Facebook fights fake news with author info, rolls out publisher context

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Red flags and “disputed” tags just entrenched people’s views about suspicious news articles, so Facebook is hoping to give readers a wide array of info so they can make their own decisions about what’s misinformation. Facebook will try showing links to a journalist’s Wikipedia entry, other articles, and a follow button to help users make up their mind about whether they’re a legitimate source of news. The test will show up to a subset of users in the U.S. when users click on the author’s name within an Instant Article if the author’s publisher has implemented Facebook’s author tags.

Meanwhile, Facebook is rolling out to everyone in the U.S. its test from October that gives readers more context about publications by showing links to their Wikipedia pages, related articles about the same topic, how many times the article has been shared and where, and a button for following the publisher within an “About This Article” button. Facebook will also start to show whether friends have shared the article, and a a snapshot of the publisher’s other recent articles.

Since much of this context can be algorithmically generated rather than relying on human fact checkers, the system could scale much more quickly to different languages and locations around the world.

These moves are designed to feel politically neutral to prevent Facebook from being accused of bias. After former contractors reported that they suppressed conservative Trending topics on Facebook in 2016, Facebook took a lot of heat for supposed liberal bias. That caused it to hesitate when fighting fake news before the 2016 Presidential election…and then spend the next two years dealing with the backlash for allowing misinformation to run rampant.

Newsroom: Article Context Launch Video

Posted by Facebook on Monday, April 2, 2018

Facebook’s partnerships with outside fact checkers that saw red Disputed flags added to debunked articles actually backfired. Those sympathetic to the false narrative saw the red flag as a badge of honor, clicking and sharing any way rather than allowing someone else to tell them they’re wrong.

That’s why today’s rollout and new test never confront users directly about whether an article, publisher, or author is propagating fake news. Instead Facebook hopes to build a wall of evidence as to whether a source is reputable or not.

If other publications have similar posts, the publisher or author have well-established Wikipedia articles to back up their integrity, and if the publisher’s other articles look legit, users could draw their own conclusion that they’re worth beleiving. But if there’s no Wikipedia links, other publications are contradicting them, no friends have shared it, and a publisher or author’s other articles look questionable too, Facebook might be able to incept the idea that the reader should be skeptical.

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Facebook adds 360-degree photos and HD video to Messenger, publisher information to News Feed

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Facebook is rolling out new features today to what are arguably its most important products: the News Feed and Messenger. On the Messenger side, you’ll get panoramic photos and HD video support. Meanwhile, the News Feed will get additional tools to help you assess the credibility of a publication that appears in your Feed.

Facebook added support for sending images up to 4K resolution in Messenger recently, and now you can do even bigger images in the form of panoramas.

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Facebook adds 360-degree photos and HD video to Messenger, publisher information to News Feed was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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New York Media’s publisher says Apple News is in ‘really early days’, sees potential in platform

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Facebook has been getting a lot of heat as of late due to its users’ privacy concerns about the platform. New York Media’s CRO and publisher Avi Zimak takes a deeper dive into online media as a whole, more specifically noting that Apple News has promise.



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OpenX Announces GDPR Publisher Compliance Ahead of Schedule

OpenX, a leading global independent advertising technology provider, confirmed to MMW head of the weekend that it is one of the first advertising exchanges globally now in compliance with its publisher obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — a full four months before the May deadline.

As a free and open contribution to the ad tech community, OpenX is also making available a GDPR-ready data processing agreement (DPA) drafted in consultation with leading U.S. and EU privacy counsel.

This “open source” DPA was published today to www.openx.com/GDPR as a resource for publishers to expedite their compliance process with other technology partners that may process the publisher’s EU personal data. OpenX is also making available other GDPR-related resources on its website, including a guide for obtaining certification under the Privacy Shield, which is an important legal mechanism for validating the transfer of EU personal data out of the EU to the U.S.

“GDPR is the single most significant regulation in the history of digital advertising,” said Doug McPherson, chief administrative officer and general counsel at OpenX. “It replaces a patchwork of EU national rules with a single regulatory framework with global reach and strict penalties for those who fail to comply. GDPR applies to every company, wherever they are located, that offers goods or services to EU citizens or receives, stores or sends personal data from any EU citizen. At OpenX, we are committed to being the highest quality and most trusted partner to the thousands of leading publishers and top brands that rely upon our exchange. We committed early on to investing significantly in GDPR compliance and in educating the industry about its implications. We have taken the extra step today to make available a data processing agreement and other resources in order to move the entire industry towards greater accountability and trust.”

