Recap: Here are all the new things in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

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Now that the dandelions (kudos to Samsung for the Galaxy S3 reference) from Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2018 event have long settled down, we can sit down and look back with a bit of objectivity at what the Korean giant unpacked for us. The two new flagship offerings from Samsung, which may yet again reign as the top Android smartphone(s) of 2018, are the S9 and S9+. While in appearance they do look nearly identical to their predecessors, we’ve discovered bit by bit signs of the intricate differences between them and last year’s S8 and S8+.

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Recap: the top stories of the week on iDB

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Like every Sunday, we get to take a look at some of the most popular posts that were published on iDB during the week that just ended. Whether it is a news item, a new jailbreak tweak, a tutorial, or an app review, we sum it all up in one convenient place for you. … Read the rest of this post here

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027: Shareholders meeting recap, Kevin Durant on Apple TV, HomePod tips | 9to5Mac Daily

Today we’ve a recap of Apple’s 2018 meeting of shareholders from Steve Jobs Theater, Apple picking up a new TV show starring NBA’s Kevin Durant, and two useful HomePod tips.

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Hi-Rez Expo Recap – The TouchArcade Show #337

I tried a totally new recording and audio mixing process this time around which I think normalized the podcast track way better than what I was doing before. In theory, our audio levels should be pretty even now (or at least they seem that way to me). Beyond that, this week we get into talking about our experience at the HiRez Expo in Atlanta Georgia, which is where we were last week. We move on to discussing some games including Qriket [Free], Let Them Come [$ 1.99], Kraino [Free], Double Dragon IV [Free], and HeliHopper [Free].

Don’t forget to shoot us emails with any questions, feedback, or anything else relevant or irrelevant to We read ’em all, and love decoding messages written entirely in emoji. As always, you can listen to us with the links below… And if you like what you hear, please subscribe and/or drop us a review in iTunes. Much appreciated!

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The 2017 Recap & 2018 Forecast for Mobile, Web & IoT testing

2018 has officially arrived! Before we jump head first into the New Year, let’s review some of the most impactful events, trends and changes that took place this past year. When I reflect back, there are a few changes and challenges that stand out in the mobile, browser & IOT  testing world. If you want to stay ahead of the ball (drop) in 2018, here are a few topics that took off this past year and are sure to continue in the upward trend for 2018:

  1. Digital Innovations and Transformations for Mobile and Web & IoT
  2. The Rise of AI and ML tools and Smarter Test Practices
  3. Continuous Testing and Automation for DevOps have become the standard
  4. Just for fun – Unforgettable Quality Issues Bloopers


Not surprising, both Google and Apple continued to take charge in 2017. Google terminated the “Nexus” brand and launched the new and successful Pixel. They also put more emphasis on mobile OEM’s adopting the latest OS versions. From what we have seen in the latest Factors Magazine, it seems to have moved the needle in the mobile arena because the top Android devices are spread “only” across 3 OS families (Android 8.x, 7.x and 6.x).

Apple has added 3 new iPhones plus a new iPad to the iOS market this year. The biggest news for Apple in 2017 can be summarized into 2 points: iPhone X premium device launch and the constant iOS11 quality issues. There have been 8 patch releases to iOS11 since the launch on September 19th causing a lot of disruption in the overall mobile landscape. Which is forcing organizations to respond, adjust and plan for all of the patch releases causing chaos.

Apple also introduced a better version of its Apple Watch that now has the ability to independently serve as your phone by making/receiving calls. They also made enhancements to the audio capabilities, augmented reality (ARKit) and the smart home.


With respect to the web, 2017 served as a springboard to what we’re about to see in 2018. This year, we’ve seen a clear realization of the value in moving to a Responsive Web Design (RWD) site, and many enterprises either completed the shift or are in advanced stages of completing that shift soon. Next year, with the help of desktop browser vendors such as Google, we will see an advanced approach to web development that embraces Adaptive and Progressive practices. This will enable users to do much more within their browsers including location based activities, receiving push notifications and other native capabilities that were mostly mobile oriented till now.

