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Organizing your life so that it works for you instead of against you is a great way to lower overall stress and free up some brain power. Wunderlist is a to-do list and task manager that allows you to easily keep track of any area of life, get reminders about what you need to do, and collaborate with others from right within the app. I also use Wunderlist to make lists of random things I want to remember, such as movies I want to watch or books I want to read. On the surface, it’s easy to look at Wunderlist and see just a to-do app, but the plethora of features make it an incredible tool for staying organized and on top of things without having to remember it all yourself. We’ll go over more on what Wunderlist does and why we love it below.

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Wunderlist (Free)

What It Does

Wunderlist makes it easy to keep all of your tasks and to-dos organized. You can create folders and place multiple lists within each folder. For example, I have a folder for a side project I’m working on that includes a list of things I need to do. For each to-do on my list, I can set a Due Date, get a Reminder, Add a subtask, Add a note, or even Add a file. I can also leave a comment, which is super helpful when you’re collaborating on a list with someone else.

Which brings me to one of my favorite features of the app: the ability to share and sync lists with other people. For example, if you share a grocery list with your spouse, they can add something to the list and you’ll see it. Or if they grab one of the items from the list, when they check it off, you’ll know you don’t need to buy that anymore. 

Why We Love It

Wunderlist is a free app, and it’s available for free across all of your devices. However, the app does offer a Pro version, which is $ 4.99 a month. You definitely don’t need the Pro version to make full use of this awesome app. The Pro version includes the ability to add unlimited files of any size to your to-dos, assign to-dos to others you’re collaborating with, create unlimited subtasks, and use ten extra backgrounds in the app. Personally, I just use the free version and enjoy it immensely.

Wunderlist is an example of an app that does one particular thing and does it extremely well. Being able to organize your to-dos in folders keeps your main screen as organized as your life is with the app. I also love and recommend using the app to make lists of things you want to keep track of or remember. For example, I have a list of recipes I’ve tried; once I add the name of the recipe as a ‘to-do’ item, I can add a photo of the finished product and any notes about how well it turned out. The applications are endless; whether it’s a wishlist of items to buy, a money-saved countdown tracker, a list of favorite quotes—any way you can think to use Wunderlist, the app will deliver.

What’s your favorite app of the moment? Let me know in the comments; I may just feature it!


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AT&T furthers IoT professional services capabilities with Ericsson

AT&T is furthering its professional services capabilities for IoT with Ericsson to help companies adopt and expedite IoT related solutions.

Global Device Certification is offered by AT&T with Ericsson including testing, verification and white glove support with regulatory approval for IoT devices. The Ericsson-AT&T team up implies that AT&T customers can lower their risk and speed timelines for the global expansion of IoT in over 150 nations.

On the Ericsson-AT&T collaboration for global device certification, Jeff Travers, head of IoT, Ericsson, said, “Through our collaboration for global device certification, AT&T and Ericsson are building a global ecosystem for IoT, enabling enterprises to capitalize on the opportunities of the Internet of Things. With these services, enterprises can reduce the risk of launching devices and decrease their time to market as they expand globally.”

Launched in January 2017, AT&T’s IoT professional services portfolio has drawn attention from enterprises across all sectors. Consequently, AT&T is expanding its core capabilities to include consulting, application solutions, device lifecycle solutions, and managed services and support.

Mike Troiano, vice president, IoT Solutions, AT&T, commented, “Companies want to connect things to extract value. We’re meeting that demand head-on by expanding our IoT professional services capabilities. Our services help businesses achieve scale and longevity in design, lower cost implementations, save time and resources, and innovate quicker.”

Smart water meter company, Badger Meter, which uses secure AT&T networks and AT&T Global SIM wireless connectivity, recently approached AT&T for its professional services to certify the water meter devices as it ventures into fresh markets. Both AT&T and Ericsson worked hand-in-hand to manage the global pre-launch process to bring down regulatory and technological complexities.

Meanwhile, AT&T is planning to offer mobile 5G with multi-gigabit speeds to customers of 12 US cities, including select parts of Dallas, Atlanta and Waco, Texas, by the end of 2018.  Additional cities to avail this service will be announced by AT&T soon. Latest from the homepage

Google hired professional photographers to help train its AI camera

How did Google get Clips, its AI-powered camera, to learn to automatically take the best shots of users and their families? Well, as the company explains in a new blog post, its engineers went to the professionals — hiring “a documentary filmmaker, a photojournalist, and a fine arts photographer” to produce visual data to train the neural network powering the camera.

The blog post explains this process in a little more detail, but it’s basically what you’d expect for this sort of AI. In order for the software to recognize what makes a good or a bad photo, it had to be fed lots of examples. The programmers thought about not only obvious markers (eg, it’s a bad photo if there is blurring or if something’s covering the lens) but also more…

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Here Are the Best Ways to Safeguard Your Data, According to a Professional Hacker

Ensure your most personal data is protected and keep your digital identity safe using the latest data-securing mobile apps.

