GroupM Agrees Claims Majority Stake in Promising Indian Company

WPP announced Monday that its wholly-owned global media investment group, GroupM, has agreed to acquire a majority stake in The Glitch, a digitally-led creative agency.

The Glitch was founded in 2009 and employs around 200 people in Mumbai and Delhi.

According to a provided statement, that The Glitch’s full-service capabilities include digital, video and content strategy, interactive design technology, ecommerce, branding and media planning. Clients include Unilever, Netflix, OYO Rooms, Shutterstock, Tinder and others in the entertainment, beauty and FMCG sectors.

The Glitch’s revenues for the year ending 31 March 2017 were around INR 214 million with gross assets of around INR 175 million as at the same date.

We’re told that the acquisition will “continue GroupM’s growth strategy in one of the world’s most dynamic economies, and offer clients access to a wide portfolio of leading-edge digital marketing services and holistic content solutions.”

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Latest Galaxy S9 Leak Reveals Its ‘Most Promising Feature’

In the run-up to their confirmed, February 25 unveiling, we’ve seen a trove of leaked info and images purporting to show Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+. And while we know for the most part what to expect of the high-end duo from a spec, feature, and design standpoint, it’s reasonable to assume they’ll also boast some next-generation capabilities, which we probably wont learn more about until the company’s official press conference.. Well, not if famed serial-leaker Evan Blass has his say in it.

Blass, who goes by @evleaks on Twitter, was back on Thursday for the second time this week with fresh details about the Galaxy S9. Earlier, Blass leaked a round of what appeared to be official press images of the S9 and S9+ adorned in Samsung’s stunning Lilac Purple color.

Late Thursday, he was back with yet another Tweet revealing one of the S9’s “most promising features” — err, accessories..

DeX Pad

Last year, Samsung released its DeX Dock accessory alongside the Galaxy 8 and 8+, allowing those devices to dock — and connect via USB/HDMI — with compatible TVs or external displays, giving users access to the company’s PC-style Desktop Experience.

For 2018, the South Korean company is expected to replace its DeX Dock with an all-new DeX Pad accessory, according to the leaked photos Blass published to Twitter.

It’s a total sight for sore eyes, to be sure. But DeX Pad is clearly designed for features and functionality over anything else.

The unit will allegedly boast familiar DeX Dock capabilities allowing users to “transform” their S9 or S9+ into a PC wannabe. Though, unlike its predecessor, DeX Pad will interestingly allow users to turn their S9 or S9+ into a mouse pad or keyboard during Android PC mode.

DeX Pad will also include a wide range of ports to facilitate these capabilities, including HDMI, USB-A, USB-C, and, yes, even a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Blass followed up with another Tweet later in the day, providing a link which leads to a DeX Pad ordering form on Tessco’s website. And though additional details including the unit’s price and release date weren’t revealed by the listing, Tessco says DeX Pad will be retroactively compatible with devices including the Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8.

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[Turing to dust] Turing Robotics files for bankruptcy in Finland, CEO keeps promising fairy dust

If all the previous “news” coming out of the company wasn’t deturing enough for you, here’s another chapter in the Turing Robotic Industries saga: it has now filed for bankruptcy in Finland. The company, which started by promising an ultra-secure smartphone in 2015 with Android 5.1 but turned around and decided on Sailfish OS instead, only to keep on delaying production again and again then promise one outrageous upgrade after the other, has, surprisingly, run out of funds. Gasp.

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Promising Action Survival Game ‘Headshot ZD: Survivors vs Zombie Doomsday’ Launching Tomorrow

Back in October of last year, developer NANOO Company announced their latest release following such titles as the popular hack ‘n slash Dark Sword [Free] and the idle clicker RPG Final Taptasy [Free]. Called Headshot ZD: Survivors vs Zombie Doomsday (that’s a mouthful!) you’ll try to survive the zombie apocalypse by blasting them with a variety of weapons and rescuing survivors and collecting resources along the way. This all happens via side-scrolling action somewhat similar to another classic mobile zombie shooter Zombieville USA 2 [$ 0.99], and Headshot ZD features some of the nicest pixel art I’ve seen in some time. Check out the official trailer.

