Android P will prevent apps from quietly hijacking your camera

The threat of someone hijacking your phone's camera to spy on you unawares is sometimes overstated, but it's definitely a possibility. Enough so, in fact, that Google is determined to do something about it. Recently discovered code submissions show t…
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Government websites have quietly been running cryptocoin mining scripts

A security researcher has discovered thousands of legitimate websites — many belonging to local governments and government agencies — running scripts that secretly force visitors’ computers to mine cryptocoins. In the UK, both the websites of the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Student Loan Company have found to be affected. The mining scripts were also found on the websites of the General Medical Council and NHS Inform. Ummm, so yeah, this is *bad*. I just had @phat_hobbit point out that @ICOnews has a cryptominer installed on their site… 😮 — Scott Helme (@Scott_Helme) February 11, 2018 On the other…

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Google Clips quietly went up for sale overnight

Google Clips official

Earlier this month, we saw the Google Clips pass through the FCC and we speculated that its release might be near. It looks like that was the case.

Google Clips went up for sale overnight. Customers that purchased the device were told that their orders would ship in early March, but now it looks like Google has stopped take orders and is letting anyone interested in Clips join a waitlist.

It’s unclear when Google Clips might be available again.

Announced late last year, Google Clips is a clip-on camera that can capture photos and seven-second moving images without audio. Google says that the camera is smart enough to recognize expressions on people’s faces as well as lighting and framing. Clips is also said to get smarter over time and that the more you’re with someone, the more it’ll learn to capture images of them. It can pick up pets, too.

Google Clips has a 130-degree field of view and 16GB of storage. It charges over USB-C and has 3 hours of smart capture battery life. To view your images, you can pair your Android or iOS phone with your camera.

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NSA quietly deletes ‘honesty’ and ‘openness’ from mission statement

Since at least May of 2016, the National Security Agency prominently displayed a mission statement with “honesty” atop its core values. It appears its priorities have changed. On January 12, the NSA removed the mission statement before replacing it with a newer version. As The Intercept first noticed, the new “Mission & Values” statement not only removes “honesty” as its top priority, but strips any mention of “trust,” “honor,” and “openness” from the page. Other core values remain, such as “integrity,” “transparency,” and “respect for the law.” Replacing “honesty,” is “commitment to service” and “respect for people.” They read: Commitment…

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Twitter quietly added Notification Channel support to its Android app

One of the new features in Android 8.0 Oreo was Notification Channels. This gives users the ability to toggle categories of app notifications from the Android settings. WhatsApp was the latest high-profile app to add support for the feature, and now it appears Twitter is joining the club.

To be clear, we aren’t sure when Twitter added Notification Channels, because there was no announcement or changelog update. We tested different versions of the app, all the way back to v7.15.0 from September of last year, and all of those updates included Notification Channels.

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