We’ve also seen a growth in 2017 of the rise in quality responsibility by desktop browser providers that include Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple. These vendors invested in their browsers and enhanced their developer tools to include useful capabilities around accessibility validations, test coverage, network coverage and HAR file analysis, performance measurements and more. Google even took a step forward in releasing Puppeteer to allow more modern headless desktop browser testing.


Lastly, we’ve seen a standardization and adoption of IoT devices in specific use cases across verticals like Healthcare and retail. What we’re going to see more in 2018, is the standardization of DevOps methodologies that cover these devices.

The Rise of AI and ML tools and Smarter Test Practices

In 2017, organizations have been challenged with shortening their testing activities that spans authoring, debugging, execution and maintenance. This challenge expands quality responsibilities beyond QA to dev teams or creates a merge of Dev and Test roles in agile teams. We’ve seen a rise of a few new tools that aim to solve the flakiness of test automation, such as Appdiff or Testcraft. In order for these tools to evolve and deliver the required value, there needs to be a better design to tackle the non-critical use cases as part of the digital platforms within the DevOps processes. 2018 will most likely be the V1 of these AI and ML tools where organizations are starting to explore more and provide early feedback that will shape the entire tool suite.

Continuous Testing and Automation for DevOps have become the standard

Based on a recent publication by Forrester, 50% of enterprises are already post adoption of DevOps processes.

And we are seeing that those that have not successful adopting DevOps, are exploring practices such as BDD and TDD. These practices will allow them to better connect the business, dev, and test toward a working product that meets its business objective and overcomes technical skillsets within the extended agile teams.

In  2018 , in addition to tackeling challenges around integrating AI, and ML tools, in order to achieve a higher degree of automation, organizations will face the challenge of managing large data on a daily basis which is a product of the continuous development activities and in order to enhance quality, organizations will mature the shifting to the build cycle with non-functional testing that includes performance, accessibility and security.

Unforgettable Quality Issues in 2017

We cannot close out this year without mentioning some remarkable glitches that made the news this year..AKA the digital  bloopers of 2017.  We picked our top 3 and  hope for a “cleaner” 2018!

Happy New Year and Happy Testing!

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Best iOS Games Review Recap: ‘Gorogoa’, ‘Fez Pocket Edition’, ‘Life is Strange’, ‘Oddworld: New n Tasy’, ‘Ace Attorney Investigations’ and ‘Inside’

The weeks leading up to the annual holiday iTunes Connect freeze are always pretty wild, but they’ve been snowballing over the years to being these unbelievable onslaughts of new high profile games being sprayed on to the App Store. We had all hands on deck this week to review as many of them as we could, and along with all the other news of the week it’s possible you might have missed some of ’em. Here’s a quick recap:

5 Stars:

Gorogoa, $ 4.99Review – With its sense of artistic cohesion and its inventiveness, Gorogoa impressed me as few other puzzle games have, and I can’t see any player who enjoys puzzle games even a bit not enjoying it. It might not be the longest game in App Store history, but it also doesn’t overstay its welcome, which can be an issue with story-heavy puzzle games. Gorogoa really is a gem of a game that belongs on most people’s devices and one that will cast its magic on you as soon as you start playing. …Read More

4.5 Stars:

FEZ Pocket Edition, $ 4.99Review – Fez is a very good game, and I love how the player never really faces any consequences for failure. It goes a long way in creating an experience that’s fun from beginning to end, instead of being loaded with frustration because you ran out of continues and missed a jump. The virtual controls are basically in line with most other games that have reasonably decent virtual button configurations, but the “real” way to play Fez is with an MFi controller.

