New Report Claims Apple Will Unveil Refreshed iPad pro Models at WWDC 2018

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A new report originating from China claims that Apple is working on a new iPad Pro that will be unveiled at WWDC 2018. As per the new report, the new iPad Pro will feature an 11-inch display, though that’s certainly unlikely given Apple’s current lineup. Continue reading
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Report: Apple to introduce a refreshed iPad Pro with Face ID later this year

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iPad Pro Features

According to a new research report from Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang (via Barron’s), Apple’s next-gen iPad Pro — much like the iPhone X — will do away with the home button and will instead rely upon facial recognition for authentication purposes. Hardly a surprise, Apple tends to prefer design consistency across the flagship devices in its product lineup. Moreover, some recently unearthed code in the first iOS 11.3 beta contained subtle clues pointing towards a revamped iPad Pro featuring Apple’s TrueDepth camera system.

As to when Zhang believes a next-gen iPad Pro might see the light of day, he writes that it will likely be available sometime before the end of the June quarter. This timeline of course makes sense given that Apple in June of last year announced a brand new 10.5-inch iPad Pro at WWDC.

For the June quarter, Zhang estimates that iPad production will fall somewhere in the 16-18 million range, of which 6-8 million of those units will likely be iPad Pro models featuring Face ID.

Incidentally, one notable feature the iPad Pro will likely not borrow from the iPhone X is an OLED display, which is to say the device will feature an LCD display. As to why, we’ve seen reports suggesting that there are economic and technical limitations which currently limit Samsung’s ability to manufacture larger OLED panels for iPad-style devices at scale.

Incidentally, Zhang echoes a report we saw earlier in the claiming that Apple later this year will introduce a smaller and more affordable HomePod.

Lastly, Zhang claims that iPhone X sales have been slower than Apple anticipated. Hardly a new take on the matter, a recent survey conducted by Piper Jaffray found that many current Phone owners haven’t upgraded to the iPhone X yet because it’s simply too expensive.

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New iOS 12 concept offers up refreshed Lock screen, App Bar, Guest Mode, Face ID tricks, and more

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After seeing a beautiful macOS 11 concept yesterday, today we’ve got a brand new iOS 12 concept from designer iOS News And More. Leading off with a nod to improved stability and bug fixes, the concept goes on to visualize some slick enhancements for a potential iOS 12 release.



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Netflix unveils refreshed UI with bottom navigation bar in latest update [APK Download]

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Back in December, Netflix was running what appeared to be a server-side test of a refreshed UI featuring a bottom navigation bar. Now it seems Netflix is rolling out the new interface to some of its beta users, and we finally have an APK download to share too.

The current version of the Netflix app features a hamburger menu that slides out from the left, which lays out a list of user settings, notifications, downloads, My List, and content categories.

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Netflix unveils refreshed UI with bottom navigation bar in latest update [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Shazam for iOS gets refreshed design, real-time lyric syncing, and more

Shazam for iOS received an update today, bringing the app to version 11.7.0. The update brings about a handful of new features and improvements, including a refreshed interface and real-time Lyric Syncing…. Read the rest of this post here

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LG to introduce Vision AI with refreshed V30 at MWC 2018

Back in January, Korean media suggested a new LG phone with AI capabilities will arrive at MWC 2018 and today LG confirmed it in a press release. The manufacturer will introduce Vision AI for smartphones in Barcelona, and the technology will be featured in the 2018 version of “LG’s most advanced flagship smartphone to date” – the V30. LG V30 in Raspberry Rose Vision AI will automatically analyze objects and recommend the best shooting mode among eight options: portrait, food, pet, landscape, city, flower, sunrise, and sunset. The tech will take into consideration angles of view,… – Latest articles

Refreshed Samsung Galaxy Tab E arrives on Verizon for $150

Samsung Galaxy Tab E is an affordable tablet that can be found mostly on carriers’ websites. The 8″ version costs $ 249.99 on Verizon, but Big Red launched a new deal, where you can get it for $ 100 less. The Galaxy Tab E can be purchased with one of three options. There is a $ 0 down payment and $ 10.41 every month for the next two years ($ 249.84 in total). If you want to stay on the Verizon network but don’t want to bother with the monthly plan hassle, you can buy it straight away for $ 149.99. The model number of this Galaxy Tab E version is T378. It supports both Wi-Fi and LTE… – Latest articles

Hulu brings refreshed design and live TV to its main iOS app

Hulu is streamlining its iOS apps, bringing its new design to the core iPhone / iPad app and phasing out the Hulu with Live TV app introduced earlier this year. The apps are merging into one, and both the $ 40-per-month live TV subscription services and the $ 8-per-month on-demand option will be available. The latest update for Hulu with Live TV says: “Heads up! We are saying goodbye to our Hulu with Live TV app so you can have all your TV in one place.”

When opened, the Hulu with Live TV app now has a splash screen that sends you to the main Hulu app. Meanwhile, the Hulu app’s App Store page now has the new sea foam green design, shown above. The new interface has gotten praise in past months for looking pretty, but has been criticized…

Continue reading…

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Refreshed iPhone SE Rumored to Be Unveiled This August

Apple could be on the verge of unveiling a new iPhone SE model as soon as next month, according to a somewhat sketchy rumor.

At least, that’s the news coming from an unnamed source cited by French-language blog iGeneration. According to the rumor, Apple will split its fall launch event into two dates: one in August, where they will debut an affordable iPhone SE-type device, and another in October, whether they will unveil the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. Interestingly, the source also claims that the entry-level iPhone SE device will start at €399, down from about €489.

Of course, the rumor is suspect for a couple reasons. For one, Apple has never debuted a phone in August or October — typical flagship release dates have always been in June or September. Having said that, we have heard a lot of noise over the past few months of supply shortages and possible issues delaying this year’s premium iPhone 8 (or iPhone X, or iPhone Edition). A later unveiling is a possibility, even if several noted Apple analysts have predicted otherwise despite severe supply shortages.

Even the author of the article himself, Mickaël Bazoge, expressed skepticism over the source. When asked by MacRumors about the content of the rumor, Bazoge said that he received the information from a new source with a currently unproven track record. Despite that, he told the outlet that the source “seems reliable.” Take that for what you will. It’s also worth noting that Apple “updated” the iPhone SE with doubled storage capacity in March. Releasing a completely new device just a few months after that seems a bit questionable.

The 4-inch iPhone form factor is certainly long overdue for a refresh, however. The current generation iPhone SE uses the same chassis as the iPhone 5s — a device that was launched in September 2013. Although using an aging body, the iPhone SE is still an important aspect of Apple’s ecosystem, as the device was a smash hit among consumers due to the popular 4-inch size. Indeed, Apple itself admitted during the SE’s unveiling that quite a few consumers just “like smaller phones.”

Additionally, the iPhone SE is spearheading Apple’s initiatives in developing markets, due to its budget-friendly pricing. For example, it’s an integral aspect of Apple’s effort to dominate the burgeoning market in India — Cupertino is already planning on building a number of the devices in-country this year. Apple is also pondering slashing iPhone prices overall in the country to help foster demand.

Of course, although the body style of the iPhone SE is on the older side, its internals are quite a bit newer. The device packs basically the same power as an iPhone 6s, so it’s worth a venture that a future generation of the 4-inch smartphone could sport internals closer to the current iPhone 7 — which, at the rumored price point, could cannibalize sales of an iPhone 7s lineup. But despite not being very likely, iPhone SE lovers everywhere will probably hold out hope that Apple will bring the 4-inch body into the future.

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