According to one recent analysis, leading publishers today can have hundreds of technology partners with access to their consumer data via code on their page. Under GDPR, publishers will be responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance for data security for every single partner they allow to access their data. Failure to comply effectively could result in significant penalties — up to the greater of €20,000,000 or 4% of worldwide annual revenue.

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‘Skullgirls’ relaunches on mobile as developer ditches publisher

Stylized fighting game Skullgirls came out for mobile in May of last year. It was developed by Autumn Games and initially published by Line. Now, the developer has decided to part ways with the publisher and go back to being independent. As a result…
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Recode Daily: Spotify is socked with a $1.6 billion lawsuit by Tom Petty’s and Neil Young’s music publisher

Plus, Peter Thiel’s monster bet on bitcoin, the lucrative industry of Addiction Inc., and your first meme of 2018.

In 2009, Iranian protestors relied on Twitter. Now they’re flocking to Telegram, a messaging app that lets them communicate privately. In response, the Iranian government is trying to block the app, along with other social media tools like Instagram. In other news cycles, Telegram has been criticized as a tool used by terrorists. [Sam Schechner, Stu Woo / Wall Street Journal]

Spotify has been hit with a $ 1.6 billion lawsuit from a music publisher that represents titles by Tom Petty, Neil Young and Stevie Nicks.Wixen Music Publishing alleges that Spotify is underpaying songwriters and streaming thousands of songs without a proper license. The suit comes as Spotify preps for a long-awaited IPO. [Variety]

Founders Fund, the venture capital firm co-founded by Peter Thiel made a monster bet on bitcoin last summer, and that $ 15 million to $ 20 million investment is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. [The Wall Street Journal]

Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son has changed the startup game with his aggressive investing and enormous checkbook. Bloomberg looks into the SoftBank CEO’s eccentric, relentless deal-making, and asks — does he know what he’s doing?[Bloomberg]

With millions falling victim to America’s opioid epidemic, here’s a four-part series that looks at Addiction Inc. — the $ 35 billion recovery industry — and on its fringes, the marketing wizards, urine-testing millionaires, addicts-turned-entrepreneurs and other opportunistic people clustering around the lucrative business of turning addicts into customers and billable fortunes. [The New York Times]

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Spotify sued for $1.6 billion by publisher for Tom Petty, Neil Young, other major artists

Spotify could be in some trouble. $ 1.6 billion worth of trouble, to be exact. Variety reports that the music streaming giant is being sued by the Wixen Publishing Company for allegedly using thousands of popular songs by major artists without permission or proper compensation.

To understand Wixen’s grievance, it’s important to distinguish between the music labels (the record companies) and the music publishers. Generally, the labels recruit artists, market their music and videos, and may also handle recording, distribution, and myriad other aspects of music production.

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Spotify sued for $ 1.6 billion by publisher for Tom Petty, Neil Young, other major artists was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Google shows more publisher info in search amid fake news fight

Google's approach to combatting fake news divides pretty cleanly between overt tactics and less obvious methods. Today's announcement falls into the latter camp. Now when you search for a publication by name, cards will populate with all kinds of inf…
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Facebook tries fighting fake news with publisher info button on links

 Facebook thinks showing Wikipedia entries about publishers and additional Related Articles will give users more context about the links they see. So today it’s beginning a test of a new “i” button on News Feed links that opens up an informational panel. “People have told us that they want more information about what they’re reading” Facebook product manager… Read More
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A new publisher is accused of cheating the NYT bestseller list to promote its book

Handbook for Mortals, the debut novel from Lani Sarem, hit bookstores last week and quickly reached the number one spot on The New York Times Young Adult Hardcover Bestseller list. The novel is about a young woman named Zade Holder with some special powers who joins a magic show in Las Vegas, where she falls into a love triangle and has her abilities tested as pressure to succeed in the show mounts.

While a YA fantasy novel hitting a bestseller list isn’t all that uncommon, Handbook for Mortals earned a considerable amount of scrutiny when some authors and publishers began to look into the novel’s surprisingly high sales figures, eventually prompting the Times to remove the book from its list.

Sarem and her publisher are now accused of…

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