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Apple, LG & Valve pump $10M into OLED ‘microdisplay’ maker eMagin

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Further signaling Apple’s augmented reality plans, the company has joined LG and Valve in a $ 10 million investment into eMagin, a maker of "microdisplays" for both AR and VR technology.
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Freemie Liberty breast pump lets mothers set and forget

While a lot of CES’s flashier showings revolved around cars, or massive televisions, or VR, or robots, equally revolutionary are less-conspicuous bits of tech that aim to make life easier for a subset of users. Case in point, the Freemie Liberty breast pump, which debuted this year. What is it? The Freemie Liberty pump, developed by Dao Health, is hands-free and is attached to a timer. Mothers can set the timer to pump, and it will stop when the timer runs out. This frees the mother up to do other things, though Dr. Stella Dao, the Freemie’s inventor, thinks it’ll…

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Dell to pump in $3 billion to further its IoT vision in coming three years

Dell Technologies has unveiled its Internet of Things vision and strategy which includes a new IoT division as well as new IoT-specific products, labs, partner programmes and consumption models. The company plans to invest a total of $ 3 billion in IoT over the next three years.

Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, said: “IoT is fundamentally changing how we live, how organizations operate and how the world works. Dell Technologies is leading the way for our customers with a new distributed computing architecture that brings IoT and artificial intelligence together in one, interdependent ecosystem from the edge to the core to the cloud. The implications for our global society will be nothing short of profound.”

The new IoT division will be headed by Ray O’Farrell, CTO at VMware. It will work on developing IoT products and solutions across the Dell Technologies Group.

O’Farrell said: “Dell Technologies has long seen the opportunity within the rapidly growing world of IoT, given its rich history in the edge computing market. Our new IoT division will leverage the strength across all of Dell Technologies family of businesses to ensure we deliver the right solution – in combination with our vast partner ecosystem – to meet customer needs and help them deploy integrated IoT systems with greater ease.”

The company is already gearing towards its goal with the launch of a slew of new product development initiatives. Project Nautilus enables real-time ingestion and querying of data streams from IoT gateways. Project Fire, a hyper converged platform and part of the VMware Pulse family of IoT solutions, offers simplified management, local compute, storage and IoT applications such as real-time analytics. Project IRIS, a security analytics offering, is under development by RSA Labs. The company is also investing in five start-ups dedicated towards IoT, AI and machine learning: Edico Genome, FogHorn Systems, Graphcore, Moogsoft, and Zingbox.

Some of the new IoT services initiatives include the IoT Vision Workshop, which identifies and prioritises high-value business use cases for IoT data, and the IoT Technology Advisory which develops the overall IoT architecture and roadmap for implementation.

What are your thoughts on Dell’s IoT investment and vision? Let us know in the comments.

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Apple to pump $2.7 billion in LG Display to secure OLED panels for future iPhones

According to a new report out of South Korea today, Apple is investing KRW 3 trillion (about $ 2.7 billion) in LG Display. The point of this is to ensure a stable supply of OLED panels for future iPhones, the ones coming in 2018 and beyond. We’ve already heard that Apple plans on going OLED-only for its handsets starting next year, and this sort of confirms that. The investment will basically serve as an advance payment for said OLED panels to be manufactured in the future. Apple has long been rumored to have made a deal with Samsung for the OLED screen of the iPhone 8 coming this year, but…

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