Whether you pair a controller, or wrestle with virtual buttons, as long as you’re actually playing Fez, you’ll be in for a great time. …Read More

Life Is Strange, $ 2.99Review – Since this is the first episode, Dontnod did a great job with making me hate the episodic format upon release. The first episode literally had me craving for more and the wait for episode 2 was unbearable. You won’t need to worry about that because Episodes 2 and 3 are available right now via in app purchase with the remaining episodes launching early next year. I hope the visual issues and some performance issues are ironed out because this could end up being the best way to experience Life is Strange. The lack of proper controller support is baffling because this exists on multiple consoles. Out of all the point and click adventure experiences available today, Life is Strange is my favourite by a long shot. I hope this does well for Square Enix so they can port Life is Strange: Before the Storm as well. …Read More

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, $ 7.99ReviewOddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! is a faithful port of an excellent classic remake. If you game with an MFi controller, it’s a ridiculously easy title to recommend. In the absence of that option, you need only ask yourself how well you can cope with what is a relatively complex layout of virtual buttons. If nothing else, the controls are better here than they were in the other mobile Oddworld titles. If you were okay with those games, you’ll be more than fine here. If not, you may want to skip this one. But I really do suggest giving them a solid go. The game is fantastic, and if you have to spend a little time adjusting to the controls to experience it, you’ll still find the effort worth it in the end. …Read More

4 Stars:

Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS, FreeReviewAce Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is a little different from the usual Ace Attorney game, but it carries a similar feel and quality that should please fans of the other games. The mobile version is sensibly improved from the original Nintendo DS release, as well. Adventure game fans would do well to give this game a look. As with other Ace Attorney games, it’s a bit of a long haul, with over 20 hours of play required to reach the ending, but you won’t notice the time passing by for a pretty good portion of that. …Read More

Playdead’s INSIDE, FreeReview – I probably would’ve scored Inside quite a bit lower had the port not be so unbelievably well done. I started playing it on my iPad, and it occurred to me that I should check and see if it’s iPhone X optimized. I downloaded the game on my iPhone, and not only is it in full iPhone X widescreen, but it just automagically loaded my save game from my iPad on the first launch without me needing to do anything. This kind of cross-compataibility and iCloud syncing magic is the exact kind of future I want to be living in. Developers bringing their games to the App Store from other platforms should take a good long look at Inside.

If you enjoyed Limbo (or similar trial and error puzzle games), chances are you didn’t even need this review to smash the buy button- You’ll really dig Inside. However, if you’re like me and aren’t really into the obtuseness of it all, there’s a lot to like about it but I’m not sure I’d consider the game a must-have. …Read More


Recap of today’s Essential AMA – Portrait mode, Oreo beta, and more

Essential promised to hold AMA (Ask me anything) sessions on Reddit to keep the transparency and intimacy between customers and fans, alike. Today’s AMA session came and went and we’re going to take a look at some of the points that were touched on earlier today. Probably the most significant piece of information from the AMA is that the camera will be receiving and update that will enable portrait mode on the Essential PH-1 and Android Oreo Beta V2 is coming next week. Here are the points that were discussed during Essential’s AMA on November 29 2017. The AMA was held by Rebecca… – Latest articles

Rumor recap: Who was right and wrong about the iPhone X and iPhone 8

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It’s increasingly difficult for Apple to surprise fans at its keynote presentation thanks to persistent leaks. But this year proved even more leaky than usual, thanks largely to Apple itself. AppleInsider offers a recap of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 rumor cycle, with a breakdown of who got what right — and wrong.
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IFA 2017 recap – the hot smartphones we saw in Berlin

Another edition of the IFA congress is over and done and it was an eventful one. Samsung decided to forgo its big Galaxy Note8 announcement from IFA but LG, Sony and Motorola all showcased their next flagships during the tech congress. So here’s a recap of all we saw from Berlin. Alcatel Alcatel had four smartphones and a smartwatch to show at IFA 2017. The Idol 5S, Idol 5, A7 XL and A7 alongside the Movetime watch. alcatel Idol 5s • alcatel Idol 5 • alcatel A7 Here’s our hands-on. Archos Starting in alphabetical order and starting off big with Archos. The… – Latest articles