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Ripple, a Tinder spinoff backed by Match, launches app for professional networking

 A team of former Tinder employees, led by Tinder’s original CTO Ryan Ogle, are today launching a new app aimed at professional networking. The app, called Ripple, aims to be a sort of mobile-first alternative to LinkedIn that addresses some of the problems common to the aging, now Microsoft-owned business networking platform. LinkedIn today has a heavy focus on job searching and head… Read More
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Launch a professional copywriting career for just $24

You’re smart, you’re creative and you can write a little bit. Congratulations, that puts you on the path to becoming a copywriter. But before you go charging into a top ad firm and demand a spot in their stable, you’ll need to understand some of the basic steps in crafting solid, effective advertising copy. You can start getting that experience under your belt with a collection of Copywriting Mastery courses. This package of instruction is on sale now at over 90 percent off, only $ 24 from TNW Deals.
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Moni professional monitoring for Nest Secure is available today

The Nest Secure home security system plugs into the Nest app to let you know if something is going down in your house. However, it has optional support for professional monitoring if you want a bit more peace of mind. Nest noted during its announcement that Moni security monitoring would come to Next Secure later, and apparently that means today. You can register your Next Secure with Moni right now, but it comes with a monthly cost.

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4 Ways Big Data & VR Are Changing Professional Sports

sports in virtual reality

Whether from home, in the stands, or over the radio—Americans love their sports. Today, part of that All-American sports experience involves big data and new immersive technology like virtual reality (VR) to draw in more fans and improve gameplay.

There are dozens of ways sports teams can use data to their advantage—and both fans and players alike can benefit from advances in VR technology. Here are 4 reasons that big data and VR are starting to play a key role in professional sports.

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1.) Headset VR Provides Immersive Access

How many people do you know who have VR headsets yet? Probably not many, but that’s sure to change as the technology becomes cheaper and more readily available. With this shift, VR technologies should become more popular amongst fans and athletes, with many industry insiders believing that the VR market could grow to $ 30 Billion by 2020.

One key to making VR devices more popular on the market is creating more VR content, which is just what Samsung and the NBA teamed up to do in 2015. In 2015, the VR was still more exploratory, but the league has become confident enough in the quality that they have offered one VR game per week as part of the NBA League Pass.

Partnering with NextVR, the league streams high-quality VR immersion—and reviews indicate it’s worth the hype. One reviewer even got annoyed when a waiting player blocked his view—just like being courtside!

2.) IoT & Big Data Helps Plan Lineups and Monitor Players

When it comes to top athletes, an incredible number of factors play a role in their overall performance, as well as the performance of the team as a whole. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), coaches and trainers can now monitor players’ health and stamina in revolutionary ways.

With sensors, cameras, and other equipment available that can be used during training, coaches can record vital data that can be analyzed and used to make strategic decisions for developing lineups, creating plays, and even revealing ideal calorie intake for optimal performance. With so many great teams vying for a spot in the playoffs each year, these little insights can give a competitive edge.

3.) VR Training is Safer for Players

Teams have been using video for years to help players review important plays, but VR introduces so much opportunity for safe training, especially in contact sports like football. Young players can use the technology as a “playbook”, while other players can review their own plays, or learn new ones. It helps players stay safer, since they can “practice” dangerous plays off the field.

Some NFL teams are using this technology, but college teams are also seeing great success, with Stanford’s quarterback Kevin Hogan’s completion percentage jumping from 63.8% to 76.3% after using STRIVR VR training.

4.) VR Will Allow Fans to See Through Players’ Eyes

As VR progresses, more options and interactive features will become available to fans. One eagerly-anticipated development is the advent of VR through players’ eyes. The hope is that one day, fans will be able to see the action from the perspective of their favorite players, further immersing them in the action on the field.

Smart wearables are being developed quickly for professional sports, with many artificial intelligence features, cameras, sensors, and more, which could be used in a better VR experience.

Future Changes in Big Data

Currently, the NFL does not allow sensors and trackers in games, so they’re only useful during training. However, there are signs of change that indicate the future may be quite different, and more welcoming to big data on the field. FIFA has begun to relax these rules, allowing players to use wearables during matches.

The NFL may not be far behind, since the NFL Players’ Association recently teamed up in a five-year partnership with WHOOP, a wearable that helps players monitor their bodies, and how much stress they’re putting themselves under in training. Big data is slowly but surely becoming one of the biggest players in professional sports—and this is just the beginning.


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With new permanent teams, professional League of Legends will look more like the NBA

Riot Games is making a big change to its professional League of Legends championship series in North America. Back in June, the developer announced a major shift for the NA LCS, which would see the circuit move from a system of promotion and relegation to one with 10 permanent teams. Now, Riot is revealing the 10 franchises that will compete in the new league format starting next year, and the list includes brand-new teams backed by the likes of the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors. “We wanted partners who shared our mindset for building for the long term,” says Jarred Kennedy, co-head of Riot’s e-sports division.

According to Riot, the shift to permanent teams was made with an eye toward the future growth of the league. With a…

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