After hoping to release Headshot ZD back in October, development ended up taking longer than expected and the date slipped to November, and then December, and then… well, that brings us to this month of January. Thankfully that January projection looks to hold true as NANOO has announced that Headshot ZD will be arriving tomorrow, January 30th. I know that zombie shooters have gotten pretty long in the tooth over the years, but I absolutely love side-scrolling action games such as these and given NANOO’s previous releases I’m confident we’re in for another quality release here. Until the game arrives sometime in the next day or so, you can read more about it and discuss this one in our forums, otherwise keep an eye out for Headshot ZD in the very immediate future.


Samsung Galaxy S9+ benchmark scores look promising

Today, we are taking a look at some GeekBench scores that show what the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is capable of. Well, at least the Snapdragon variant. The S9+ is expected to ship with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. The model number in the Benchmark results is SM-G965U1, which corresponds to the larger S9 model just as the Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S7 edge both had model numbers that ended in “5”. The “U” signifies an unlocked model, in this case for the US. The single-core score gets a noticeable bump over the Snapdragon 835’s of about 27% while the multicore score gets a 31% bump in… – Latest articles

The SEC is promising to get tough on cryptocurrencies — even as it gives them some tacit blessing

Jay Clayton weighs in with 2,300 words of guidance.

The SEC is offering some of its most extensive guidance to investors and Wall Street on how to handle the manic craze surrounding cryptocurrencies — warning traders that digital currency will be policed like old-fashioned currency as it grows more mainstream.

In a 2,300-word statement on Monday, SEC chairman Jay Clayton said that his agency was warily watching the spike in interest, which has led bitcoin to rise to more than $ 17,000 as of Monday afternoon. But he did give some tacit blessing to initial coin offerings, which have given entrepreneurs a new way to raise money outside of the typical venture capital system.

“I believe that initial coin offerings — whether they represent offerings of securities or not — can be effective ways for entrepreneurs and others to raise funding, including for innovative projects,” Clayton said. “However, any such activity that involves an offering of securities must be accompanied by the important disclosures, processes and other investor protections that our securities laws require.”

Clayton told individual investors to “ask questions and demand clear answers” from crypto-related investments pushed by celebrities, and to “exercise extreme caution” if someone guarantees financial returns.

And in a move closely watched by industry observers, Clayton reiterated that he had no patience for those who argue that the physical token — the object given to investors who participate in an initial coin offering — is not a security, and that ICOs should therefore be exempt from the SEC’s normal securities law.

“By and large, the structures of initial coin offerings that I have seen promoted involve the offer and sale of securities and directly implicate the securities registration requirements and other investor-protection provisions of our federal securities laws,” he said. “Generally speaking, these laws provide that investors deserve to know what they are investing in and the relevant risks involved.”

Clayton promises that his agency will “continue to police this area vigorously.”

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Promising Upcoming Shooter ‘Treasure Raiders’ Gets a Cool New Trailer

A couple of weeks ago, we checked out the debut trailer for Treasure Raiders, a new character-based action game with multiplayer elements from Oasis Games and NetEase. It looked really cool! And in a sea of endless generic free to play action RPGs on the App Store, its personality really helped Treasure Raiders stand out. With a target worldwide release of early 2018, Oasis and NetEase are starting to trickle out some new information about Treasure Raiders, and have also released a new trailer which focuses mostly on the character Charles and how he plays in the game. Check it out.

While the trailer is largely about Charles, there are some new details revealed today about all 5 of the characters in Treasure Raiders.

  • Charles is seeking to unravel the secret of his father’s disappearance. He uses ice as his primary element, wielding freezing and slow effects to limit the enemies’ movements. His electric weaponry can attack many enemies at once.
  • Sweet young Mary conceals a terrible monster within. Her weapons and equipment can do significant damage to either large groups or focused on one powerful boss.
  • Drake’s vulgar exterior hides his expertise and a heart of gold. The tank of the team, Drake’s weapons and equipment deliver punishing blows at short range while he absorbs incoming damage.
  • The mysterious Silver Seeker hides her true identity, but provides a variety of healing powers for her team.
  • Cursed baby Dr. Harry Potten must find a way to restore his former self. His tough mech provides reliable defense while shooting rockets at the enemy. He is adept at delivering both close-range and distance attacks to keep opponents on their toes.

And, just to break up all this text, here’s that previous trailer again which shows off each of the 5 characters in action.

