Clever looks to give teachers and students an easy-to-track progress report

 The classic problem of how teachers should devote resources to their students, such as helping students that are struggling in specific areas, is one that’s still ever-present — but it needs a deceptively-simple approach to making that more manageable, even if it’s just a colored progress bar if Clever CEO Tyler Bosmeny gets his way. That’s why Clever, a portal for… Read More
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5 Best Journal and Diary Apps for 2018 to Track Mood, Progress, and Resolutions

Journaling Apps

Most productivity experts agree that if there is one habit you should take up, it’s journaling. Steadily tracking your life has multiple benefits, such as meeting goals and new year resolutions, as well as being more aware of what makes you happy and grateful. If you haven’t started yet, these are five of the best journal and diary apps to ease you into the practice. These apps introduce journaling in different ways, from gentle reminders to harsh goals that take your money away if you miss your journaling deadline. By some way or other, you will learn the art of…

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‘Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm’ Progress Update and New Screens Released

Time is a funny thing when you’re waiting for a highly-anticipated game. It feels like just yesterday that Cornfox & Bros. announced Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, the sequel to the smash-hit action RPG Oceanhorn [$ 7.99], but in fact it was way back in August of 2016. Then in January of last year we got a bit of new info on the game as well as some new screenshots, followed by a lengthy in-game video of Oceanhorn 2 the following May. That, too, feels like it was just yesterday, but in fact it’s been a whopping 8 months since we’ve had any sort of update on what’s going on with Oceanhorn 2. Today Cornfox & Bros. broke that silence with a new blog post detailing what they’ve been up to, and they’ve released a handful of gorgeous new screenshots to go with it. Check ’em out.

That, my friends, is some good stuff. So, what exactly has Cornfox & Bros. been up to since we last heard about Oceanhorn 2? Well it’s not really that complicated, they’ve simply been adding more and more to the game, building a huge world and a huge adventure for us to enjoy. Surprisingly, the development team is just 5 people, so making a game of this scope is understandably taking quite a long time. And for reference, the screens above were taken on an iPhone 7 Plus, so I expect the game to look even better on Apple’s even newer devices. The developers hope to release more looks at the game, including some new videos, in the coming weeks as progress continues, so keep an eye out for that and be sure to follow along in our forums for all the latest news on the very promising Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm.