glory to the name.”

Then, if you have a baby boy, she will ask who should be the heir to the throne. She says you should be queen, and if you use the pistol on her when she asks, she will turn your ceremonial pistol you’ve been carrying all this time into a real pistol, which you can then use to kill the king. Once you do that, the witch will eventually come and ask to see your pistol. Give it to her and she will “upgrade” it to the emoji gun.

Getting the Mobile Phone: Continue to send the hunter on a hunter on hunts until he returns with the glorious prize of a chicken bone. If you max out the church bar, the cardinal will ask you to pass a sainthood test. Give the cardinal the chicken bone to have him turn it into a relic. Trigger an eclipse using the instructions mentioned above, and try to survive until you can talk to the witch. She will ask for the relic. (If you don’t have the relic by this point the witch will trigger the sainthood test.) Give the witch the relic and in exchange, she will turn it into a mobile phone.

Getting the Credit Card: Pay attention to which sign you’re born under, head into the maze using any of the methods outlined above, and use the destiny clock on your current zodiac sign. The witch will then change your destiny clock into a credit card.

Getting the USB Key: After you’ve recruited the witch, she will offer to bury a time capsule, you know, like witches do. After the year 1587, the time capsule will randomly be found again. Its contents will allow you to turn your perfume into the USB key.

Now that you’ve got all the items in order, you just need to meet the Mother again, and when she tells you not to fight her, give her the items in the order mentioned above. Now just sit back, keep swiping, and enjoy the shockingly complex journey you went through to reach the “good” ending.

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Navigate royal politics and intrigue with a swipe in Reigns: Her Majesty from DevolverDigital

Running a kingdom is probably a lot of work, but it’s a breeze in Reigns. Actually, it’s a swipe. The original Reigns put you in the role of king, but Reigns: Her Majesty places you in the (presumably luxurious) shoes of the queen. Can you keep the king from screwing the kingdom up or will you find yourself at the end of a pitchfork?

You play Reigns: Her Majesty simply by making decisions.

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Navigate royal politics and intrigue with a swipe in Reigns: Her Majesty from DevolverDigital was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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‘Reigns: Her Majesty’ First Impressions: You Want More ‘Reigns’? You Got More ‘Reigns’.

The original Reigns [$ 2.99] delighted basically everyone when it was released last year. We loved it in our review, and really, my primary criticism of the game is how much it left me wanting more. Well, I’ve been playing an early copy of the upcoming sequel, Reigns: Her Majesty, for a while now and that’s exactly what we’re getting. If you’ve never played Reigns before, the easiest way to describe it is a deceptively deep lightweight RPG that’s played entirely through Tinder-like swiping and binary decisions. You manage your kingdom and its relationships between the church, the people, the military, and the treasury. It’s unbelievably compelling, and universally adored.

This time around players assume the role of a queen (as indicated by the title) which introduces several amusing dynamics to the game. You’ll deal with the king (who always seems like a bit of an oaf), face various other romantic interests, give birth to heirs, and much more as you die over and over and over- Reborn again each time to continue as a new queen. The original Reigns featured the same gimmick powering the whole thing.

One massive improvement Her Majesty makes over Reigns is the introduction of the zodiac system. In the original [very mild Reigns spoiler ahead] the point of the game was breaking your curse that kept bringing you back to life by beating the devil. The problem was, this required doing very specific things at specific times in the game, and none of it was very obvious. Additionally, if you missed doing something at a specific time, you pretty much needed to start over if you wanted to get the “real” ending.

In Her Majesty, major events orbit around doing certain things under specific zodiac signs. So, instead of missing vital parts in Reigns and basically screwing yourself over, you just wait until you have a queen born under the correct sign. (And there may be a way to change that which you might potentially discover while playing. *cough*) This is a huge quality of life improvement for folks hunting for the “good” ending of the game.

Another new addition that adds a further interesting winkle to the formula is an item system. As you play you’ll collect various do-dads, so instead of swiping left or right to make a decision, there’s a potential third option that comes from dragging an item from your inventory up into a card. For instance, very early in the game you’ll get a specific item which when shown to your handmaiden triggers a different dialog tree. (Trying to be as vague as possible to avoid spoilers.)

What’s amusing is that you need to pick up clues for what these items do and when you’re supposed to be using them. If you just try to give everyone every item you have, they’ll assume you’ve gone insane and that’ll be the end of your game. It’s a super clever dynamic, and it adds loads more layers of mystery and complexity- Particularly when you throw the zodiac system into the mix.

Of course, like the original Reigns, Her Majesty has oodles of cards which get introduced in bundles when you fulfill specific objectives or stumble across different characters while ruling your kingdom. Overall, it seems like there’s just a lot more to do, which is really all we wanted from Reigns.

I could dig way deeper, but I’ve got to save something for our review which we’ll be publishing along with everyone else when the embargo hits just before release. Currently, they’re saying the game will be available on December 7th, but it seems like most games have been sneaking out on the App Store a little earlier than planned this time of year so don’t be too surprised if you see it before then. If for some reason the game hits in the middle of the night before our review, just buy it. Reigns: Her Majesty is incredible.


‘Reigns: Her Majesty’ Will Hit the App Store on December 7th

The original Reigns [$ 2.99] is one of those games that you can recommend to the most hardcore gamer on the planet and someone who has never played a video game before and they’ll both enjoy it. It’s difficult to come up with many other titles that fit that description. If you’ve never played it, imagine the swiping left/right mechanic made famous by Tinder but applied to a lightweight RPG where you’re managing your kingdom with binary decisions. We got a look at the sequel at PAX West, and it’s basically exactly what we wanted: More Reigns.

The game’s publisher, Devolver Digital, had been pretty coy when it came to committing to any kind of release date for the game, but this morning came out revealing that Reigns: Her Majesty will be hitting the App Store on December 7th. Just like the original, it’ll be $ 2.99, and from our hands-on time with it, it largely plys the same. Check out our hands-on from PAX:

We’re super excited for this game, so strap in for way more coverage as its launch approaches.


PAX West Roundup: ‘Reigns: Her Majesty,’ ‘Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition’ and Much More

Sitting at my gate at SEA-TAC waiting for my flight back to Chicago, I was thinking we posted so much so quickly from PAX this weekend that it’s possible folks missed some of the games we covered. (It being a holiday weekend probably didn’t help.) If you weren’t paying attention over the weekend, here’s a listing of everything we found at PAX. It’s hard to put my finger on the coolest thing we saw there, but I’m torn between the developer walkthrough of Reigns: Her Majesty and seeing Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition in action.

Here’s the full list of stories we posted at the event, and I just put them in alphabetical order so don’t try to divine any special meaning by positioning on the list:

We’ve got some more PAX round-up coverage planned, as well as a killer podcast this Friday where we talk about it all, so stay tuned for more PAX coverage here on TouchArcade.