As mentioned previously, Treasure Raiders will feature both PvP and PvE gameplay, and today they’ve detailed one of the main co-op features in the game which are the Challenge Dungeons. There are two types of Challenge Dungeon, Normal and Elite, with the Normal variety refreshing each day and the Elite ones refreshing each week. Within the Challenge Dungeons there are 5 types of events, which you’ll slowly unlock as you progress through the game: “Raid Ruins, Biochem Crisis, Phantom of the Castle, War Games, and Return of the Dead, each featuring three stages and each with its own unique style and challenges.” Clearing a dungeon will net all victorious players various types of rewards. A limited demo version of Treasure Raiders is available right now on Google Play if you’re on Android and want to take it for an early spin, otherwise look for the game’s worldwide launch early next year.


A Promising Gene Therapy Will Be Tried in Living Humans Next Year

Another Chance to Treat Heart Failure

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 6 million adults in the U.S. live with heart failure. Of those, at least half are expected to die within five years of their diagnosis. Needless to say, any advances made in terms of treatment for the condition would be invaluable — if not life-saving.

So far this year, the UK has implemented a new program that uses donor hearts to aid those suffering from heart failure. In October, the exciting news came that scientists had managed to successfully reverse advanced heart failure in mice. Those findings were particularly important to the future of treatments, as the hearts of mice and humans are actually incredibly similar.

In 2018, we will see the first human clinical trials for heart failure treatment in several years. Back in 2015, a biotech company called Celladon made several unsuccessful attempts. Since then, Dr. Roger J. Hajjar, a co-founder of Celladon and professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, has been hard at work developing a new form of treatment involving gene therapy. A recently concluded pig trial has laid the groundwork for the human trials Hajjar is planning for next year.

Hajjar and his Mount Sinai team treated 13 pigs with severe heart failure: 6 were given gene therapy treatment, while the remaining 7 received a placebo saline solution. The pigs who received the gene therapy treatment showed reduced heart failure by 25 percent in the left ventricle, and 20 percent in the left atrium. These locations are important considerations, as most humans suffering from heart failure typically have problems in the organ’s left ventricle.

The benefits of the treatment didn’t stop there: the pigs’ hearts were also reduced in size by 10 percent. Considering that pig hearts are roughly the same size as humans’, one could reasonably hope to see a similar change occur within human patients when the trials get underway.

Improved Gene Therapy

Hajjar’s gene therapy treatment is designed to introduce a gene into the body that controls a protein known as phosphatase-1. In patients with heart failure, the protein is typically found in high amounts; too much phosphatase-1 causes the heart to have a difficult time contracting.

“By identifying molecular targets that are known across the board in all patients with heart failure, we could treat all patients instead of just patients with certain genetic mutations,” Hajjar said, according to the MIT Technology Review.

As for the failed clinical trials back in 2015, Hajjar believes the gene therapy treatment wasn’t making it to enough heart muscles, which would be required to promote proper contractions. For both the pig trial and the upcoming human trial, the treatment has been tweaked so the gene is more efficient when injected into a major artery.

Walter Koch, director of the Center for Translational Medicine at Temple University, thinks the Mount Sinai study — the ultimate goal of which is to be able to treat advanced heart failure with a single injection — shows promise.

Beyond the effectiveness of the treatment, however, there’s also the matter of how much it would cost — both to produce and provide to patients. A report published in October in the MIT Technology Review revealed that such treatments could be expensive at first, but that the price could decrease over time.

Making gene therapy cheap and affordable is crucial not just to the success of treating heart failure, but any number of conditions that it may have the potential to treat. But heart failure is certainly a promising place to start, as millions of people suffer from the disease — and time is of the essence when it comes to offering potentially life-changing, if not life-saving, medical intervention.

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This hyperloop company is promising 200 mph travel without the vacuum tubes

Arrivo, the company founded by former SpaceX and Hyperloop One engineer Brogan BamBrogan, announced today that it had formed a partnership with Colorado’s Department of Transportation to build a hyperloop through the city of Denver.

Well, not a hyperloop exactly. First of all, there’s no tube involved, so the idea of traveling through a near-vacuum state at close to supersonic speeds has been replaced with a more modest proposal of whisking along a magnetized track that parallels preexisting freeways at 200 mph. The system could support your own personal vehicle, as well as cargo sleds and its own specially designed vehicles that could also travel on normal roads. It’s…

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HTC Vive Focus hands-on: a promising start for next-gen mobile VR

We've already heard the news about HTC's Vive Focus, so it was only natural to get my hands dirty with this standalone 6DoF (six-degree-of-freedom) VR headset. As it turned out, HTC delivered pre-production units to several developers two weeks ago,…
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