Wonder Woman 2 will be the first production to adopt new anti-sexual harassment guidelines

Wonder Woman 2 will be the first film production to officially adopt the Producers Guild of America’s anti-sexual harassment guidelines. The PGA issued guidelines on Friday for producers, cast, crew, and other team members to recognize and combat sexual harassment both on and off set. The announcement that Wonder Woman 2 would be the first production to implement the new recommendations was made at the PGA Awards on Saturday by the presidents of the Guild (via iO9).

Joining the PGA trade association is voluntary, and the Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines are sanctioned as “best practices” for its over 8,000 members. “Producers possess authority both on and off the set, and can provide key leadership in creating and sustaining work…

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Apple to give Finisar $390 million to increase TrueDepth camera tech production

Enlarge / The Messages app has been augmented with a number of features that use the front-facing, 3D camera—including animojis.

Today, Apple announced a big investment in the technology manufacturing company Finisar. The iPhone maker will give Finisar $ 390 million, a portion of its $ 1 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund, to help “support innovation and job creation by American manufacturers.” According to Apple’s statement, the investment will allow Finisar to build a new 700,000 square foot plant in Texas, hire 500 workers, and make more vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs). These lasers are a component in Apple’s TrueDepth cameras, now being used in the iPhone X for features including FaceID and Animoji.

“VCSELs power some of the most sophisticated technology we’ve ever developed and we’re thrilled to partner with Finisar over the next several years to push the boundaries of VCSEL technology and the applications they enable,” Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, said in a statement.

Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund is meant to create new manufacturing jobs and opportunities in the US. All of the VCSELs that Apple will purchase from Finisar will be made in the Texas plant. In addition to the TrueDepth camera lasers, Finisar also produces proximity sensors for Apple’s AirPods.

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Report: Apple suppliers easing off iPhone production following peak holiday season, iPhone 8 orders less than expected

Apple suppliers will be lowering component manufacturing for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in the first quarter of this year following the peak holiday season. Via Digitimes, lower orders are mostly from seasonality trends but some sources noted that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 sales have not been as strong as expected and are ‘dragging down’ iPhone X momentum in terms of overall iPhone production.

iPhone 8 component orders apparently began falling off during the final months of 2017 which is unusual for flagship iPhone sales. However, even Apple admitted on its last earnings call that it doesn’t really know how customers would react to a three flagship iPhone product mix, so comparisons to expectations may not be significant.



Fracking Is Among the Most Harmful Forms of Energy Production, Study Finds

Low Sustainability

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a controversial process in which highly pressurized water, sand, and chemicals are injected into tight rock formations to open up cracks so that oil and/or natural gas can be extracted.

To determine the potential impact of fracking in the U.K., a group of Manchester scientists ranked it and other energy sources, such as coal, wind, and solar, after considering environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Of the nine energy sources examined, the scientists found that fracking ranked seventh in sustainability.

Their study has been published in the journal Science of the Total Environment.

To make fracking as sustainable as energy sources higher up on the list, such as wind and solar, there would need to be a staggering 329-fold reduction in environmental impact, according to the researchers.

The team also considered the sustainability of various future scenarios and determined that a scenario in which fracking comprised one percent of the U.K.’s total electricity production was more sustainable than one in which it comprised eight percent.

Fracking in Context

According to the team’s study, most research on fracking focuses on the environmental aspects of the process and largely only in the U.S. They claim the socio-economic aspects are largely overlooked and that theirs is the first study to consider the environmental, economic, and social aspects.

Renewable Energy Sources Of The Future [Infographic]
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“This enables us to evaluate its overall sustainability rather than focusing on single issues, such as water pollution, traffic, and noise, which have dominated the debate on shale gas so far,” Adisa Azapagic, a professor at the University of Manchester and a corresponding author of the study, told The Independent.

Some nations have banned fracking, and currently, the U.S. is the only country using it on a major scale. Perhaps this U.K. study will prompt a similar study in the U.S., and if the energy source ranks as low Stateside as it did in the U.K., it could encourage proponents to consider more sustainable alternatives.

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LG Innotek not expected to boost TrueDepth camera production for Apple until 2019

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While Apple is likely to add Face ID to more products this year, LG Innotek’s rumored TrueDepth supply expansion will only come into play in 2019, a report indicated on Tuesday.
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