Atari shows its non-functional ‘VCS’ console prototype at GDC 2018

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Last June, venerated gaming company Atari announced that it was making a comeback. Specifically, that it would be jumping back into the console market with a retro-style entertainment system it dubbed at the time, the Ataribox. Eleven months later, w…
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Bose forays into AR with audio-only AR glasses prototype, to invest $50 million

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At SXSW, Bose announced that it is foraying into the AR game but unlike many AR tech out there, Bose is all about audio that will be delivered through a “wafer-thin acoustics package. It also introduced a new prototype glasses to hear which Bose says is the future of mobile sound. The company also mentioned that it will make the SDK for the AR for developers this summer. The AR glasses though doesn’t change or add 3D objects in what you see, but it will know what you’re looking at without an integrated lens or phone camera. Bose AR adds an audible layer of information and experiences which will make your daily experience better. The company specifically developed the wafer-thin acoustics package technology for the platform which will represent the future of mobile micro-sound with power and clarity. The technology can be built into the headphones, eyewear, helmets and more. It can be controlled with simple head gestures, voice, or a tap on the wearable to control content. The first AR prototype glasses were engineered and manufactured by Bose. They are compatible with Bluetooth, has microphone support for calls, Siri or Google Assistant integration. It is Bose’s new proprietary technology that keeps audio private with an ultra-slim, ultra-light, ultra-miniaturized acoustic package embedded discreetly in …
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OnePlus 6 will have a 19:9 screen with a notch, prototype scores 276,510 in AnTuTu

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The notched screen a la iPhone X is the latest trend (don’t call it a fad) in the Android world, one which has been picking up steam disturbingly fast. And according to a new leak, the upcoming OnePlus 6 will go with the flow and come with a notch of its own. This development was first revealed in a leaked live image from last month, which also tells us that it will be incredibly hard to tell the OnePlus 6 and the Oppo R15 apart. The shared design isn’t surprising, given past antics and the fact that both Oppo and OnePlus are owned by BBK Electronics. Anyway, the OnePlus 6 is to have a… – Latest articles

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Bidding for rare Mac prototype starts at 99 cents

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A rare Macintosh prototype that was once rescued from the trash recently sold for more than $10,000 on eBay. But the winning bidder backed out and now, the clear-plastic Macintosh Portable M5126 laptop is back on the auction site. Bidding started at 99 cents with no reserve. It initially sold for $10,154.52 after 96 bids […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Alleged Xperia XZ2 Compact prototype leaks ahead of MWC

A reader left a comment on a post from Xperia Blog with an alleged photo of the Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact that is set to be announced at the MWC which kicks off this upcoming weekend. The commenter claims that the device next to the Xperia Z5 Compact is actually a prototype of the Xperia XZ2 Compact. The commenter also says that the picture might not represent final hardware and may be different from what Sony announces on stage at the MWC. The device has a curved bottom design, which deviates from Sony’s usual blocky slab design. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (left) next to alleged Sony… – Latest articles

Microsoft Band 3 prototype reveals the wearable that might have been

When Microsoft killed its Band wearables, a leak emerged of what was believed to be the cancelled third-generation model. Well, it's real — and it says a lot about what Microsoft was thinking before it pulled the plug. Windows Central has obtained…
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Meet OverCl0ck, a developer-focused prototype jailbreak for watchOS 3

There’ve been countless jailbreak tools for iPhones and iPads over the years, but we’ve never really seen one for the Apple Watch since it first debuted in 2015. On the other hand, that could change very soon.

iOS developer PsychoTea published the first beta of an Apple Watch-oriented jailbreak tool to GitHub on Friday. Dubbed OverCl0ck, it’s an early prototype and could potentially change how users interact with Apple’s premier wearable device…. Read the rest of this post here

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A Tesla Semi Prototype Spotted in California is Swift, Sleek, and Silent

Swift and Silent

Tesla’s electric semi-truck is not only more environmentally friendly than its competitors, but it is also quieter than the typical diesel-powered truck that barrels down the street. An eight-second YouTube video, first revealed by Inverse, shows a sleek Tesla Semi prototype gliding swiftly and almost silently through an intersection in Sunnyvale, California, near the company’s Palo Alto headquarters. Watch it below.

