Deepin Desktop Props Up Pardus Linux

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The Pardus Linux distro offers an inviting computing experience with both old and new options. However, a dual development path narrows its user appeal. Pardus suffers from sharing its personality — splitting its attention between an enterprise edition and a community version. While they both share the same distro name, they come from different developer teams. Pardus began as a Gentoo-based project before rebranding with a new identity. Prior to 2012, the original developers lost funding. Then the Turkish government began sponsoring the OS.
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Up close with the costumes and props of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is barely two months away, but Disney has nevertheless managed to keep a tight grip on details, releasing just a short trailer and a behind-the-scenes reel thus far. But here at New York Comic Con, Lucasfilm has put together an exhibition giving fans the chance to see some of the props and costumes from the film up close and personal.

Tucked away in the back of the exhibition hall, the booth is designed to look as though it’s the deck of a First Order Star Destroyer, with gray walls and harsh lighting. Installations like the one at London’s Star Wars Celebration in 2016 have sometimes showcased a number of never-before-seen costumes and props, but this display primarily focuses on items that eagle-eyed audiences…

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