Week’s best Apple deals: Score refurbished iPhones (and a free photo editor)

This week, save big on refurbished iPhones. You can also get a photo-editing app for free — just in time to edit all of those photos from spring break! Refurbished unlocked iPhone 7 Plus 32GB GSM for $400 If you don’t mind a few scratches (and you shouldn’t, as we frequently see people using phones […]

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Apple Devices Being Refurbished Accidentally Call 911 20 Times a Day

There is a repair facility in Elk Grove, California where Apple devices go to be restored and refurbished. But, apparently, those devices keep butt-dialing 9-1-1. That may sound humorous, but the sheer volume of false alarm calls is actually snarling the local emergency response system. Since October 2017, Apple devices have made approximately 1,600 accidental […]
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Refurbished Organs Could Save Millions on the Transplant List

Organ transplantation is a miracle of modern medicine, but it has a pipeline problem: roughly 20 people die every day while waiting for an organ transplant. Scientists at Harvard Medical School think they may be able to solve that problem by sprucing up old organs from pigs and animals, giving the organs and their new owners alike a new lease on life.

Surgeon Harald Ott and his lab have developed a method that strips animal organs of their cells by washing them in a detergent, leaving behind a tissue scaffold that can be seeded with human stem cells from the patient in need. This would prevent a patient’s body from rejecting the organ, and mean that transplantees would not need to spend their lives on anti-rejection drugs. As the cells grow on this scaffold, the lab uses a bioreactor that pumps the organ, keeping it healthy by stimulating it in the same way it would move in the body.

The team has successfully refurbished lungs, kidneys, hearts, and portions of intestines from rats and pigs to make them human-donor compatible, and then transplanted those organs back into animals. Though the human cells in these transplanted organs made them incompatible with the rats’ and pigs’ bodies, the organs worked — showing significant promise for future human trials. The lab also successfully re-grew muscle within human cadaver hearts that had been similarly stripped of their cells.

A human heart partially re-seeded with human stem cells being cultured in a bioreactor. Image credit: Bernhard Jank, Ott Lab, Center for Regenerative Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

“Your iPhone breaks, your battery breaks, you switch it out. Medicine, in some ways, is possibly moving in that direction,” Ott told the Wall Street Journal. “I could measure you up, basically, take an organ off a shelf, ideally make it personalized so that you wouldn’t reject it, and then I would implant it into you.”

However, Ott estimates it will be at least a decade before these organs will be ready for clinical trials in humans. In the mean time, Ott is among a wide group of scientists seeking to improve the transplantation process. From better methods of preserving donor organs, to gene editing pig organs for humans, to even bio-printing and growing human organs in the lab, the era of patients waiting endlessly on transplant lists may be coming to an end.

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Deal Alert: Save $25 On Refurbished Apple AirPods [Tax-Free For Limited Time]

Here’s a deal you don’t want to miss. You can save up to $ 25 on Apple AirPods in refurbished form, completely tax-free. Here are the details.

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Pixel 2 on sale for $529.99 (64GB) and $579.99 (128GB) via Woot ($120-170 off)

Cash For Apps: Make money with android app

Google’s Pixel 2 is a great little phone, but the $ 650 asking price is a little steep for some. You can get a solid discount on the device today if you don’t mind a refurbished phone. Woot is selling the Pixel 2 for $ 529.99 (64GB) and $ 579.99 (128GB).

This deal is only for the 5-inch Pixel 2, not the 2 XL. Aside from the size, battery, and display, the Pixel 2 is just as good as its big brother.

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