The prototype features impact-resistant glass, a streamlined cabin design, and the ability to accelerate from zero to 97 km/h (60 mph) in five seconds when not carrying cargo. After pushing back the unveiling date twice due to Tesla’s Model 3 production delays and the company’s humanitarian efforts in Puerto Rico, CEO Elon Musk finally unveiled the much-anticipated Tesla Semi prototype in November 2017.

Revolutionizing Hauling

Though the lowest-priced model costs a cool $ 150,000, the truck is supposed to travel 483 km (300 miles) on a single charge. The more expensive $ 180,000-model can go even farther, with a range of 805 km (500 miles). While those costs were higher than some analysts anticipated, Musk asserted that the electric semi costs less to operate than typical diesel rigs by about $ 0.16 per km ($ 0.25 per mile).

Though the vehicle isn’t scheduled for production until 2019, companies are already buying into Musk’s sales pitch of a cheaper, greener truck en masse. By the end of 2017, 18 companies — including Walmart and Pepsi Co. — had pre-ordered at least one truck. UPS topped the list, reserving 125 vehicles.

Hopefully, Tesla’s production team will be able to keep to Musk’s scheduling promises. But the odds could be slim, given that the company’s Model 3 electric car production fell well short of Musk’s 2017 goals. Delayed production or not, however, this new YouTube footage reveals that the new truck will be making our streets quieter whenever it does finally hit the road.

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Prototype satellite makes way for 4K ‘Earth observation’

British company Earth-i confirmed the successful launch of a prototype satellite earlier today. Called the CARBONITE-2, it's an early test version of a planned constellation (the Vivid-i) that will be the first network bringing full color, full motio…
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Boeing’s New Prototype Cargo Drone Can Carry up to 500 Pounds

Do You Even Lift?

Typically, when imagining a drone, one might picture something relatively small that can only carry a smartphone, camera, or another equally small object. Boeing, however, just revealed a new cargo drone that’s capable of lifting 500 pounds.

The unmanned cargo aerial vehicle (CAV) prototype is much larger than anything you can find in a store. It’s 15 feet long (4.57 meters), 18 feet wide (5.49 meters) and 4 feet tall. It also weighs 747 pounds.

A team of Boeing HorizonX engineers worked on the cargo drone for 3 months, equipping it with eight propeller blades and vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) capabilities. It recently completed its first series of test flights at Boeing’s research lab in Missouri.

“This flying cargo air vehicle represents another major step in our Boeing eVTOL strategy,” said Greg Hyslop, Boeing Chief Technology Officer, in a statement. “We have an opportunity to really change air travel and transport, and we’ll look back on this day as a major step in that journey.”

The Future of Autonomous Aircraft

Specifics related to the drone’s top speed and range were not shared. However, that’s not too unsurprising, given it’s unlikely Boeing will mass produce this particular drone.

Instead, the cargo drone will be used as a test bed to facilitate the development and testing of better autonomous technology and vehicles, such as the electric VTOL being designed by Aurora Flight Sciences (bought by Boeing in October), and whatever “urban mobility” products it explores as part of its partnership with Near Earth Autonomy.

“Our new CAV prototype builds on Boeing’s existing unmanned systems capabilities and presents new possibilities for autonomous cargo delivery, logistics and other transportation applications,” added Steve Nordlund, vice president of Boeing HorizonX. “The safe integration of unmanned aerial systems is vital to unlocking their full potential. Boeing has an unmatched track record, regulatory know-how and systematic approach to deliver solutions that will shape the future of autonomous flight.”

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